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Mailing Lists and News Groups

General Interest Asatru Mailing Lists




E-mail group for people who are new to Asatru and wish to have others to discuss studies, personal experiences, and thoughts with.


List for discussion of religious practices and beliefs of Asatru (no politics).


This group is for members of the Asatru faith to get together and connect with others in their area, as well as post their own contact information to meet new people.


Asatru_News is a Newsletter/Announcement list for Asatru events to be listed and advertised.


List is for serious students of ┴satr˙.


List for Folkish Asatru and friends.


Asatru-D is owned by GardenStone, Moderated by Igor Warneck. The primary language of the list is German.


Serious discussion of Germanic Lore.


Asetro-Nord is a nordic-language list owned and moderated by Poul Martin Jensen.


A mail group for the discussion of Norse paganism, Asatru, the O­ian path, Sei­r, and runes.


Listserve for the discussion of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry and Asatru in general.


Nordic language Asatru list.


Gadehovet / The Town Thingstead

A common thinge for Ase-believers, and Heathen and Pagans in general.


List for Germanic and Anglo-Saxon Heathenry.


List for the discussion of Germanic, Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon Heathenry. Administered by the Ring of Troth Europe.

Heathen News E-list

Heathen News e-list is not affiliated with any group. It is for news and announcements of interest to Heathens. This includes events, groups, other e-lists, history, archeology, reviews of Heathen books, music, etc., and much more.


Kid safe list for Heathen Children.


Mailinglisten Ratatosk

Nordic language Asatru list.

Nordisk Sed

Forum for nordisk folketro og norr°n mytologi.


Folkish Asatru list owned and run by the Wolf's Alliance (Comunitß Odinista, from Langbard, and Hermandad ┴satr˙ Argentina "Martillo de Thor", from Argentina).

R÷kstˇlar listen (info) (subscribe)

Nordic language Asatru list. To subscribe, send a message to


This list is open to all who wish to discuss the Anglo Saxon branch of germanic heathenry. Topics should include but are not limited to: Anglo Saxon literature with pre christian themes, Anglo Saxon runes, differences between scandanavian and AS theology as can be inferred by historical/anthropological evidence. Discussions of the Eddas and modern runology and norse heathenry are welcome, but the main focus of this list is Anglo Saxon.

The Sacred Order

An e-group for the discussion of heathen doctrine, lore and the mysteries.

Tidens Tro / The belief of the time

Nordic language list.


French language list for any people interested in the northern religious traditions.

Regional Asatru Mailing Lists


Asatru Brazil

Portugese language list on Asatru.

Asatru Deutschland

German language Asatru list.


A discussion and meeting place for those interested in the traditional Pagan or Heathen Spirituality of Northern and Western Europe.


This group is intended for the setting up an Asatru presence in Canberra, ACT, Australia, and for organising and promoting meetings, blots, and other events.


This list is for members & friends of Oklahoma Allied Asatru Kindreds.


An Asatru-Mailing List for Europe.


Asatru-E Is for general discussion of Asatru with a special focus on Asatru in Europe (not necessarily Scandinavian). The list language is English. Asatru-E is moderated by Alex Jahnke and open for anyone with an interest in Asatru in Europe. To subscribe send an empty mail to


La hermandad Berserkergang esta orientada especificamente hacia el Odinismo, sea cual sea su Folk, y cabe aclarar que es para gente unicamente de Argentina.

Canada Asatru

A list for Canadian's that practice Asatru.

Canadian Asatru List


This is a group for followers of Asatru in North or South Carolina. Members are welcome without regard to affiliation or solitary status.

Colorado Asatru Frithstead

This is a place for all Colorado based Asatru, Odinist, Theods, etc. to come together. A place to place announcements, dicuss local Heathen related issues, and in general, get to know each other.


An e-list for people interested in Asatru/Heathenry/Seidhr/Runes and Old Norse Mythology, open to all living on the islands of Great Britain and Ireland.

Missouri Asafolk


A list for ALL South Eastern Asatru.

The Canadian Heathen

To subscribe, Email with the text: "subscribe cdn-heathen-L" in the body of the message. Refer all questions to Dan Miller (

Tor-Thing discussion list

For those of like mind intrested in sharing experiences with other Toronto, Canada-based Heathens and Asatru.

Troth Kentucky Email List

This is an news and announcements e-list for Heathens in Kentucky and surrounding areas. It is not affiliated with any Heathen group.

Group and Special Topic Mailing Lists

AFA Bearclaw (Spanish Version)

Asatru Hunters

Mailing list for Asatruar who are also interested in hunting and fishing.


A forum for discussing the goddesses, disir, and other female aspects of the Northern tradition.


List for clergy and leaders of the Irminsul Aettir.


This group is for the benefit of those new to Asatru and others wishing to gain a deeper understanding of applicable texts.


Growing and using herbs in a Germanic Heathen/Asatru context.

Heathenhistory Heathenhistory Heathenhistory

We provide a daily bit of history (BoH) concerning continental and Anglo-Saxon heathenry.


Focus on children and their heathen upbringing/education.

Old Norse Net

To subscribe, send a message to Message body should read: "subscribe onn your-e-mail-address-here"

Rydberg (info) (subscribe)

List for critical discussion of Viktor Rydberg's Teutonic Mythology. To subscribe, send a message to


Very exclusive list for Asatru heathens who think quite highly of themselves.


List for followers of the Northern European God Ullr.


Discussion of magick, runes and seidhr.

Chats, Message Boards, and News Groups



soc.religion.paganism (charter)

Yggdrasil MUD

Yggdrasil is a virtual world that was brought on line specifically for the Asatru/Heathen community to have a common place to go to have real-time discussions and just general comradery. It is an actual virtual world with forests and glens, hofs and halls, interactive creatures, and other heathens. You can, of course, ignore the world and just talk and use our wide variety of features, to include personal mailboxes and boards dedicated to posting on various subjects. This place is new, so there will always be new construction going on, but the code base has been under construction for about 3 years now. The original code (far removed) that this is based on is a ConMUD (Circle derivative). For some virtual comradery, come on by and join us at Yggdrasil, a World Tree within itself. The telnet address is: 2700. The IP address is: Port is 2700.

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