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Althing 2013 - Thursday, October 3 through Sunday, October 6, 2013. Moran State Park,Orcas Island, WA The Althing is a gathering for the whole family in celebration of faith and culture of the Old Norse and Germanic people. This year’s event will be held at the majestic Moran State Park on beautiful Orcas Island. The facilities include a modern kitchen and meeting hall as well as group cabins in a private wooded setting. This year our theme revolves around Norse Folklore. We will have classes in card weaving, spinning, felt making, Viking Navigation and other traditional Viking Age Folkcrafts. Enjoy traditional food, song and dance along with dramatic presentations of some favorite Scandinavian folktales and other activities for the young at heart. We dont have viking ships but if you want to canoe out at the lake you can enjoy your own voyage of discovery. more...
JamberMoot - Northwest All Heathen JamberMoot Do you have what it takes??? TO JOIN THE FUN!!! more...

Rß­: The Bold Have the Best Lives - Week 8, 2001 of Rß­, a publication of the Irminsul Ăttir. more...

Der Eldaring - The Troth Germany - Eldaring go...

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