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Poll #7 - How long have you been Asatru?

How long have you been Asatru?

Comment on this poll.


How long have you been Asatru? 1293 responses.
Jason wingert Thursday, February 25, 2016, 12:33:40 PST
I am a but fucking faggots ass convict. I cook and sell meth and am as white trash as they come. And I'm sure you have guessed by now that I am an asatruar. I'm poorly educated and have had all of my children taken from me because I would rather be a white trash piece of shit cocksucking asatruar. Hail my dipshit brothers. Now let us fuck each other up the ass.
Nik Warrensson Wednesday, August 18, 2010, 22:34:01 PDT
Hail Odin!
Wednesday, August 11, 2010, 02:59:26 PDT
Many kindreds,still on the road to Hel
Thorvald Ulfsson (Robert Ireland) Saturday, December 12, 2009, 19:13:12 PST
All Hail the Aesir and Vanir
Steve Olson Saturday, June 20, 2009, 21:21:17 PDT

Forrest Monday, April 13, 2009, 23:26:13 PDT

Lane Mehringer Wednesday, April 01, 2009, 19:34:10 PDT

Thad N Horrell Wednesday, February 18, 2009, 12:21:54 PST

Petesouthfla Sunday, January 18, 2009, 05:47:54 PST
I began praying to Thor in 1984 by myself.In early 2007 I believe I met Odin. I found that others also pray to the Norse gods in late 2007. I then converted to Asatru.
nikolas Friday, September 05, 2008, 19:10:15 PDT
i was never happy spirtually untill i found asatru, it feels so free to be me lol...sorry if that dosent make eney sence hail to all
odwinnwulframsson Wednesday, May 07, 2008, 17:04:32 PDT
15 years plus
Paul Monstad Saturday, January 26, 2008, 22:16:50 PST
Raziel the Honoured Friday, January 04, 2008, 07:48:04 PST
Odin is the Wisdom Bearer
Germanic Historian Monday, November 19, 2007, 01:29:07 PST
I grew up in Asia, where native paganism primed me for further religious inquiry. As a young linguist, I became enamored of studying the roots and history of the English language. This led me to an interest the Germanic world as a whole, from Schubert's lieder to English history and the Vikings. I then realized how much of my weltanschauung as a Western-educated scientist resonates with the Germanic folk-sagas. My story is opposite of many: I first tried on the beliefs of my own ancestors, but they just didn't "fit". I guess the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis holds truer (in my case) than metagenetics. For example, wyrd makes far more sense to me than predestination, and the sage advice of the Havamal seems more 'right' than the forced conformity and ritualism found in Confucianism. Somehow the Gods have called to me, even though I grew up in a non-European culture and have no Indo-European roots save for language- a puzzling phenomenon, but Heil to the Aesir and the Vanir!
Randgrith Halfdansdottir Sunday, November 04, 2007, 10:15:34 PST
Proud to be called a Heathen (even when it's meant to be an insult) for 4 years!!!
AGNAR ITALIAN HOMBRE Monday, October 22, 2007, 13:32:02 PDT
My wife and I Ms. Lisa Rera were married in a viking asatru hand fasting ceremony in 2006-it was a beautiful wedding. We undertook vow's and oath's dedicated under sword to the war and lord of the gallows god on high Odin and the mother of the god's queen of the Aesir prophecy seeress Frigga-it was all good
AGNAR ITALIAN HOMBRE Monday, October 22, 2007, 13:31:52 PDT
My wife and I Ms. Lisa Rera were married in a viking asatru hand fasting ceremony in 2006-it was a beautiful wedding. We undertook vow's and oath's dedicated under sword to the war and lord of the gallows god on high Odin and the mother of the god's queen of the Aesir prophecy seeress Frigga-it was all good
jessica Monday, October 01, 2007, 13:13:19 PDT
this is dumb

Graeme Barber Friday, July 13, 2007, 03:32:13 PDT
I'm half Scot, half Kikuyu, and a soldier by trade. Asatru called to me back in '97-'99; and I moved through various pagan thoughts before surrendering to my fate. I reconciled my old thoughts and now draw strength from my beliefs. Freya, Freyr and Thor watch me now.
Flametresses Tuesday, July 10, 2007, 06:06:30 PDT
Ironically, I was about 33 when I learned that European Peoples actually had their OWN culture, religious beliefs, rituals, symbols, etc. Like many others I discovered Native American Spirituality and found it was closer to my own beliefs and feelings than the Roman Catholicism I was raised with. I honestly did not know that my ancestors had similar beliefs, customs, etc. because I was never taught! But then again, my parents didn't know either because they were never taught, etc. I discovered Wicca in my late teens but that was ultimately unsatisfying as well. It took several more years before I discovered Asatru and realized that this was what I had been looking for all along.
Briza Sidrean Wednesday, July 04, 2007, 09:27:17 PDT
i love the old ways!
Chuck Norris Tuesday, May 29, 2007, 07:35:56 PDT
Love It
art hazel Thursday, May 03, 2007, 15:26:22 PDT
does it matter?
Anders Froststrom Tuesday, April 03, 2007, 14:30:07 PDT
Yea, verily, Sylvana. I'm also a teenager and was, unfortuately brainwashed by my xist parents when I was 4. It took me 17 years to realize it was crap. 17 YEARS! I would love for my girlfriend to be Asatru, however, there are no Asatru girls where I live. I'm the only one that I know of that is Asatru where I live. I want my kids to follow the ancient way, as well. Maybe I'll have to do it secretively and not tell their mom.
Sylvana Sunday, March 18, 2007, 05:26:55 PDT
my nanna is from germany and has norse ancestry so i became a heathen and would like my children to be like me so i can have a family who follows an ancestral path instead of being monotheists (i dont want to take away their freedom but i know how xists brainwash children!)
Sylvana Sunday, March 18, 2007, 05:23:24 PDT
i am a teenager and started this year and i would like it if my boyfriend was Asatru (or other polytheist) and i want to raise my childrenin a pagan enviroment and i will give them a thors hammer necklace ans other asatru things.
Anders Froststrom Tuesday, February 27, 2007, 13:04:11 PST
I started last year, but never started practicing till now. Although, I don't yet know everything about it the religion of my folk, I'm willing to learn. I've been searching for the Eddas and have read the Havamal. My folk (on my mom's side) were lords of the manor in Essex, England. It would turn out that I POSSIBLY have relation to William the Conquerer. I know of two Vikings in my ancestry, though: Chief Stirgud the Stout and Jarl Thorfinn Rollo. I believe they have ties to still earlier sons of Odin.
maryann Tuesday, February 13, 2007, 17:03:29 PST
Holy Thor called to me long ago, thought i did not know at the time it was he. he called through the wind and the storms , while those around me were afraid!at last I understood why I loved them
Thor Hammer Friday, February 09, 2007, 12:29:36 PST
hi my name is Paul Monstad and i have Norwegen&English heritage!!!I love my pagen ansestory!!!I wouid realy like meet others with simular thoughts!!?!!! I live near Seatle ,Ballard .
Thor Hammer Friday, February 09, 2007, 12:07:26 PST
hi my name is Paul Monstad and i have Norwegen&English heritage!!!I love my pagen ansestory!!!I wouid realy like meet others with simular thoughts!!?!!! I live near Seatle ,Ballard .
Thor Hammer Friday, February 09, 2007, 10:24:17 PST
hi my name is Paul Monstad and i have Norwegen&English heritage!!!I love my pagen ansestory!!!I wouid realy like meet others with simular thoughts!!?!!! I live near Seatle ,Ballard .
Bjorn Saturday, December 09, 2006, 10:17:57 PST
I have been a practicing Asatruar for about two years now. However, I believe that I always was Tru. My Folk go all the way back to Sweden and Anglo-Saxon Britain. My clan may have turned away from the Shining Ones for a time, but no desert religion can replace our Troth.
Tyböndi Ganglefödhur Thursday, November 23, 2006, 11:52:11 PST
I began my Asatru at 15 (1986), thinking I was the only one in the world doing it. 4 years later I found Thorsson's A Book of Troth, and contacted him to speak at a conference. Claiming to be a "homebody," he connected me with Prudence Priest who spoke in his stead. She has been my Gydhia ever since, and even became my daughter's (som heter Saga) Goddess-Mother. I am a Tyr's Godhi, healer and Thulr, with a BA in Religious Studies from Boulder, CO and studied with Anders Hultgard in Uppsala University's Theological Institute. I am currently working on a series of books explaining how the runes, the Bagua of China, the Vedas of India and the Kabballah all share the same root, thus express the same theological seed. With this work I will expand runic theology beyond Thorsson's honorable, yet flawed, system. With all due respect to the pioneer, I must say it's time for revamping Asatru theology. Tyböndi Asatru will do just that. My hov, Tybergsvé, in Tahoe City, CA is open to any religion, but I am staunchly Asatru. Hälsa Alla.
Lyra Logan Saturday, October 21, 2006, 02:03:48 PDT
I originally was just Pagan, but moved to Asatru about 6 years ago. It fit with the very things I lived for, and after taking it more seriously, I have greatly improved my quality of life. Right now I am in the Process of starting a Kindred, as there are none anywhere close to where I live. So far there is lots of intrest, and progress is being made quite fast!
Jan Gerstner Wednesday, September 27, 2006, 14:23:22 PDT
Raised Nordic since 1946.
Saxon Raven Monday, August 14, 2006, 04:20:19 PDT
Although christened into the Church of England, my family and bloodline roots are Saxon (ancient English). I understand more about Woden and Thunor than I do Christ (although I do not object to Christ - just his followers). In England we also refer to Woden as being Herne, the God with the stags head and antlers (the stag was also the English Royal Symbol) and feel more at ease with the teachings of Asatru/English Heathenism than I ever did with Christianity, which always made me feel I was in the wrong. Herne stands for leadership, warriorship and the hope that England will return to her roots unashamed and in joy. Woden awaits our return to him and he indeed sought me out - for which I am glad.
Cindy Wednesday, August 09, 2006, 14:26:29 PDT
Asatru/Odinism is just so compelling and captivating to me. I've just started, and I love learning new things.
Andru Friday, August 04, 2006, 15:03:34 PDT
It's hard to re-train your mind to think differently. We're all so programmed.
Grimsteinr, Gothi-HofBrau Kindred Thursday, July 20, 2006, 11:54:11 PDT
Since 1992. I did Blot with one Friend for over a year. In '94, as a result of teaching a Rune class, I began forming a Kindred, HofBrau. We Formalized it in Spring of 1995....Grimsteinr
M.S. Cocherl Tuesday, June 27, 2006, 20:31:30 PDT
While it has been a little over a year that I discovered "Asatru". I have been an unknowing follower for over 25 years. M.S.Cocherl SFC, USA (RET)
Simon Thursday, April 06, 2006, 16:25:17 PDT
What are peoples views on the "whispering of the gods"? Its this concept I think most on. For me the norse path seems a very natural thing, I dont know if it is like that for everyone. I personally think that the more you learn and read about the gods and the path the more everything around you seems to make sense. Im lucky cause I get to work outdoors, sometimes you can just be sitting down and really feel that spirits and forces work around you, outside of your control. I feel a lot of pity sometimes for people who have put a lot of time into other faiths. I dont mean to discount them their faith or even to say that they are wrong and I am right, I just dont understand how that kind of faith can assert itself in certain situations, like being outside or looking at the moon or watching a thunderstorm. I think its the contwemplation of these things that is the whispers or the calling of the gods.
Slednog Draugrulfr Sunday, April 02, 2006, 13:55:46 PDT
Well, I am very new to Norse Heathenism. I am a month long convert, making the conversion with my friend. I've not been dissapointed. Previously I've engaged Satanism and self-formed religions. However, there was not clarity.
Michael Martin (Heathen Libertarian Forum) Tuesday, January 31, 2006, 10:34:17 PST
Heathenism was my first and only religion. In school they tried to raise me as a Christian. But I always resented that religion and those slimy characters, the biblical Israelites, and Jesus, the dead Jew on a stick. I used to read a lot when I was in my very early teens, mostly adventure tales and ancient legends. I specially enjoyed the old Nordic and Germanic tales. When I was about 13 or 14 I came across a booklet (aimed at children), which, in very simple words explained the Germanic/Scandinavian Heathen religion. Once I read this, I knew I had found my religion - and this was almost 31 years ago. Have been Heathen ever since, and will stay Heathen forever!
Alderman Saturday, January 14, 2006, 18:06:47 PST
I was born a Heathen, just like we all were! (Even the christian church admits it - that's why they want to babtize everyone!)My family just practiced the (universal) golden rule and clean living - we were your average, never-been-babtized, swear-on-your-grandmother's-grave type of heathen family. I didn't find out about Heathenism as an organized religion until about '94. It seemed natural to me (for a while, I even felt a little guilty for following what I viewed to be such a natural religion - especially when I saw catholics, muslims and jews beating themselves and each other up over God and their sins every day) and I have never looked back.
Sigrun Saturday, December 24, 2005, 05:44:40 PST
I started off as Wiccan and quickly felt the "call" of my Norse ancestors. I then became a Gythia of a Kindred and a dedicant of Odin and Freyja. I became a runemaster, making my own sets of runes for myself and others, and I learned how to galdr effectively and was VERY, VERY POWERFUL. None of this, however, brought me any peace or joy. It wasn't until September 2005 that a courageous friend of mine led me to Christ that I got "the peace that passeth all understanding". Look, I'm not here to say you're all going to burn forever in hell. That's not what I do. But does your religion really give you any peace? Well, does it? Are you really close to "the gods" or what? I pray that each one of you comes to the understanding that GOD HIMSELF LOVES YOU and will never leave you nor forsake you. You can bad-mouth me all you want but the fact still remains that God loves you and He's reaching out to you through me. Have a merry Yule/Christmas/whichever, Sigrun
Motul Friday, December 02, 2005, 11:49:12 PST
Being of Norwegian and German decent, I essentially grew up in a nordic household where the Nine Noble Vertues were encouraged. We did not recognize them as part of a religion. They were more or less cultural values. Last year when I discovered Asatru, it all became clear. Asatru and Norse mythology is a fiber so tightly woven into the fabric of our culture that we do not contiously know of it's existance. The same goes for Greek Mythology and the Greeks, and Taoism and Confucianism to the Chinese. It is one of the builing blocks of our herritage and culture. Not even the coming of christianity to northern europe could change it. The Chinese communists even admit that the cultural revolution of the 1960s could not even make a dent in the fabric of their culture. My mother forced me to attend bible school as a youngster. There I learned that the only thing wrong with christianity are christians. To celebrate Jesus' life and take his advice are fine for some people. But, to celebrate his death and to lay their sins on him, I feel is irresponsible(I often ask christians, if Jesus was hung, would they wear a noose/crosses being a device of execution). I left that path a long time ago. I have studied various schools of thought and philosophies of good living in search of answers to questions I did not know how to ask. One thing I have discovered is that many of the old religions and philosophies are very similar. So when I discovered Asatru it was like the Gods saying, "welcome home". I have found the Havamal to be good counsel, and certifies values I already have. Born and raised Asatru.
Bothvar Ruriksson Saturday, November 12, 2005, 10:39:22 PST
Swedish persona as a way to play in the SCA, but became enthralled by Asatru. Been praticing with wife and friends for 12 years.
jurgi bjornson Thursday, September 29, 2005, 21:58:42 PDT
doesn't suprise me that most are new. edred thorsson really screwed things up with that scandle back in the 80's
Asatru Sage Monday, August 15, 2005, 01:12:28 PDT
A little over a year. Before that I was a Buddhist, though I still keep some Buddhist practices in my personal life (meditation, moderation, compassion, etc).
Doug Freyburger Monday, August 01, 2005, 13:16:54 PDT
One night maybe late 1986 maybe early 1987 Odin showed up in a dream and indicated that I was to follow. I was astonished as I was not a follower at that time. It took me a year to decide it was not something I'd made up on my own and I've been following the Aesir ever since. I took the suggestion to follow to mean the tribe in general not Odin in specific. If the Wanderer wants me to get more specific, he'll let me know.
Vincent Rera Thursday, May 19, 2005, 05:49:04 PDT
something was always missing-Christianity had forsaken me-I stood in the sun pumping iron one day and like a lightning bolt thown by thor himself something mysterious hit me it was the word and way of asatru-it was a message to me from the norse pantheon--that I was a viking-I found my way....
Vincent Rera Thursday, May 19, 2005, 05:48:40 PDT
something was always missing-Christianity had forsaken me-I stood in the sun pumping iron one day and like a lightning bolt thown by thor himself something mysterious hit me it was the word and way of asatru-it was a message to me from the norse pantheon--that I was a viking-I found my way....
Wolf Thursday, May 05, 2005, 07:38:39 PDT
I was born ASARTU but was never tought only when i was old enough i asked and then learned and never looked back.
Rik Pfaelzer Thursday, April 14, 2005, 13:27:59 PDT
Since 1970 I've followed Othinn. I've wandered since. I've always hoped to find a People Community. But we are a very independant folk.
jessica Tuesday, March 29, 2005, 12:24:58 PST
my husband and I just found this religon. He loves it, and i'm still reading about it. i was born into Catholicsism and recently decided hypocrisy is NOT for me. I've been dabbling in Wiccan studies and other pagan religons. THis one seems to be calling to both of us. My husband is also of Norse descent. I am too due to the fact my Scottish clan is Gunn, who claim descent from Norse. Interesting things I've found out recently. its a sign.
Rebekah Tuesday, February 15, 2005, 11:37:25 PST
I've felt it since the day I was born...
Friggsdottir Thursday, February 10, 2005, 01:27:16 PST
Technically I have been Asatru for almost a year, but I have been Pagan for over 15 years.. mostly dabbling in Celtic paganism and then Druidry. I was a seeker, but now I have found my true path!
Francesco Tuesday, January 18, 2005, 09:16:40 PST
I've always been interested in folklore first,then norse mythology.I discovered the existence of this Way of life through a book about Iceland two years ago and at once I started practising.So I think you have it in your blood(not meaning you should have north european ancestors to have it),I think the Norns woved it at first.One will sooner or later discover his Way,even in the last minute of his life,one will.
Sven Monday, January 03, 2005, 08:41:18 PST
(Addressed to Falcon) For about three years non stop I have been searching up my family origin it is a very rare last name but I gave up and am just saying what my grand-mother says that we are german my last name is Tifft.
Sven Monday, January 03, 2005, 08:25:18 PST
Hello, I was raised mostly atheist then after going through a couple religions from ages 17-18. I found Asatru about a year ago and I am very happy with Asatru. One reason why i like it is because unlike the more popular religons now a days it is very deep.
Falcon Tuesday, December 14, 2004, 15:15:25 PST
REPLY TO SUMBLE: Go to are a few Sumbles listed there. Mostly British origin. It's a start...
Sunday, November 21, 2004, 19:26:48 PST

drage Thursday, November 04, 2004, 11:41:35 PST
was born into shamanism, but only in last year did i discover this faith
sumbles Thursday, October 07, 2004, 15:22:03 PDT
Im sorry Im sure that this is not the proper place to ask certain things. But my last name is sumbles and everytime I search for ancestors this is all that pops up. Is this certain religion.. Id like to investigate but keep hitting dead ends can anyone help me get some insight on this please Thursday, September 30, 2004, 00:29:56 PDT
I have used the title of 'Wodens Witness' or 'Born again Saxon'. A great reply to door knocking representitives of twisted masochistic relgions eminating from the Middle East.
Falcon Thursday, September 23, 2004, 03:54:06 PDT
About 3 years now.Thor is my patron even though it was Ullr that brought me a revelation and indicated that this was my path.
Stormvringer Sunday, September 12, 2004, 10:24:13 PDT
I know this is the way I was supposed to follow, just didn't know it for the first decade of my life.
valkyriecarole Thursday, September 09, 2004, 07:33:15 PDT
I have been a follower of the Norse Gods and beliefs for over three years now,the way is not the easiest when brought in by Odin,ithas been the hardest years of my life but I have learnt such a lot about myself,some things were hard to come to terms with,but Iam coming through them.Such a lot has been thrown at me,I was aware that this would happen but Odin made me realise how strong I really was,strong enough to cope even when I felt like giving up,he needs me to be strong,Iknow that, so strong I will be, Hail Odin!! The truly mighty warrior God.
"DEATHSKULL", Monday, August 09, 2004, 15:08:56 PDT
Melanie-astrid Freyja-idhunn ragfreyhar Tuesday, August 03, 2004, 22:26:18 PDT
in all my baby pictures i have a tiny hammer on.
Eigil Bjarnsson Saturday, May 01, 2004, 19:43:17 PDT
I'm very new. I've only been Ásatrú for one week now.
Alex the brand-new convert Wednesday, March 24, 2004, 08:03:06 PST
Since January of this year, I consider myself as Asatruar, even if I'd been studying the runes since the summer of 2003. (just a sick joke the 666)
Hammer Skald Thursday, March 18, 2004, 08:27:20 PST
I was Wiccan for about 18 years which, I believe, prepared me for a "career" in Asatru which I discovered for whatever reason the Norns have decided.
mirko constantineau Monday, March 01, 2004, 12:03:59 PST
i have been chose by this aspect of the divine ,those gods n godesses talk to me ,i dint chose thems, so mote it be.
ron peterson Tuesday, February 24, 2004, 11:11:18 PST
as i said earlier my father taught me about the vikings since i was very young
Ryan Christensen Wednesday, February 04, 2004, 12:00:58 PST
I've known of the Aesir since I was 7. I was baptized into christianity but I always felt closer to Thor and Odin and frequently prayed to them. When I was 17 I stopped believing in christianity and began looking for something. Jan 15, 2003 I was looking for a tattoo to represent my ancestors ( Cherokee and Danes ). I was thinking about a Thor's Hammer with a tribal band and feathers. Once I read what the Hammer represented I knew I had instantly found what I was looking for my whole life. Ever since that day I have been Asatru.
John T Mainer Thursday, December 25, 2003, 16:39:16 PST
I found Odin in the Canadian Army. Basic training strips you down to the foundations of heart and soul. I found Him waiting for me in the places I was afraid to look. Since then I have found it hard to beleive it took me so long to find Him.
Kalithunder Monday, December 22, 2003, 15:48:40 PST
I'm in my second year of belief, and every day I learn more and become more comfortable in my ways.
Vandal Falke Sunday, December 14, 2003, 03:40:32 PST
Do right and fear no one.
jeff king Monday, December 01, 2003, 17:57:23 PST
i discovered asatru in prison after much comparitive religion and philosophy. i am also a staunch follower of nietzsche
Alan Baumann Thursday, November 27, 2003, 04:00:32 PST
I've been Asatru just a little over 2 years and have recently attended my first Blot. I am a Thorsman and am glad to have found the Gods of my ancestors!
Astreja Odinsdottir Wednesday, November 26, 2003, 19:58:35 PST
I am of Scandinavian and Celtic descent. No regular religious practices in birth family. Studied magic in my youth, then Buddhism, then resumed magical studies. Called by Odin when I began to study the runes four years ago.
Paxson Lowenhart Wednesday, August 27, 2003, 00:08:11 PDT
Basically a solidtary for now.
pamela paulsen shearheart Friday, August 08, 2003, 20:27:39 PDT
was raised to value my people and our culture. have known of Odhinn and Freyja and Thor all my life. my parents made sure we knew of and were exposed to the arts, crafts culture and values of our people. have been on the Northern Path for many yeras now...can never know enough.
Sigurd Hakonson Monday, July 21, 2003, 09:47:50 PDT
Tough answer for me - I accepted the Norse religion in my own heart when I was about 12, but didn't know there was an organized "Asatru" until about 10 years ago..I cannot describe the peace that entered my soul when I found out I was not alone.
irrelevant Sunday, June 29, 2003, 10:32:41 PDT
I first got interested in Mythological Gods as a teen. I didn't know anyone who called themselves Asatru, but I already felt an affinity with them that was probably a little too much for christian salvation anyway.
Thursday, June 26, 2003, 21:09:56 PDT
six years as of this solstice!
Morgana Thursday, June 26, 2003, 18:02:32 PDT
I'm born into the Icelandic christian church but as soon as I hit the legal age to change into Asatru I did!!! and my whole family is behind me 100%. I'm even married in the asatru!!!
Krie Wednesday, June 11, 2003, 22:43:05 PDT
Discovered Asatru while in college a year and a half ago. Baptized Methodist, I grew tired of all the hypocrisy in my birth religion and realized Christianity was not the path I wanted to follow. I was an atheist for many years, trying all sorts of other religions on for size in the process, til finally I stumbled across Asatru on the internet. Read about it, then realized I'd been following the noble virtues all along! This faith could not be a better thing for me. I'm still very much in the process of learning, so anyone wanting to take me under their wing and help me out can contact me at What's interesting is that I'm married to a Catholic; but we have an understanding that I will not ever go to Mass with him and I won't take him to the local herbal arts store. I don't think he quite understands this faith, but he respects the fact that this is the way I want to live my life and loves me regardless. *krie*
Ingrun Sonnenwend Sunday, June 08, 2003, 08:41:43 PDT
In light of Asatru's re-emergence, it would appear we are all very young in our Ancestral Faith. May the Deities give us the might, main and wisdom to rebuild a strong foundation - for our descendants to build upon. One the Heathen-haters will never be able to tear down again. Long live the TRU!
Markvard Jarlson Thursday, June 05, 2003, 10:17:03 PDT
HI! I am a Canadian Asatruar! Contact me at
Seth Thursday, May 22, 2003, 17:27:56 PDT
Yeah, I sort of became Asatru the month before last. I gave nearly 17 years of my life to Jesus, and I want to give whats left of my life to Odin, and the rest of the Gods. I'm 18 right now, I'll be 19 soon.
Bas Friday, May 09, 2003, 04:13:38 PDT
I am of frisian origine, my ancestors come from Franeker in Friesland. Currently I live in Alkmaar in the north of Holland. I also have the privelige of not being baptised,though my parents have been, I am the first one again in the line of my ancestors not to be baptised. Currently I am studying the old ways of the Frisians, but I haven't officially started practising Asatru, but I want to do so in the future. What sparked my interest for my germanic ancestors was that I heard from my mother that whenever there was thunder outside, my Frisian grandmother would tell my mother that this had to do with Wodan and Donar. This believe had survived generation upon generation. I believe the old ways are making a "come back" also in the Netherlands.
Seth Friday, May 02, 2003, 21:28:40 PDT
I was a christian till i was 17, and then i realized what my beleifs were doing to others, so i began my research on the beleifs of my ascestors. i thought that this was logical. so, i began to research. i really began to beleive it last march, i guess, but later, after i learned a lot more, i told my friend doug about it. now we are both asatruar, who work at the same gas station. doug and i are like brothers, and we do blots nearly every day we hang out.
Neri Wednesday, April 23, 2003, 10:54:06 PDT
All my life I've had these beliefs (I'm 21 now) but never quite had religious name to go with them. Although I found much to like in Wicca, it wasn't quite right somehow. So whenever someone who speak of religious labels, to avoid the long-winded explanations, I'd just say "I'm Pagan" & leave it at that. But after finding much info about Asatru I absolutely say this is it. I am also coincidently of German, English, Belgian & Irish decent (a mutt of the area). I am very happy to have found it finally after much searching.
Heather Friday, March 14, 2003, 13:38:47 PST
I agree with anne below me, i own ed fitch's teh rites of odin, and it has alot of very peculiar so called runes, and i would like to know where he got this stuff...
Heather Friday, March 14, 2003, 13:35:55 PST
I may not have been privlaged to a pagan birth, but im proud to say i was never babtised, and my daughter had an Odinist birth pledging, and she wears her thors hammer proudly at 5 yrs of age
Anne Friday, March 14, 2003, 10:34:41 PST
It took me a while to adopt Heathenry proper. My fist encounter with it was via wretched book that "Christian in a Tunic", Ed Fitch! He put me off with his WASP attitudes, pseudo-cosmology and so on. For several years I avoided anything "Odinist" or Heathen because I thought I'd meet people who thought like he did. It was only a chance meeting with some Heathens who introduced me to Ed Thorson's work and their own way that made me realise I'd been Heathen all along!
Guy Davies Thursday, January 16, 2003, 16:41:15 PST
I was inches from war in 1991, so Thorr entered my life thanks to a fellow soldier. I never went off to fight unfortunately but I saw some great places and experienced a hard cold life and a great life of learnings. Christians and the like are funny. They fear their god. they spend more time worshiping their devil than they do their god. funny.. I was never anything beforehand just me vs the universe. now I have a great companionship with the gods. I share my happiness, good fortune, ale, mead, concerns, gripes, bitches and complaints as freely as I would with a sibling. These gods are of the highest power. Stay real, stay asatru, fight your personal wars with might and main. Seek council and choose right action and you will go eternally unwrong so mote it be!! Hail thorr!!
Andy T. (Rabeklaue) Saturday, December 14, 2002, 16:04:13 PST
Just became accquainted with the term "Asatru" about three years ago. I am 48 and have been a heathen in some shape or form for most of my adult life...alas I have found the Tru way of my ancesters. Travel well, and may the gods hold you in a place of honor!
Fjorgyn Tuesday, December 10, 2002, 11:22:29 PST
I started out as Wiccan when I was 12 years old, and I found the Germanic gods when I was about 13. I didn't find out about Asatru until I was 17, but had been honoring the gods in my own way for four years before that. I don't consider myself "Asatru", as I find that term limiting, buut I've been dedicated to the gods for over 7 years now.
Tyrulf Thursday, November 28, 2002, 22:22:55 PST
I first found my way to the elder thews in 92, but didn't really become active til 95. But my son will be able to claim born and raised heathen. He attended his first Blessing in the womb and was concieved at the previous Blessing :-)
Jamie <> Tuesday, October 22, 2002, 12:19:52 PDT
I say this with a bit of a caveat. my parents tried to raise me as a good Episcopalian, but I always gravitated to heathenry, so I was BORN to be heathen. I was raised heathen in the sense that that is where my sense of direction led me. Not that others didn't try to lead me astray.
Claire Sunday, October 20, 2002, 04:47:44 PDT
I had always considered myself an aethiest, until recently. I think I never found a religion that I could fully express myself in, or that tolerated, and even encouraged my particular beliefs, and spiritual needs. Although I am still new to Asatru, and discovering more about it, so far I have found it flexible enough and perfect for me particularly
Greg Guy Friday, October 04, 2002, 08:33:41 PDT
My first experiance in paganism was when I was 15. First is was with a Wiccan though I was not told much. My best friend was pagan, though not of any one faith. While looking through his fate magazines, I came across the Runes and a rune casting rite (which I still use 14 years later) and that was the beginning of my path to Asatru. A few years later I read the story of Thor loosing his hammer to the giants and come to realize that when I was younger I had a book with the same story in it and it was my favorate story and did not know it was Norse.
Lou Levesque Thursday, October 03, 2002, 20:08:19 PDT
I began to really explore the ways of my ancestors at age twelve or so years ago, at age twelve. I have felt the connection all my life, though I was raised Protestant. The closest I have come to the Folk are my occasional appearances at the odd pagan festival or SCA event. Given my current occupation in the U.S. Army, I am no longer afforded even those opportunities.
DunRanull Tuesday, October 01, 2002, 22:25:32 PDT
I began calling upon Wotan and Donar, my mythic ancestors, when I was 21, hardly aware of what i was doing at the time. Thru many life and psychological changes, always i return to the Old Ones. Peeling away many layers of culture and past lifetimes to the Inner Self..... Always growing, never changing in essence. Hail Wotan All Father, Hail Donar Storm Lord, Hail Ertha, Mother! My path is not conventional but it is MINE, a son of War and Earth.
Tyr Jarlsen Friday, August 30, 2002, 12:32:27 PDT
My ancestors come from Normandy, an old Norse colony... I was looking for a religious way very convenient for myself... I discovered Asatru or Heathen ( whatever you call it... ) in 1998 and now, I am very happy!
The Kithless Wednesday, August 28, 2002, 11:29:51 PDT
I was, of all things, Mormon before the gods called me. I left the hypocrisy of my old faith and found comfort and a sense of home and family in my OLD old faith. *grin*
Chad in NV Friday, August 23, 2002, 21:24:51 PDT
I'm a "self-converted" Asatruar. Came Home to the Old Gods in '85, finally started interacting with other Asatruar online in '98 or so. Looking to join or form a group in the Reno/Tahoe/Carson City area of Nevada at present. If interested or you know of a group, email I'm tired of being solitary after 17 years;-)
Yulfa Thursday, August 22, 2002, 17:47:55 PDT
at one time i would have said 15 years.but the reality would be all my life.i always knew something was missing.i felt displaced.embracing my heritage has filled that void.i have a sense of self,and pride in my people.
svartalfar Monday, August 12, 2002, 00:35:44 PDT
I finally found Asatru, and now I am raising my baby daughter as Norse, as well. She is also my son- I can't have any boys, so she's it!
Cj Wednesday, August 07, 2002, 20:46:32 PDT
Am 27 and have been around one form of another for 13 or 14 years but have only recently come to know the Gods.
herman Saturday, July 13, 2002, 19:22:41 PDT
started reading eddas after my mom died , soon led to book after book , that was three years ago, i've practiced blots and ceromonies for two years , hail woden
Ben Friday, July 05, 2002, 14:38:50 PDT
Raised a Southern Baptist, which drove me to atheism (or more properly antheism), dabbled in Zen/Taoist philosphy in college,but I've always had a fondness for the old Norse tales, recently discovered Norwegian roots I didn't know I had. I am still exploring, but Asatru seems to be what I've been missing. It doesn't require any mental gymnastics to see the sense of it. And it speaks to my spirit the way no other "faith" has. I don't have to give up reason and common sense to practice it either.
Freyr Robertsson Friday, June 21, 2002, 12:44:19 PDT
Psychic as a child/little people/U.F.O's/house-ghost/ghost in the barn/precognition and more/ led me to meditation/core-shamanism/then Wicca. In '88 I discovered a book on runes and in '89 ,a well known book on practicing troth was published and I've been riding along eversince.
Edred Monday, June 03, 2002, 02:33:40
About 3 years, before that I was a pagan for about 5 years
Wulfgaar Tuesday, May 28, 2002, 21:22:40
i think we need to distance ourselves as much as we can from the monotheists. There will never be peace between them and us and anyone who truly follows the Old Gods must know this. Words like 'church', 'congregation', clergy' etc, are words that have been 'dirtied' by the xians. When pagan or heathen folk use these terms to describe their path it makes me and many, many other heathens I know, sick. I have been a heathen for over 20 years and am not afraid to tell anyone who and what I am. They may challenge me if they wish, but I will not give in to their ways...even a little by using their terminology.
Val Tuesday, May 14, 2002, 01:40:49
About three years.
eric Monday, April 22, 2002, 16:34:06
i've been following the old ways since 14.learned it was a organized religion still when i was 15,now i'm just about 18 and have learned much about my true gods and my culture and ancestors i practice alone but someday plan on seeking out a group or starting one of my own
Carlos Thursday, April 18, 2002, 17:45:57
Closing into my third year. I like what I have learned and what I feel from nature. I like people who are respectful of my beliefs and do not push me towards theirs. Unfortunately, I have already seen some 'I-know-it-all' Asatru extremists writing in these polls and in general chat rooms. Some people do never learn what freedom can be actually about.
Dylan Monday, April 15, 2002, 06:39:01
been Asatru longer than I knew the religion existed!
Xanthe Kelsylva Sunday, January 27, 2002, 02:00:27
I've always had a connection to the Asatru religion, since that's my heritage. I really got interested when I saw the Ring of the Nibelung and then read a book of Norse mythology. It's always been a subconcious part of me. Even the storys I wrote before I knew alot about Norse Mythology is very simillar in it's style. I write fantasy, and just as the Eddas have Thor dressing in drag I have comedy, and just like Baldur dying I have tragedy. So then I got more and more interested and I've been an Asatru for a couple of weeks now, ever since that first rune spell...
Steamy Friday, January 25, 2002, 01:42:07
2 years, going on 3. I've read as much as I can, met some very knowledgeable people (key Gothar who helped start Asatru Vinland) who shared their knowledge. I can honestly say I understand much more than most Asatruer I've met, no matter the length of their attachment to Asatru. Other true Asatruer can contact me at Also find out more about me on In firth -- Steamy :)
Noron Wednesday, January 16, 2002, 03:41:28
All my life I've had strange dreams and visions. As a child my favorite games were always make believe like stuff. As I grew older I digged and digged for answers to what I was experiencing and when I stumbled onto the Norse mythology it seemed to make the most sense and deep down inside I felt a deep connection to it, like this was a part of my life's story also.
-ZAG MOONDRAKE Tuesday, January 15, 2002, 20:09:38
Bob Trapp Sunday, November 25, 2001, 00:44:17
I became Asatru as a result of thunderstorms and poems about Thor.
Swampwitch Thursday, November 01, 2001, 03:39:02
As I like to say Thor poped me on the head with his hammer back in the 1970s but i have only recently started serious studies after another pop on the head by Lady Freya
Athelraed Wodening Wednesday, October 24, 2001, 00:12:20
AS Heathen, but close enough. =)
Vincent Friday, September 28, 2001, 13:13:48
Just like Bob Trapp, I tought I was the only one. But later I discoverd there were more.
Bob Trapp Thursday, September 27, 2001, 03:44:13
I was not given a religion at birth. The honoring of my relatives and my ancestors was the primary teaching. At the age of twelve, the wind and prairie storms taught me Asatru. For the first few years, I thought I was the only worshipper in this ancient religion. I'm glad all of you are out there though.
iris Tuesday, September 11, 2001, 19:06:53
i'm about to start training as a godja, from a wise godja in south iceland!!!!!
Vincent Tuesday, August 28, 2001, 09:33:18
Found it was rigth for me in my early teens, but I had an intressed for it for many years.
Nik Warrensson Thursday, August 09, 2001, 14:47:57
There was no button for 10 years exactly which is right for me. Wednesday, August 08, 2001, 21:09:06

Kathi What Tuesday, July 31, 2001, 17:10:52
Odin found me in my teens, but I know he was always there from day 1.
Bjarki Valgardson Friday, July 13, 2001, 16:51:55
I got lucky being raised with Native Americans, when I had questions about wierd dreams I was having they told me to look to my culture for the answers. I understood what they meant and found out what was being told to me through my dreams. In that period of time I met up with quite a few people and still hunted for the right "group". Now I am settled and a member of the Arizona Kindred!! Hail the Holy Aesir and Vanir!!
Logan Saturday, July 07, 2001, 00:24:10
I am 33 and I started when I was 16. There was a time of about 8 years where I was not parcticing anything. I simply survived in the world of technology. Yeah! The word was "Survive". Forgot how much it meant to me until I grabbed some old books and tools and started it up again. I call it living now not survival.
Poul Martin Jensen Monday, July 02, 2001, 21:24:58
I was raised with Danish folkbelief, that founded the root of my childhoodbelief.
madeleine Tuesday, June 26, 2001, 06:53:45
Since 1981, though at the time I started worshipping the Northern European Gods, I didn't know anyone else who did.
Roy Tapio Kosonen Saturday, June 23, 2001, 17:04:46
Instinctively, I have been a Heathen all my life, but formally I have associated myself with Asatru only since 1995, when I discovered the Asatru Folk Assembly, the Asatru Alliance, and the Odinic Rite. There are of course other organizations devoted to our Way, and they are all doing a fine job, but for me these three that I listed have done the most to give me the missing knowledge to help me to understand what my instincts have always told me. Before that, I was a generic Nature-and-Ancestor-loving Finnish-German-Russian Animist. I am still that today, but I also know our Gods and Goddesses in addition to that.
Kathleen Tuesday, June 19, 2001, 01:17:25
I've known the Aesir were mine since I was about 8 years old. I've tried being Christian, but could never swallow the misogyny. I just know that my heart and soul (or souls, depending upon how you look at it) belong to Asgard.
iris magnusdottir Tuesday, June 05, 2001, 17:13:28
to reiher: ja, i agree that its great to be asatruar. i think what i enjoy most is the strange looks i get from christians around me when i am myself and show my pride as an asatruar. some have asked me about my beliefs and that gives me an opening to "preach" - otherwise, i am content to be asatruar in a vaccuum.
iris magnusdottir Tuesday, June 05, 2001, 17:11:29
to srdan bastaic: that's not very true. people are not born as "christians" so why would anyone be born "heathen"? you may be born into a family that follows certain customs and holds certain believes and you may be strongly influenced by them ...but ultimately the choice is yours. study many belief systems, then decide for yourself. then no-one can complain that you are only following the herd.
Srdan Bastaic Tuesday, May 01, 2001, 15:05:39
I guess being born in Europe and not baptized makes me heathen by default, no? :P Now I get to be in category of my own till some Asakid fills this poll.
Paul Reiher Saturday, April 21, 2001, 02:43:34
Im just starting, i have north england blood with german-french, spaniard and mexican, i didnt knew about Asatru, until i started to believe in my beloved God Baldur, wich i talk daily, it was strange i think, he guided me to the asatru religion. He told me to search for the All-father on my Pc, its just great to be an Asatru.
Chip Johnson Tuesday, April 17, 2001, 01:24:32
I was raised under parents who were pagan/agnostic. I came to the faith of my Norwegian heritage at around 16, and Joined the Arizona Kindred 22 years ago. It's strange that the poll reflects mainly new adherants to our ways, but then again, I'd bet you've only sampled a small percentage to date.. There are many, many who I've shared a horn with over the years. We are out there, we are strong, Hail Odinn! Chip Proud kinsman, AZ Kindred Asatru Alliance, Vinland.
iris magnusdottir Friday, April 13, 2001, 19:58:28
father was lazy asatruar, mother was lutheran - i took asatru to rebel against mother - in university became existential/atheist but now am "born-again" asatruar who longs for a community (
Tanis Friday, April 13, 2001, 09:33:01
Interest in Paganism drew me into Wicca at first. Then I discovered this other stuff which made more sense - Heathenry/Asatru. Now, 4 years later, a budding Gothi in England!
Friday, April 06, 2001, 20:52:41
Like others here. I have recently learned that Asatru exists. However, I was told of the sagas and eddas as a child on my grandfathers knee. Since learning that Asatru exists today, I have read up on it, and have found that the 9 virtues come more natural to me than does "10 commandments".
Rick Ravensblood Friday, March 09, 2001, 20:47:51
The Mad Vitki & I founded the "First Church of Odin" when we were in about the 6th grade... over 30 years ago. We are still basically its only members, but we're still here.
Ryan Fairhair Tuesday, March 06, 2001, 06:03:12
I can say that I have been in Asatru for more than 5 years. I first became involved in Asatru in 1995. Ofcourse I spent the first 2 years or so just attempting to ground myself in the mentality of Asatru ethics and practices. Although I guess my upbringing was of a mixed, perhaps even new age in a way in terms of religion due to the fact that my mother was agnostic and my father was a very secular reformist jew; That in turn made it easier to transition from a monotheistic view to a more heathen way of thinking. I tried the whole new age smorgasborg with it's "take from all traditions, what you feel is comfortable" garbage. But i didn't like how disrespectful that philosophy was to the preservation of traditional beliefs of ancient belief structures; and I didn't feel any power or honor in it.Then one day I was up at my grandmother's and she gave me the family tree book. I found myself fascinated by my Norwegian ancestors, but something beneath the surface of the admiration came to me, but i didn't understand what it was until I met a man that told me about Asatru. I started going to newsgroups, and then eventually blots and sumbles in my area. And I've been tru to the Aesir ever since. Wednesday, February 28, 2001, 02:20:07
This is a difficult question: I considered becoming a trappist or benedictine monk years ago, but (luckily), the god Bachhus grabbed me on the way to one of the monasteries I was visiting & 'dripped' some common sense into me. While that may seem a flippant thing to say/wat to put it, I think the Gods/Goddesses/Totemic animals, ('Ursus-Arctoes-Maritimus', {Polar Bear}, in my case/tattooed to my shoulder, has been watching out for me for a lonnggg time! (IMHO!). Hopefully, when I "frustrate" some fresh-out-of-school-medic on his/her first cardiac arrest, I will be scooped up by THE Polar Bear, in a manner similar to the Indian's death scene in the sequel to the movie, "Young Guns"; I suppose 'faith' is the Life-part where one accepts that this sort of thing actually happens.
Thursday, February 22, 2001, 20:30:16
My relationship to our gods goes back more than 20 years, but I only got involved in Asatru-the-religion around 5 years ago.
Piparskeggr Ullarsson Sunday, February 18, 2001, 02:14:37
I have had the word Asatru upon which to hang my hat for about 11 years, but I've been Heathen all my life
Goði Nik Smiðr Warrensson Saturday, February 17, 2001, 20:33:07
This poll should have included an exactly 10 year option as this is how long I have been Asatru. I cannot in honesty say that I have been Asatru for MORE than 10 years.
Poll opened December 30, 2000.

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