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Moderator: Igor Warneck
Listowner: GardenStone
Language: German

These themes shall be handled in this mailing list: However, to establish a practicable, naturalistic, heathen religion in the german-languaged area, there is the need of a synthesis between the above named influences, and also influences coming from the christian culture shall not be neglected, because Christianity is the best keeper of our roots, even if those roots became distorted in some parts.

The religion ASATRU from Iceland, according to Sveinbjoern Beinteinson, is, in my opinion, the best direction for a heathen future in these days. For that reason, I wanna support the discussion and work on an ASATRU religion for Germany that does not cling to the times of national socialism or other forms of formalism. The practised forms of ASATRU in Germany do, according to my knowledge, not fullfill my claim of regionality - one of the ways to reach that is keeping this mailing list.

Beside discussing the sagas and myths, practical reports on dealing with runes, the magic of runes, Seidhr and Galdr as well as field researches from of the regional extent of the list-members (defence signs in half-timbered houses, mask-customs, ritual-act-parades a.s.o.) are welcome topics on this mailinglist.

The language of this mailinglist is German, for giving some people a simplier way to refind a reference to their old roots in their actual homeland.

Of course comments and contributions in english language are welcome too, but if you write in english, address your message not to all, but to your actual discussion partner.

Hoping for fruitfull exchange, coming closer to a livable religion of the nature in Germany, Austria and Swiss with german and celtic influences.

How to subscribe: *Harvest and peace!*
Igor Warneck

Irminsul Ăttir Last updated in March 2004.