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Pembroke Pines, Florida
New to Asatru, looking to meet with like minded individual, and possibly join a Kindred
Williamston NC
Pretty new to this. Looking for anyone local so I can get a better connection woth what im searching.
Williamston NC
Pretty new to this. Looking for anyone local so I can get a better connection woth what im searching.
Elba Paton
Elba Paton
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Nashville TN
Looking for fellow heathens in middle Tennessee! My friends and I have been practicing on our own for a while but I would like to reach out and expand my circle and maybe start meeting regularly? Open minded people only, as we do have LGBT/non-white members!!
Dakota Cook
Frankfort KY, 40601

Mickie Malloy
Mickie Malloy
070 4105 0847
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Larue Cyril
Larue Cyril
(07) 4507 9997
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Son of Thor
2134 Kingswood Ct
Hey my name is Brandon Fahnestock and I have been talking to the Godi of the Argentina Asatru and he said I’m one the the chosen of Thor. And I’m on my way to becoming a berserker, but I have no guidance around me.
Curtis L Malone
3004 N 3rd street3004, Harrisburg PA 17110 US

William R Schultz
511 Quartermaster dr
Loris sc 29569

Pelican Rapids MN
Heilsa, Im 19 looking for a kindren I follow Óðinn Týr and Þórr
james soha
syracuse ny

Troy, PA 16947
Just started to explore Asatru and looking to talk to others and get to know more about Asatru
Brenda fire_hart at
Hemet Ca
Seeking local Kindred/like minds
Remus (Matthew Fuller)
Grand Rapids, MI
Recently moved and lost Kindred, Looking for group, text will work best for contact.
Kyle Schroyer ᚲᛁᛖᛚ ᛊᚲᚱᛟᛃᛖᚱ
Bronson, Michigan
Looking to start a Kindred, study group, or pagan alliance here in the south-west michigan area.
Hey everyone I have a friend who is currently locked up. He's a good heathen man who's just feeling lonely and would like a good heathen woman to write him he's been heathen for almost twenty years now and is very knowledgeable. He's a solid dude. Very intelligent. So ladies if you would like to meet a good heathen man write him a letter at Steven bitner 9595-W Quincy ave Federal correction institution Littleton, CO 80123 United states
Ryan Nave
10011 Bridgport Way SW
STE 1500 PMB 636
Lakewood, WA 98499
Practicing for a few years and want to find others near by.
Chieftain Helton
Albuquerque, NM
Experienced chieftain in the old nordic ways. True odinist. I do not support any of the supposed asatru groups in US. My ancestry and my wife's ancestry are full blooded norse.
Audie Q.
Leslie, Michigan, USA

Kevin Hale # 470600
Mccx po box 2000
Wartburg tn 37887
I am incarcerated but love the northern ways and would love any correspondence.
Pearl, MS 39208

Garm Tomsson
Corinth, MS
Looking for other norse pagans in the area. It's northeastern mississippi. Email me. And this post is on 8/8/2017
Clearwater, Florida 33756 USA
Solitary Asatruar since 2010. Been Asatruar since 1991, formerly in Lexington Kentucky. Now in Clearwater, Florida looking to reconnect with others of like mind and faith down here. I do not have a kindred, am open to nearby areas in Pinellas County. Thanks in advance. Wassail!
Allentown, PA USA
I am looking to meet heathens in my area. I'm new to the area also.
Rudolf Garyson ( Joseph Baker)
102 Grove Pl
APT #16
Frankfort, Michigan 49635 United States
Looking for other Asatruar/Heathens in the Benzie County, Michigan area, either already in a Kindred or to form one with, to celebrate blots and for friendship
James Mercrr
Cabarrus County
Hey, I am interested in finding other followers of Asatru to share ideas information as well as to celebrate blots and friendship
Las vegas, nevada usa
Seeking someone to help me start and guide me on this journey. Explain to me what it really means to be an asatru.
Vincent tyrson
11932 rockview dr anahiem ca 92804
Live in anahiem im 26 looking for other heathans out here to do ceremonys and just hang out with
Tayside, Scotland
Looking for a Kindred or other Asatru in Scotland / Tayside area wanting to start a Kindred - feel free to get in touch
Tuahiwi, New Zealand
Looking for heathens in New Zealand.
Brad Heathen

Benjamin Coheed666@hotmail
Bethel vt

Lorinda Smith
Ellensburg, wa

1101 N Water St

Shana Brandt
paso robles, ca USA

Michael Grier
Brooksville, Florida
Newish heathen looking to connect with others in the area, maybe join a kindred if possible. Just want to get stronger in faith before I leave the state in July of 2017
Madison, WI
Hello. I'm looking for a kindred near Madison WI or like-minded folk to converse with, learn from, and grow with.
Katie Lockling
Northglenn, CO
I've just started my journey in Asatru. I would love if anyone could help to teach me, or give me any helpful insights. Have a blessed day.
Katie Lockling
Northglenn, CO

Kyle Jaco
2448 Sherman St SE
I am a dedicated Odian seeking like-minded individuals both in and out of the Linn county, Oregon area. I recently released from prison 9 months ago and have been seeking a local kindred. I have done lots of studying and I'm well versed in the ways. I have been trying to get a hold of northern way ministries out of Lebanon since I got out, but it seems as if they have disappeared. I am still interested in finding northern ways, and if not I would be very interested in starting a new local kindred in this area. If anyone would like to join me on this journey or offer any information that would be awesome and greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kyle Jaco

Westminster, CO

Alex Upton
Grafton, WV
Looking to start a Kindred here in WV and communicate with other Asatruar/Norse Pagans.
Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir
Break-through research on allegory and symbolic language contained in our spiritual heritage - Iceland
Shadow Wolf
Richland, Mississippi United States of America

Andrew Grendahl
2904 E. 13th st. Vancouver WA. 98661

Andrew Cannon
El Paso, TX

Lee Hoffman
299 Old Sandy Run rd.
Gaston SC 29053

1913 Ne 4th st apt #1
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Looking for my tribe. Just want to worth myself in a group that is interested in building up its members, serving it's community and celebrating life and eachother.
Lethbridge Alberta
From Lethbridge looking to meet other Heathens in the southern alberta area
Franklin D Rorick jr
11 perine. St.
Apt 4
Looking for others in my area "dansville ny"
Franklin D Rorick jr
11 perine. St.
Apt 4
Looking for others in my area "dansville ny"
Fel Wolf Kin
Broken Bow
OK, 74728

Vorulf Kin
Broken Bow
OK, 74728

North Bock St.
Broken Bow, OK 74728
Text or leave voicemail if the call is not answered.
orange tx
I am looking for like mind learn and build a kindred of the Nordic beliefs with in the orange, Beaumont and possible south west Louisiana area.
Shawn Davis
Gresham, OR
Hi there. I'm new to the Asatru Beliefs and wish to learn more. I am also new to Oregon, coming all the way from California. A Kindred/group would be nice, but finding just a couple people to learn from is also just as fine.
Jack C
Boulder, Colorado
updated as of 9/3/2015 Looking in Denver, Boulder area for a potential kindred to join, or other people to get together and practice with
St. Paul

Thunder Dalessandro
7653 southwood drive
905 353 5253

Colorado Springs, CO
I'm fairly new to Asatru and have been looking for fellow folk in the area. Just looking for good conversation to learn and maybe raise a horn with for sumbles or blots.
Steve Bumstead "Vegeirofvinland@gmail"
3602 NE 81st Terr
Looking for a Kindred or Hearth. Please contact if possible. Trying to connect in the Kansas City MO Vinland area
joseph von monforte
9106 horizon dr
spring hill fl 34608
352 340 7203
Someone please contact me. Looking for a kindred to share my faith with and mostly to learn.
Txt me do not call as I don't answer numbers I do not recognize. I'm looking to talk to and possibly meet fellow Asatruar in Northern Alabama near the Fort Payne/Gadsden area. Email or txt contact is appreciated, unknown numbers will be ignore if you call
herjolfr odombjorn
hattiesburg, ms
5 wildwood trails
Looking to contact other asatuars in my general area
Goffanan Fergusson
I am a solitary practicing Asatruar living in Ozark County, Missouri looking for others to correspond with and chat with. You can visit my page on facebook.
Goffanan Fergusson
I am a solitary practicing Asatruar who is seeking others to correspond with and talk about the path. I am alvailable on Facebook.
Ron Jackson
Spring Hill, Florida
I'm new to Asatru. Looking to meet fellow followers.
Albury/Wodonga area, VIC, Australia
Hoping to meet other heathens around my area!
Joseph odinson

Bellaire, Ohio USA
I am Wiccan and following the Asatru path. Would love to find others in my area to learn and grow with.
William Minton
See Previous posting
See previous...
I solitary practicioner--folkish--looking for like-minded individuals/kindreds in the Essex/Middle River/Dundalk/Baltimore area, as well as those close to Romney/ Moorefield,West Virginia.
John W. Campbell DOC#236256/SID#1228939 N/A
30420 Revells Neck Rd.
Westover, Md. 21890
Solitary practicioner looking to correspond with other like-minded individuals inorder to exchange knowledge, information, and ideas. I am not looking for money or anything other than good kinsmanship, except for maybe some assistance fighting the constant discrimination I experience on a daily basis, as my access to religious items and information is very limited/restricted (for example, we are not allowed hammers).
To whomever tried to call the phone number I had listed in my other post, I am sorry that you hung up. I just couldn't hear very well, I had bad reception. Feel free to shoot me an email.
Brynjär Westergård
Fountian, Colorado
Looking for more Heathens in the area.
400 nw 2 st Pompano Beach fl 33060

317 iowa ave. se apt 206
huron sd 57350
317 iowa ave. se apt 206
I am a practicing Asatru woman of 27 years of age...looking for other heathens.
Donny Lee
7032 Fisher Ave.
Warren, MI. 48091

Thomas Seay
Chesterfield, VA
Looking for fellow Asatruar in the VA area, either individual or kindred.
Chris McDowell
columbia SC
looking for brothers and sisters of the faith, contact me anytime.
Kristine Johnson
Solitary Asatruar looking for a kindred or other Asatruar to talk too. Am interested in building an online pennsylvania kindred community.
Matthew Gallagher
Charlotte, NC
New to Asatru! Looking for a local kindred or other pagan group to learn alongside!
William Minton N/A
1054 North Marlyn Ave.
Essex, Maryland 21221

Harrison, Ar.
Wanting to meet with local heathens in the area.
Maui, Hawaii
New, solitary heathen on the island of Maui.
JusTina Crook
Cabot, AR. 72023
United States

Brian Stoops
811 E Franklin St.
Evansville In 47711

Looking for other folkish asatruars in the area.
Harrison, AR
New to Asatru/Heathenry, and looking for other followers in my area or nearby.
Tri-Cities Heathens (Trey Justice)
Johnson City, TN, USA
Around 8 active members, closer to a dozen or more (a lot are solitary). We represent the Tri-Cities area of TN which includes parts of southwest VA and western NC. We're less than an hour's drive north of Asheville, NC via I-26. We hold monthly pub moots & blots throughout the year. Our online page is Tri-Cities Heathens on Facebook.
A.G. Vanidottir
Athens, OH 45701
United States
I recently moved to Athens, OH and have begun searching for people within the Athens County area for heathen fellowship. Transportation is limited for me but I am willing to host once we have met in person. I am licensed clergy and have been practicing in my faith for 12 years.
Vetur Bjorn ((John Myers))
204 J Street Fort Dodge IA, 50501
My wife and I we are new to Asatru and we are looking for others for us to join with. We would love to find others to help us learn get involved share... and a feast or to with a few drinks. Any way mainly we are in Fort Dodge IA and looking for other to form a group and to help my wife and i learn more about Asatru. feel free to contact us. Hold those Heathen Hammers HIGH!!!
Krumr Donalsson
Union, ME 04862
I currently hail the gods in a solitary manner. My lady and children are pagan but do not follow the way of Asatru. I have land and a willingness to make space for worship with a kindred. I honor the gods how it feels natural to me. Hail the Aesir! Hail the Vanir! Hail our kin! Hail our ancestors!
The Brotherhood of Woden
In a nutshell, we simply live our independent lives as spiritual warriors, following what we believe to be our indigenous roots & reinventing them to fit in with our modern day lives.
Gunnar Runa
Brant County

Gunnar Runa
Brant County

Gunnar Runa
Brant County

Winchester, TN
I am looking for a Kindred near me that I can join.
Winchester, TN 37398

Lee "Folkvar" Ellick
Portland ,Oregon
Ive been a solo heathen for a few years and am newish to the Portland area. Ive noticed a lot of listing on this site for this area so I figured I'd add my name to the list.
Looking for group or Kindred
Jacob aka Bäl Barnard
123 sunburst dr
Carson city

Union City, TN
Looking to find other Heathens nearby.
Chris Funk
4952 Long Beach Rd
Oak Island, NC 28465
910 368 6202

Stevan Morris
South Charleston, West Virginia.

Senatobia, MS
I am young (19) and new to Odinism and the Norse faith, looking for others to learn and grow with. Text or call!
Raven Odinsson
Looking to start up a kindred or join an existing kindred in my area. If you are interested in forming a kindred or your kindred is willing to let me join then contact me by phone either by text message or just call.
160 Main St.
Ferryville, WI

Clearwater FL
Would love to talk to Others On the same path as I. Would love to teach what I know. also learn from others. Will give phone number for contact.
Rashi Sharma
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Grand Junction, Colorado, USA
Heathen fairly new to the path looking to contact other Heathens in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.
Arthur Bishop
119 Vista Ln.
Hampsted, NC 28443
I'm 15, I've just started on this path and was looking for some guidance or something. I thought it would be cool to be in a kindred or just occasionally hang out with some fellow heathens.
Aylmer, ON, Canada
Independent Odinist in Southern Ontario hoping to meet others. My experience is limited in regards to ritual, but my convictions are firm. Strongly influenced by the Odinic Rite & Asatru Folk Assembly.
Skathi Ulfrdrengr
NW England /East Midlands, UK
College student, fairly new to Asatru and looking for others in the UK or anywhere to help guide and teach, as well as discussion.
Follower of Odin
I am a seasoned Asatruar that knows much about the gods and their thick history if anyone seeks information feel free to contact me.
Derek Hasel
Paducah, Kentucky 42001


Kelly ravenspeak
1060 Maplecrest apt b2 three rivers, mi 49093
I'm 30yr old male new to Odinist/asatru way. I have followed many faiths and feel the old ways call to me. I don't know hardly anything at but I am willing to learn via one on one or by group, even guided but self study. Reading the Poetic Edda right now. Feel free drop a email if you want to help me or even just to day hi :)
Ulfric Silverwolf
2520 Madison Ave #1
Ogden, UT

I am a single practitioner in Lakewood CO looking to connect with others. I honor all the gods/goddesses but have a particular connection with Tyr and would enjoy meeting others with the same connection. But am willing to meet any Asatru individual or group.
Derek Yarbrough "Germundus"
273 CR 703
Nacogdoches TX. 75964
Hail Odin! Hail Thor! Hail my family and ancestors!!!
Kent (NOK) Arthorson
Lake Havasu, Mohave County, AZ

Holiday, FL
Looking to get in touch with asatruar in the area
David Stigandr Yawn
Roanoke, AL

Thomas Blaasch
35 William St. Binghamton NY 13904

Hey fellow folks of metro Detroit. I'm looking to link up with others of the asatru faith.
Asatruar seeking like minded individuals to perform/attend rituals, gatherings and to share crafts and knowledge. Scenenctady, New York, U.S.A Posted: 5/21/13
Asatruar seeking like minded individuals to perform/attend rituals, gatherings and to share crafts and knowledge. Posted: 5/21/13
Stephen Troy Oakes
Sewanee, Tennessee, 37375
I am Asatru dedicated to Thor. Would like to talk to others in this area (south Tennessee, north Alabama)who follow the old ways.
Mavrick and Katie Walls
Looking for kindred to join
shane mcniel
FDC Houston #07098380
Federal Detention Center
P.O. box Houston Texas 77052

Floki Frankson
6238 jackson st
Lokean here in Philadelphia looking for Lokeans or any Asatru in the area, hoping to form a Hof to meet regularly and openly. txt or email me, txting is better to be honest.
Donna Woodruff
33720 Hamilton Cemetary Rd
Sedro Woolley Wa 98284 USA
360 333 7587

þomas Kummerfeldt
carretera al salvador
(502) 43673881

þomas Kummerfeldt
carretera al salvador
(502) 43673881

107 Trotter Dr
Georgetown, TX 78626
Currently Afghanistan
I am a solitary stufier of the Asatru ways. I am looking to make connections with others that are either deployed or in the Georgetown-Austin area for when I get home. Feel free to drop me a line.
Rikhadr Tyrsson
Looking to communicate with other Asatruar's in Upstate NY.

Menominee, Michigan
United States
Looking for a kindred.
Grand Junction Colorado
Looking for other people with same beliefs.
Albert Keener
Cumberland, MD
Looking for other people interested in Norse Paganism in Western Maryland.
Michael Sheppard
42408 Turtle Lake Rd
Bigfork, MN 56628
I live in the Grand Rapids area, and am searching for a kindred in the area.
Michael Sheppard
42408 Turtle Lake Rd
Bigfork, MN 56628

Looking for other ausatruars interested in runic mysticism and the tree of yggdrasik and northern heathen ways.
Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Cachambi

Sean Brunette
Antigo, WI

Skirar Silfrinlogi
po box 1162
ellensburg, wa. 98926

Evan Twiford
missoula mt
heilsa! looking other asatruars to study with that are in the missoula area!
Tom H.
S.E. michigan
Asatru for some-time now. Looking for others in the s.e. michigan area. Feel free to contact me via e mail. Thanks.
Temujin Eric Soloman Comstock
Houston texas 77095
Haven't felt particularly called to any one tribe so just seeing who's out there. Really want to grow in this. Photographer masseur.
Gus 'Gunjord' Honeywood
United Kingdom
I am a Norse Heathen in Norwich, am modern in my practices and would like to communicate with others in the area to discuss the practice and study of the pre-Christian religion of the Nordic-Teutonic peoples.
Beau Brothers
Columbia, SC
Just really starting to learn and explore Asatru. Looking to meet any others.
Shadow walker DocDennis1@yahoo.com5
31 Arthur Circle
Silver Bay Mn 55614

Lawrence Turnbow
Peru, Indiana 46970

Gundrid Baldrson (Darrin Worster)
Henderson, Nevada, USA
A 9 Noble Vitrues tru Asatruar looking for the same like minded people. Not the Matt Hail racist version. Looking to maybe begin a Kindred if possible.
Gus 'Gunjord' Honeywood
I am relatively new to heathenry, although I have always felt a closeness to norse mythology and traditions and wish to learn more and discuss further. I am based in Norwich, and am looking to find fellow heathens in the area.
I'm located in the Northern Illinois area. I am interested in networking with others who are interested in Asatru and Anglo-Saxon beliefs and culture. I would like to find other people within my area to connect with.
James Sloan
7836 se lambert st portland oregon
I am somewhat new to the portland area, I have been extremely interested in old nordic and germanic culture for many years, and have for the last year been studying odinism and asatru and I truly am ready to commit my life to the noble path of the allfather. But I am looking for a local kindred or like minded heathens who can help me learn the true path and share in lifes journey.

Thomas Rogers
Adelaide, south Australia
Independant Heathen, looking for others. Hail Thunor.
Jason Gallagher​stoneoak
Le Sueur,MN USA
I am an independant Heathen looking to meet up with other Heathens for gatherings and find local Kindreds.I get to the Twin Cities usually once a week and I am seeking a Kindreds in the Mankato area too.
Njörðr Honningveden

Paul Thurman
Shafter, Ca

lancaster, Ca
I'm new but loving what and I'm learning so 

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