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Hermandad Asatru Argentina - Martillo de Thor
Ignacio Odinsson
Casilla de Correos 487 - Correo Central
(C.P. 1000) - Capital Federal, Argentina

Kindred Folkvangr - Hermandad ┴satr˙ Argentina
[Affil.]Asatr˙ Alliance
Formed 2003 with 20 members as of 11/03. South America - ARGENTINA -Buenos Aires Kindred Folkvang - Hermandad ┴satr˙ Argentina Description: We follows religious beliefs and practices of the ancient Icelandic / Scandinavian faith called Asatru. (Odinists, Asatru, Vanatru are welcome).Our group is open to all who wish to follow and learn about the Faith, Seidhr and Spae, Runes, Eddas and Sagas. Racism, sexism, homophobia, politics, nazism and flaming are not welcome. The list is for ADULTS ONLY (18 years or older). For more information please contact: Gy­hja Sylvjna Freyjas­ˇttir at or vist us on the web at: or on our website:
luciano butt
galicia 706


alemanni aettir
PO Box 2863
Cairns Post Office
Cairns QLD, Australia 4870
ALEMANNI AETTIR: is an Aettir or traditional heathen ritual group of Alemanns ('All-men'). Our Aettir is open to all people without regards for race or colour. We believe the Ancient Teutonic wisdom of the Irminsool (Cosmic Tree) is for the enlightenment of all mankind. We honour the Ensi and the Wana, the Great Earth and Sky Ancestors. We also honour the Alben folk and all the children of the Nine Dimensions of Irminsool. We hold to the wisdom of the Eddas, and the unbroken traditions past down to us. We encourage all those who seek a path of enlightenment to turn back to the Ancient Ways for guidence..
Eagle Hearth
Murarrie QLD, Australia
0408 067004
Formed November 2001with 7 adult members and various children. The Purpose of this Hearth is to allow Asafolk within Queensland to come together to practice their faith in Frith with others of the Folk. Further the Hearth allows those Asafolk to develop a support network within a stable community. With the ability for knowledge and resources being pooled for assisting members of the hearth in not only their spirituality but also within the wider community. For example, one Hearth member may have experience in a particular field or occupation, which allows other members of the Hearth to consult them in relation to the particular field. This allows Hearth members to truly begin to have, in very real terms, a sense of community. Not just a church. Aims: To provide a viable Hearth which observes all major feasts and minor feasts. Observing the 9 Noble Virtues and the 6 Fold Goals. To provide a resource for all Hearth members in the following fields: lore, history, counselling, general knowledge, practical assistance, magic. To promote a sense of community within the members of the Hearth and within the general Asatru community. Not a small task. To promote Asatru in the general community by dispelling misconceptions relating to Asatru. Giving back to the community through project etc.
FolkvangR Kindred
Aldgate, South Australia
0402 144748 (mobile)
Formed 1996. The Elder Way Inc. Folkvangr Kindred is a group of people promoting and supporting Indigenous North Central Western and Eastern European Heathenism. Gothi Leif is the only Gothi in Australia recognised to perform Heathen rites of passage by the Australian Government.
Kengar Theod
PO Box 81
Broomehill WA 6318
[Affil.]Miercinga RÝce
Formed Thingstide 2000, with 7 members as of 6/03. We are a pan-germanic heathen tribe with a focus on Anglo-saxon theodish belief. We are willing to talk with all regarding our thews, and share what we have with others. Our theod has developed its own cycle of Blessings and calendar to fit in with the turning of the seasons for our home land, here in the south-west of Western Australia.
Melbourne Heathen Moot

P.O. Box 103
Petersham, NSW 2049
Formed in 1989 with 40 members as of 10/98. Along with RG Vinland & RG UK, we provide a network and resources for those on a path of serious runic study. We also support other Asatru groups in various ways. We hold a yearly feast for all Heathens and Pagans.
The Assembly of the Elder Troth
The Company Secretary
P.O. Box 140
North Richmond, NSW 2754, Australia
Formed 12/4/2002. Seeking to provide a contacts and information source for Australian Asafolk and like minded persons. Full descriptions of what the AET is and such can be found upon our website.
The Elder Way Inc.
P.O. Box 209
Bridgewater South Australia 5155

Astrid Sunwulf
Sydney, NSW, Australia
I'm 18 and doing a BA at Sydney University, and I'm going to major in Studies in Religion, and maybe do a PhD when I've done everything else :-)
P.O. Box 1082
North Fitzroy 3068 Vic
I am a techno producer from Australia, but signed to a UK label. Also an archaeology graduate. My family originally German/Finnish. Looking to make contact, particularly interested in magical traditions.
Bob Rehling
Moderator, Asatru_Canberra at Yahoo Groups and member of the Black Mountain Hearth, Canberra, Australia
Brad Lucas
I'm always eager to meeting with and hold rites with others in and around the ACT & Sydney area.
Adelaide, South Australia

Melton, Victoria

Dax Lloyd
1/248 Pacific Highway
Artarmon Sydney NSW
2064 Australia
I am living in Sydney, Australia, and represent the Anglo-Saxon Heathengyldswaer as the information officer.
Dirk Schmitt
P.O. Box 140
North Richmond, NSW 2754
Founding member of Hearth Vek Almuginn.
hey my name is Disa. Im an Australian Asatruar from Melbourne and wish to make contact with fellow believers. So if your nice and decent and interested email me!
Egill Shield biter
0433 292 441
I am an Asatruar from Logan seeking other of the Elder Way. I wish to expand my experiences of the Gods and of the ways of our folk. Feel free to e-mail or call.
Geoff Allert
Culcairn NSW Australia
I would welcome email from others interested in Odinism or other nordic groups.I have a keen interest in this form of spirituality.
John & Joanna-/Kerriden & Cedwen

John Nielsen
Co Bellingen Post Office
NSW 2454
0414 367 158
Looking to connect with other Asatrua
Lief Allbright
P O Box 1059
Altona Meadows VIC 3028
Hello. I am a Heathen Solitary coming in from the cold. I would like contacts in Melbourne or, at least, in Victoria. I am also interested in making contact with Iceland. I am learning the language. How do you make the computor do the accents?
Marcus Rudolfson
Post Office Box 435
Healesville 3777, Victoria
I am an Odinist/Astruar living around the Melbourne area. Any communication is welcome.
Matt Leonard
Canberra, Australia
Member of The Black Mountain Hearth.
Melanie-─strid Scarwo­enhńr
12 Toulon Gardens
Port Kennedy
Western Australia 6172
(08) 9593 4998
hi, i'm 17 turning 18 on 17/04/05, i'm an aires (fire sign ggrr)i'm 6ft 90kg long light blonde hair And light blue eyes.. i'm looking for fellow asatrus in my state or anywhere alse around the globe to swap ideas and knowledge with about asatru,seidr,runes,prayers,rituals,our mythology and stuff.. you can write be by snail mail or email and i'll definatly write you back.
Brunswick, Melbourne VIC, Australia
Feel free to contact me. I also speak Swedish, am interested in runology and reviving worship of the Aesir and Asynior.
Sigrid Skadisdottir
Dubbo NSW, Australia
Sole praticioner looking to make contact with others.
Newcastle NSW Australia
I've just started looking into my Norse roots, and I would like to get in toch with others...
The Raven
Brisbane, QLD
I am a solitary Heathen interested in Asatru, runes, Galdr, Seidr, Scandinavian/Germanic/Anglo-Saxon religions, and would like to keep in touch with people of similar interests.
Sydney, Australia
Based in Sydney, Australia; a follower of Vali, the life-giver and son of Odin; wish to make contact with other followers.


Farid Hnikar
Baku, Azerbaijan
Hello! I am possibly the only Asatru follower in Azerbaijan, I am desperate to get in touch with like minded people from all over the world as I am all alone here. Hail Aesir! Hail Vanir!


Irmandade Asatruar Brasileira
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil

Philosophical Warriors
Porto Alegre/ Rio Grande do Sul/ Brazil
Formed: 27/07/2003
Bernardo Vieira de Almeida
Rua Get˙lio, n˙mero 383 casa 3 apartamento 201
Cachambi Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazil

Brunnhild Wodendottir

Brunnhild Wodensdottir
Sao Paulo

Colinas de Pituašu, Apartamento 303,
EdifÝcio Ilhota, Paralela
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Hailsa, I┤m ┴satrar at Salvador, only one it seems :) Wassail
Svenhard Sheman
SŃo Paulo
55 11 8528-3904


Hermandad Odinista Drakkar Chile
Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile
Formed 13 de Mayo, 2002
Antonio O. Leyton S.
Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile

siegfriedsohn meyer
carlos mondaca 503 F
La Reina Santiago
deseo mantener contacto con todos aquellos amigos que veneran a los Aesir, especialmente si son de Chile, para crear un anillo de paganismo n˛rdico en el Sur del Mundo


a 301 aastha k.d. gaikwad road
junna mulund west
mumbai 400080 maharastra india


Einherjar at Valholl
Degania, Jordan Valley, Israel

Inga Tsiplakov
Modi'in, Israel
ICQ: 5172944
I dont know anyone else from Israel that follows the ways of Asatru. I hope someone will read thus and contact me so we can start a new kindred.


Hermandad Odinista del Sagrado Fuego Mexico
Ciudad de mexico, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Formed 30 October 2002 with 257 members as of 12/2003. Heilsa ÷lum Heill ykkur, Aesir og Vanir Heill frofeorum vorum Heill ßlfum og svartßlfum. This it is the Kindred of the Odinista Brotherhood of the sacred fire in Mexico(HERMANDAD ODINISTA DEL SAGRADO FUEGO MEXICO) for all the members of the called religion ┴satr˙-Vßnatr˙ and Odinismo, as well as the pagans interested in the magic and Nordic mythology, runas and the old culture vikinga. In this community we are not interested in policy, in groups of extreme right or soldiers of Christ. This list is a point of contact for pagans. If it interests the nordico world and mitologia to you and if there is a call in your interios they see and finds in this place to brothers as your it does not concern your social condition, race and sexual direction here is the waiting room of the Brotherhood of the Sacred Fire see and to seat e to the fire that the Gods, Ancestors, giants, dwarves and elfs you waiting... Welcome you are a seeker of your heart
Dirk van Hoorn
La Paz, B.C.S.
Hail Odin!
Emilio Calaffell
Xochimilco, MÚxico City

New Zealand

The New Zealand ┴satr˙ Fellowship
c/o Nik Smi­r Warrensson
8 Bellcroft Place
Belmont, Auckland, New Zealand
+64 9 446 6245
Formed 31st July 1995. The New Zealand ┴satr˙ Fellowship is free and independant and proudly so. The NZAF has sympathy, in terms of policy, to the Irminsul Ăttir, Islensk ┴satr˙arfÚlagi­, Gers Ey Go­or­,Foreningen Forn Sed, De Noordse Traditie, Forn Si­r - The Asa & Vane Society of Denmark and the World Council of Ethnic Religions. We extend the horn of friendship and fri­ to those with whom we aren't so close in terms of policy as well and will not turn anyone away as long as they behave honourably and politely. Bless Go­i Nik Smi­r Warrensson New Zealand ┴satr˙ Fellowship
Herbert Hertbertsson
Feilding, Manawatu, New Zealand
I am a solo Asatruar interested in contacting other asatru in the North Island, especially towards the Wellington end.
North Auckland


┴satr˙ Per˙
Lima, Peru
470 7684
963 8461
Our goal is to gather all the Peruvian friends that want to share our Ancestral Faith.

South Africa

Asatru Southern Africa

Evan Dembskey
POB 2034
Southdale, Gauteng
South Africa, 2135
+2783 676 2410

runemaker ryan the feralcat
P.O. Box 10818
mshwats verulamt4345
south africa
+2732 5410233

Ryan Kriste
P.O. Box 39550, Garsfontein
Pretoria, South Africa
++ 27-83 547 1392
Lone South African practitioner of Asatru, seeking contact with others of the faith. United Kingdom or South Africa preferrered, but by no means essential!
tswane, gauteng

76 lanham str lynn east 0186
why is there so few Asafolk????????


Irminsul Ve Kindred
PSC 94 Box 2625
APO AE 09824
[Affil.]Asatr˙ Alliance
[Affil.]Asatru Folk Assembly
Formed Midsummer 2005. We are a small familial military kindred. We are mostly folkish, but somewhat untraditional. We are dedicated to informing and educating the US Military about pagan religions. We work closely with several chaplains of the US Air Force. The kindred is currently based out of Incirlik AB, Turkey, where the founder is stationed. We stress living up to the Nine Noble Virtues. We hold weekly classes/ discussion groups, and do interfaith work with the military chaplains. We are affiliated with the Military Pagan Network, the Asatru Alliance and the Asatru Folk Assembly. A website is in the works, and a Yahoo discussion group is already active.
Thjostolfr Gardarsson
Anyone (who want to speak about asatru,vikings and nordic mythology)can contact wřth me!I can speak german and englřsh.I m řnterested in NORDIC cosmology sřnce 9 years.WOTAN MIT UNS

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