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Wedding of Vince and Lisa

On january 14, 2006 in baltimore Md, I have the honor to marry in a asatru ceremony a absolute viking goddess on midgard named Lisa. Hailsa viking kinsman-all blessings for this asatru wedding union would be appreciated. The bride could use some wedding planning assistance by female pagan kindred. My soon to be wife and I can be contacted by phone at 609-440-5555. Hail the asatru norse pantheon. Thank you mighty odin, freya, frigga for everything and all the power you have bestowed upon me. I stand before the asatru gods with honor and strength.

Birth of John Linzie

[Photo] Adelaide and I had a son at 4:46 PM on Nov. 15, 1998. His name is John Linzie named after my grandfather (and favorite person). We're still arguing about the middle name (but it "should" be 'Anderson'): we'll have to wait til the dust settles a little, though. You know how bull-headed both of us can be. Adelaide apparently knows how to do it up right. She was at a baby shower in Santa Fe and had to go straight to the hospital from there. Had we been at home we would have wound up delivering John breech (all 7 lbs. 2 oz. of him) on the freeway somewhere around Pecos. When Addie decides to do something, she can be pretty quick about it. Have a great Thanksgiving, ya'll; we're planning on it! Sei wohl und vielen Dank fŘr alle Verstńndnis mit unser Klagen usw. wńhrend des letzten paar Monaten!

Wedding of Daryl Moulder and Natalie Siem

Wedding of Bradley Payne and Deborah 'Raven' Gotts

On Sunday, June 21, 1998 at 12:30 p.m., Bradley Payne and Deborah "Raven" Gotts, were united in marriage at their home in Goldendale, WA. The ceremony was performed by Irminsul Ăttir Godhi, Paul F. Siebern. 30 friends and family members were in attendance.

Wedding of William Linzie and Adelaide Simpson

On Dec. 27, 1997, William Linzie and Adelaide Simpson exchanged oaths of mutual loyalty to one another in a wedding ceremony at the Lazy Othala Ranch. The ceremony, which was a variation of Gunnora's ceremony, was officiated by Gamlinginn and witnessed by Gefjon Cleghorn, Karter Neal, Charles Hembrough, Richard King, Mark Hosselton, Victor Jerome, Jose Jerome, Emily Linzie, and John Dencoff, Gail Pilsner and Dale Pilsner. The bride's dress, 9th century pattern, and the groom's tunic with southern Sami trim were made by Karter Neal. The bride-gift was given by the groom before the ceremony, and rings and swords were exchanged after the oaths. A Blˇt was performed as well.

Wedding of George Angela Haddox and Oakley 'Draven' Stamper

On Tuesday, September 16th at 8 p.m., Rev. Patrick "Jordsvin" Buck, Assistant Godhi of Hammerstead Kindred, united in marriage Ms. Angela Haddox and Mr. Oakley "Draven" Stamper of Ulfr Kindred at the home of Steve and Lisa Wilson of Lexington Kentucky. Most of the local Heathen Community was in attendance, and a delightful potluck feast followed the ceremony. Both the bride and groom are students at the University of Kentucky. As far as Rev. Jordsvin knows, this is the first Heathen marriage ritual performed in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Wedding of George 'Hakon' Parker and Lori 'Ali' Richards

George "Hakon" Parker and Lori "Ali" Richards were united in matrimony on May 25, 1997 at Veteran's Memorial Park on May 25, 1997 in Sierra Vista, AZ. The ceremony was eloquently performed by Irminsul Aettir Thule, William Fisher. Forty kinsmen, friends, and family members were in attendance. Both Parker and Richards are members of Mjolnir Godhorth. Theirs was the first wedding performed by the Irminsul Aettir.

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