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Poll #5 - Intentional communities

See the Intentional Communities web site for more information on this subject.

Would you live in an intentional community made up of people with beliefs similar to your own?

Comment on this poll.


Would you live in an intentional community made up of people with beliefs similar to your own? 1284 responses.
Melanie Saturday, February 07, 2015, 22:34:45 PST
I am searching for a community like this! Does any exists?
John Mackintosh Monday, August 24, 2009, 10:44:13 PDT
My family is seriously exploring an IC in our province.
Aidan Anstey Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 22:35:11 PDT
Yes, but I live in Norway now, so I am investigating over here. Best of luck!
cynical (Jon Valentine) Wednesday, January 21, 2009, 12:07:42 PST
I am actually looking for such a community. Does any exist in the US? If so how do I contact them?
Lone Eagle Sunday, January 18, 2009, 16:23:13 PST
I am very much lookng forward to living out amongst nature.
Balance Spirit Eagle Wednesday, December 03, 2008, 00:54:31 PST
Lets Do it..Alchemists,Anarchists,Home Schoolers,Boat builders,Wildcrafters..A living Light Center..Manifesting.Creating giving is the new getting
Balance Spirit Eagle Wednesday, December 03, 2008, 00:41:32 PST
family name Bennatts from Penceance,Cornwall...Want to know if there is anyone out there that can help me with my celtic roots.
Jera Wolfe Friday, June 20, 2008, 12:41:35 PDT

Doug Freyburger Sunday, June 08, 2008, 07:22:35 PDT
For what do I need a physical isolated community sure to draw ire and accusations of discrimination? There are plenty of on line virtual intentional communities, in person kindreds that are communities and so on. Association by actions works just as well as association by location.
Brynjulfr Sunday, May 04, 2008, 18:02:27 PDT
I would love to be part of one in the future. To Askjel vonMadalhar: Is there a particular website/contact info or is it just one you happen to know of?
Mark - Northern CA Tuesday, March 04, 2008, 22:10:14 PST
I am looking for a community of Musicians, writers and artists. It seems there are very few if any. Most of these groups are eco, pagan or faerie oriented.
Askjel vonMadalhar Monday, March 03, 2008, 17:24:24 PST
There are many such communities presently functioning quite well. They are financed by Euro-Museums. I have been told anyone willing to live the Viking Life year round is welcome. They are mostly Heathen folk as inhabitants.
Randgrith Halfdansdottir Sunday, November 04, 2007, 09:48:37 PST
I would live in an intentional community; however, I don't even think it would have to be one that is specifically heathen. Bascially, there are two people: open-minded people who are tolerant and A**holes who are generally ignorant and love it. One example, the place where our kindred meets is on the property of a really awesome Catholic couple who own acres of land and let us use it and even camp there at no charge (they even cook for us sometimes and come and watch ceremonies b/c they want to learn about us). I believe diversity is also important and want my children to be exposed to diverse beliefs, but I would like to do so in a community of open-minded individuals where my children do not have to fear expressing their beliefs (or shall I say future children). So basically, can we just send all of the A**holes somewhere else... like the North Pole.
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Haydn Heg Friday, August 24, 2007, 03:02:47 PDT
That has been going through my mind for quite some time now. Though it would quite likely mean traveling to the njordlands to find such communities. (A longheld dream also - to come home.) Down here in the south Pacific most of my peers follow other entities and paths such as wicca and satanism simply because they 'saw it in a movie' or 'on T.V.' and have, in turn, lost their true identities by filling their lives with negetivity. My own family has been ripped apart by christianity. There is no folk or family to relate to/be a part of. To help build a community where everyone has the same ideals would bring about a strenghened community not easily found in todays societies. Too often we hear of "Neighbours from Hell". Too often are we bombarded with media that glorifies otherworldly entities to what we hold to as troth. Too often we get the feeling we don't belong, on the streets, even in a local bar. And for too long have I searched for what I cannot find - a community who's outlook is for folk, heritage, faith and family. Our ancestors had it in their past. Why can we not build such communities for our present, our future and our childrens futures?
art hazel Thursday, May 03, 2007, 15:21:22 PDT
i think asatru communities should be encouraged. i am fortunate to live in an area were the population is mainly norwegian so even if they have never heard of asatru .it still is in their genetic code and odhin speaks in their blood.
qlgpmch dvaipbf Friday, March 09, 2007, 23:06:57 PST
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Anders Froststrom Tuesday, February 27, 2007, 12:50:51 PST
For one thing, I am of mixed ancestry. My norse side comes from my mother, although I don't look like your stereotypical Viking. My mom is of English, Scottish, Irish Danish, Norman French, German, Dutch and some Spanish ancestry. My father is probably 50% Spanish, and the rest is German, Danish, and French. I feel more in contact with my Nordic and Celtic sides than any other. However, I would one day love to move to my ancestral country of Denmark.
D Thursday, November 23, 2006, 04:29:30 PST
I believe that living in an intentional community now would not only be selfish but also harmful to the white population in general. Americans with European heritage are having a hard time finding their way in life due to the chains of political correctness. By limiting yourself to a specific community you eliminate the possibility of being an example to people that need it the most. One day when life has shifted, perhaps intentional communities would be beneficial.
Egil Skallagrimson Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 08:16:09 PST
Why do you think we settled Iceland, it was to get away from rampant Christian violence
William Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 08:12:15 PST
I live in Utah, Where almost everyone has the same values, unfortunately, they are not mine. I am a lone heathen in a mormon wilderness
Lyra Logan Saturday, October 21, 2006, 01:54:14 PDT
I would Love to live in a comunity of fellow heathens. I think that in living in a christian run environment, we lose a little bit of our roots without relizing it. Collecting into a 'tribe' so to speak would be a great step to getting closer to those that provide for us mortals.
miro malish Monday, October 02, 2006, 07:56:33 PDT
actively exploring the possibilities as working models for a challenging tomorrow
ian Tuesday, September 05, 2006, 18:02:39 PDT
iam am looking for a kindred and a women to start a family with e-mail me at
Andru Friday, August 04, 2006, 15:01:28 PDT
Community is a must.
Bjorn Monday, June 19, 2006, 08:15:54 PDT
I think a loose community of Folk would be beneficial to strengthening our common ideals. I do not think we should go build a commune somewhere, but that we should perhaps dwell in a certain area of a city, close to a permanent Temple structure. One day I will build a Temple to the Shining Ones. Email me if you are interested in hearing my ideas about that Temple.
debra joy Sunday, June 18, 2006, 14:00:09 PDT
I am at the point in my life, I'm 51 years, that it seems one of the only ways to truly live and live well. I currently live in Naples Florida and am seeking where the Lord would have me live in communal lifestyle. I invite anyone also interested in this to email me at I can relocate...In Him, Debra
Thorinn Tuesday, May 30, 2006, 13:46:25 PDT
GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sly Friday, May 12, 2006, 04:04:16 PDT
what love g
Tom Tuesday, May 02, 2006, 15:03:25 PDT
My wife, daughter, dog and I moved from Tx to Oregon, specifically to find the right group of people to start one, or to join an adequate existing community! christopher Sunday, April 23, 2006, 17:07:57 PDT
I live in such a diverse community (Byron Bay) & I love it.
Lisa Saturday, February 11, 2006, 22:57:00 PST
My close friend and I who have a coven together envision living in a Pagan Friendly intentional community where we can worship and share, learn, teach our children, have ritual with like minded others who love the lord and lady and want to protect and nuture our Earth.
Sunday, February 05, 2006, 13:55:14 PST

Michael Martin (Heathen Libertarian Forum) Tuesday, January 31, 2006, 10:12:56 PST
Creating Intentional Communities is only a small step forward for our Heathen community. What we need to aim for is the creation of our own homeland, run by a Heathen government, completely based on Heathen and NOT Judeo-Christian ethics and teachings. Jews have their spiritual homeland in Israel. If they can have a homeland, then surely so can we!
BlazedCajun on yahoo Wednesday, December 21, 2005, 08:40:42 PST
I think the tribal lifestyle is what we are missing. The world mechanism is becoming too large to appreciate it's parts as individuals. In a small tribal environment, every gear is appreciated for it's full function. And when all aspects of life are shared fully, the burden becomes far more manageable. Keep your Pepsi, and your corporate sponsored democracy... you can even keep your Britney Spears. I'm headed out. >< ~B~
Adrian Hall Saturday, December 10, 2005, 10:59:59 PST
Jeffrey Bennatts-if you're reading this it's Adrian. We met in 1999 and travelled California. email me at .
Motul Thursday, December 01, 2005, 16:00:41 PST
No, I am not interested in them. It sounds too much like communism. In any event, there will always be elitists and those who seek power and authority at the expense of the others. I prefer to live in the world. They will not get to know who we are, or what we stand for if we box ourselves up and remain reclusive. Instead, we should just live by our Nine Noble Virtues and the Code of Nine so that we can bring about the Six-Fold Goals for not only ourselves but also for our neighbors.
Tiffany Addelle "Druella" Dierking Friday, November 25, 2005, 00:01:54 PST
I live in a co-op house in Bellingham Washington made up of people who all belive in not making a profit off of the land. So, we all live in houses that are owned by the group and the only rent we pay - is for bills and taxes (and a few have morgages to finish off). We own 6 houses and one office building. Our shared belifes are mostly political - our spiritual belifes are very divergrent. However, working with people to make a cheap, safe, and happy home that is a part of some belife system - is very rewarding!
Frank P. Coleman, Erilaz Wednesday, November 23, 2005, 11:24:21 PST
Sounds nice, I'd certianly give it a try.
Jared Monday, November 14, 2005, 17:31:11 PST
I don't think it would be a good idea to raise children in a community where they would not encounter anyone with radically different views then them. While I do see the appeal of such a community,any children raised in any Pagan religion would need to learn acceptiance, and at a very young age. I do not feel that secluding them from others would be the right way to do that, down that path lies true racism and discrimination.
Marc Saturday, November 12, 2005, 13:28:53 PST
I have been reading and listening to all I can find on Asatru and Aesir and Vanir. All I really know is that although I was brought up Lutheran and practiced Methodist beliefs I have always felt that my relgion was not these. My blood comes from Norway, Sweden and Germany. When I first started reading about the Old Norse ways and Asatru I felt in my blood that these are the practices which bring me happiness and contentment. I do live many of the ways decribed and do try to emulate my long lost heritage. My friends at work call me "Norman" and although they may not understand how I really feel inside they all know I am proud of my Norse ancestry. I will continue to learn and absorb. I live in southern Oregon, (US). Enjoy this page and all the rest I have come across. I wish there was a Kindred around here so I could talk to the folks.
Saturday, November 05, 2005, 22:18:12 PST
Friggsdottir, are you saying there aren't any nutjobs among our faith? silly, silly Friggsdottir...
Call me what you will, friend Saturday, November 05, 2005, 22:06:10 PST
I am currently studying to become a teacher and though this will (obviously) take a few years, the idea of teaching in a heathen community has played across my mind. I live in Canada and know of many communities that have their own government-funded yet slightly religiously-bent schools (usually occuring in a suburb filled with that particular group) why not the same for us? Of course, if I never have the chance for such a school, I will just as willingly and eagerly enrich the minds of students of any culture or religion... but it is a thought. Here is an interesting question though; assuming we are talking of some sort of neighborhood and not a reclusive commune in the middle of the country, what would the average income bracket be like? I mean, you would have to consider land value... though, I think, if enough of us moved into the same suburb (as with the aformentioned groups) I suppose it wouldn't matter as much... or the same neighborhood within a city... I am confident wealthier folk would gladly live in a lower-priced neighborhood if it meant greeting you're neighbor everyday as a fellow beleiver... possibly, I am just rambling, these are only thoughts. (P.S. You do know that we would be viewed as a racist community, right? It would be eventual and unavoidable, and we would be spoken ill of... not that I care much about opinions of others) (P.P.S. It is sad, but I sometimes see fractitiousness within us, as with any faith... I would hope that strong beleivers, traditionalists and those more simply guided by the philosophy of our faith could live side by side without friction.) Discuss further?
Saturday, November 05, 2005, 20:14:05 PST

Friday, October 21, 2005, 09:53:25 PDT

Olga Tuesday, October 18, 2005, 09:28:31 PDT
Mr. Haener, anyone with a rudimentary grasp of the nature of the Aesir and Vanir understands that they themselves are as diverse as the human race. Their primary function is as the guardians of the worlds - all of the worlds. Integrity and justice are the prevailing themes. Anyone attempting to use this faith or any other as a means to further their own political or racist/anti-Semetic agenda has no business posting on this site or for that matter, referring to themselves as one of the Folk, period.
MD Saturday, October 15, 2005, 06:34:11 PDT
Its kind of funny, I recently saw our local german "oompah" band, who commented that they recently returned from germany and no one knew the old songs. The old songs.. new to their land of origin. In the homeland, things change, but immigrants hold on to the old ways. Its the dream of the older ways that never dies, either in songs or ways of living or crafting. One last statement: Our local german band is on average about 80y/o, so which young tuba player will take their place? The modern era makes keeping traditions alive even harder. This is why intentional communities could be a good idea.
Nero Thursday, September 01, 2005, 20:59:32 PDT
ulfsøn, i think it's idiotic to say the only those of Scandiavian heritage should practice and belive in the gods. If you truely belive in the religion then who is to say that you can't be part of it. The gods created the whole world and all the people in it, just because the Scandinavian people were the ones who originally embraced and understood the gods dosen't mean theat others who find the religion shouldn't be able to belive it.
Rose Saturday, August 20, 2005, 14:58:50 PDT
I would live to find a community of like minded (pagan) folks who live together. A community where we could celebrate the wonders of the earth in our own way without being harassed by folks who don't understand that we are earth creatures who want to honor and celebrate the Gods and Goddesses of our creation.
andersdotter Wednesday, July 13, 2005, 14:32:22 PDT
i think this would be an ideal situation to learn and pass down heathen ways and to impress and express the importance of community. i couldnt help but notice the thread about heathen americans below and i have to add my two cents. i am an american as well and imo i have just as much right to practice as anyone in the north. first, i do have an ancestral bond even if i dont live in the north. their blood runs through me, that seems more then enough. second, heathens of the north migrated everywhere! i dont think, my ancestors, or the gods and the goddesses care *where* i honor them from. true im sure there are tradtions and local lore americans have missed out on by not being born in one of these northern countries but i still dont think thats enough reason to say im not "pure enough".
Cetelen macEalaionta Saturday, July 02, 2005, 17:35:16 PDT
I'm a practicing herbalist & follower of what might best be termed a archaeopagan tradition (rather than neo-pagan). I'm am currently searching for a co-housing or intentional community that is welcoming to pagans and am realizing that there are very few in existence that would actually be described as welcoming to actual pagans (rather than New Agers and wanna-be's). My own internet searches have turned up a number that are politically liberal but not philosophically broad minded and also a number which seem to be attempting to recapitulate the hippie communes of the 1960’s. There does not seem to be much existing between reworked versions of your standard bourgeois gated communiy and attempts at neo-luddite communes. I hae noticed too that in America there just does not seem to be the intuitive understanding of community one finds in the villages and towns of the Old World, at least not amongst those initiating cohousing groups and intentional communities, who seem to be more intent on reinventing the wheel than creating here what is already working elsewhere.
ulfsøn Thursday, June 09, 2005, 02:36:08 PDT
Was german, was british and so on. I am not denying you your inheiratence adele, i am just saying that you are no longer in the north. And therefore it makes no sense for you to follow our beleif. as said elswhere i dont hate you or see you as "heretics"(i am not to judge, i am not monotheist)i am just giving my opinion. The natives was also new in your country once!and they found new land and new gods! so will you if you keep an open mind! Best of wishes! ulfson
Adele Tuesday, May 17, 2005, 00:17:34 PDT
ulfsøn, the vast majority of people in the USA ARE german, british and Norwegian, danish, icelandic, swedish, and irish. Our grandparents were born in the North. Why would you deny us our inheiratence? The gods of the Americas belong to the Natives who lived here thousands of years before our ancestors arrived. They are not ours.
ulfsøn Thursday, May 12, 2005, 05:27:55 PDT
As a person born and living in the north(denmark), it is a mistery to me, how people outside the north can say that they follow the aser and vaner. this beleif is meaningless outside the north(i define the north as Sweden,norway,finland,iceland,northern germany and denmark). if you dont know the north, how can you know our gods? seek the favours of the gods that holds power over the place you live, instead of wasting your time! the world is full of good powerfull pre-christian beleifs and nomatter where you are there will be a power ready to act!
Mikkel r Petersen Thursday, May 12, 2005, 05:09:47 PDT

Wolf Thursday, May 05, 2005, 07:33:01 PDT
In a heart beat.
Idaho Falls Friday, April 15, 2005, 21:06:16 PDT
I too would like to work with and live amongst others that shared my beliefs and wished to live amongst kindred and preserve our way of life... I too am actually in Idaho Falls but am a Christian traditionalist and not Asatru/odinist or heathen, but this idea could be aplied to all. see our site for others with this idea internationallu=y
Rik Pfaelzer Thursday, April 14, 2005, 13:17:57 PDT
Yes, this is my life's dream.
MAGA Friday, April 01, 2005, 17:48:16 PST
Priscilla Reakes Thursday, March 03, 2005, 14:33:44 PST
Im not that spiritual. Though as life progresses maybe i'll feel inclined to serve a faith.
John L. Haerner Monday, February 28, 2005, 23:07:05 PST
I came to Asatru only a few months ago, when I chanced to visit Gamla Uppsala. Despite all the modern lies and defamations and slanders, I could feel the pulsing spirit of my Nordic ancestors in that place--untold generations of pure Nordic men wholly untainted by the Semitic poisons of the south. As I continue on this path, I want to join with others who share my blood. Thank you for bringing the ancient ways to light.
Badraig mac Duir Sunday, February 27, 2005, 23:42:55 PST
In every religious discussion I've ever found myself in I've always stated that the tribal community is the purest form of humanity. That's how the Gods intended us to be. However, total isolation would be bad. If I ever start a Pagan/Heathen commune I would make sure to include some sort of public interaction, i.e., in my area of Kentucky there are alot of local metal bands, I would build some kind of amphitheatre in the village somewhere where local musicians and local people could visit, listen to music, maybe get a wee bit drunk (if its gonna be my commune, there's gonna be some beer/ale/mead/moonshine brewing going down) Also, I really don't know anything about construction or anything like that, but my Great Uncle owns a fairly large mountain in Eastern Kentucky, says he'll give it to any member of the family who'll build a house on it. I'm thinking, build a house IN it, like some sort of Tolkien hollowed out mountain fortress or something, only on a much smaller and budget friendly scale. Anyone know anything about carving tunnels into natural rock? Email me,
gunnarr Monday, February 21, 2005, 13:45:18 PST
One con I see to Intentional Communities is an increased vulnerability to bigotry directed at a community level. A few die-hard conservative, right-wing, religious groups would have an easy target for expressing their anger and intolerance. Of course, there is the counter argument of "security in numbers"... especially Asatruar in numbers. ;-)
Friggsdottir Thursday, February 10, 2005, 01:16:48 PST
I would think that to be interesting.. perhaps not an entire community as it would probably become slightly boring having all the same sorts of people around you. After all it's the nutjobs that make the world an interesting place..
Sarina Sunday, December 26, 2004, 22:08:34 PST
I have long been fascinated by the idea of intentional communities, I just don't know how I would ever manage to find the "right" one or how it would work!
micheal Monday, December 20, 2004, 06:02:01 PST
i need contact for business as i love your site, my site is for business only.
MATTHEW SAMPSON Tuesday, December 07, 2004, 18:41:49 PST
bruno mithout Wednesday, December 01, 2004, 19:43:15 PST
i would like to experience living in an intentional community based on cooperation and sharing in order to bypass the overwhelming stress of this ultra-capitalist society. However i would not join a community based on totalitarian or sectarian religious views.
Avlad of the Phoenix Sunday, November 21, 2004, 19:25:36 PST
Soon to be Handfasted and I and my bride intend on founding a Wiccan community in our new home in Texas.
drage Thursday, November 04, 2004, 11:38:18 PST
would make me very happy
Jack (aaron von becker) Friday, September 17, 2004, 16:04:24 PDT
I am currently gathering like-minded peoples to create my own commune in northern europe.
Jeffrey Bennatts Thursday, September 16, 2004, 16:17:49 PDT
I`v been serious about living with like minded folk for over two decades..Is yhere anyone ou there..
Aaron von Becker Tuesday, August 17, 2004, 17:57:29 PDT
I plan on living in one when I'm more elderly.
Erin Wednesday, June 09, 2004, 15:42:46 PDT
continuation of below: just realized probably better for anyone wishing to contact me to discuss posibilities of communal living to send e-mails to thanks
Erin Wednesday, June 09, 2004, 15:35:22 PDT
Wow! Being part of a farming commune has been a dream of mine since childhood. The alienation overwhelming society today is undeniable. We have estranged ourselves from our mother earth and from our fellow man. I honestly beleive the harder part of changing the current situation is to realize the truth of what is causing problems in todays world; we are trying to fill the emptiness in our souls (unagknowledged alienation) with possetions, money, power. Once one can see the truth of what is right in his heart it becomes easiler to strive to acheive these desireable ends. The old adage 'money cant buy happiness' has taken a backseat to an opposing outlook, where money has become the higher power most worshiped by people of the world today. It's a sad situation, and not one that can be remedied for a select few by choosing to carry out their lives in a closed communal setting. The evil of money is too pervasive in today's society. I dream of someday being able to assist in the day to day operations of a farming commune or perhaps even be intregal in the founding of one, but to deny the potential importance of money to people outside the community is to segregate ourselves from them. I really do beleive that farm commune type living will become more and more the norm in future generations as people truly begin to take resposibility for their actions and the cumulative effect it may have on the rest of the world. It is up to us (we who see the merits of such an existance) to condone and encourage this lifestyle to others. If we isolate ourselves from the rest of society, the above stated goal becomes one that is much more difficult to acheive. Uh, as I read over this I see it has become very confused and perhaps a bit rambling so I will cut to the chase. Life, as experienced by what I would belevive to be the majority of people, has become unfulfilling drudgery. To return to the earth and see, use, consume and experience the fruits of our own labour is to return a sense of pride and honour to our day to day lives. To do this within a community of like-minded people establishes real connections, trust and kinship amoung people. The goal of such an endevour would BY NO MEANS be to isolate ourselves from the greater human community, but rather, for those willing, to join together in the spirit of community to create something which will possibly one day be capable of contributing to the greater good. I am a newcomer to heathenism, but feel that it is an intrinsic part of who I am. My ultimate goal would be to someday start or belong to a farming commune of heathens, where we would keep our own hof, perform blots together and engender a real sense of community. I see no real reason why the community would have to be exclusively heathen though. A more diverse community lends itself moreso to the praise-worthy virtues of tolerance and respect. I could see the community becoming the local meeting place for people of several varying religious groups. Blah blah blah, I have written over the years, many journals-worth of notes on how a farming commune could be run efficiently and more recently I have jotted innumerable ideas as to how the religious aspect of the community could be incorporated. I fully intend to contact the people with a similar mindset who have posted regarding this vote and I encourage all of you out there reading this in agreement to do the same. My email is Thankyou.
Dana Monday, May 24, 2004, 01:39:59 PDT
Yes, I would thinking about either joining one or founding one.
Eigil Bjarnsson Friday, April 30, 2004, 17:49:36 PDT
Seeing that many of the comments regarding this poll deal with creating independent intentional communities, perhaps a larger perspective is needed. I am aware that because of the wide area of the world Ásatrúar are spread over, the following may not be the best solution to providing a single community for Ásatrúar, but nevertheless, Nova Roma is a shining example of a (Roman) community, and it is one that functions as it's own nation, with it's own constitution, reconstructed religion of ancient Rome (Religio Romana), and laws. Here is the URL:
Waldwulfen Tuesday, March 23, 2004, 15:08:04 PST
Goddamn! I WISH I lived in a villiage of Asatruar! Then I could get drunk CONSTANTLY!
mirko constantineau Monday, March 01, 2004, 12:55:21 PST
i have a multidimenssional perssonality ,so to lock my self in some kind of communities cant be fun for a wild but not to long .i may get sick of it.i prefer to play the cameleon by jomping to a kind of communitie to a nother.story to shere my many passions n love plus a good beer. thor bless
ron peterson Tuesday, February 24, 2004, 11:05:32 PST
i would not like to miss my friends that wouldnt visit me openly so to live there i am not sure although i would love to visit an see (for extended periods) i am not yet sure
sean Saturday, January 31, 2004, 13:25:23 PST
we all live together as a community.
John T Mainer Thursday, December 25, 2003, 16:28:22 PST
What good is finding the faith for your life, if you lock yourself away from it?
Sigurd the Bear Tuesday, December 23, 2003, 10:43:41 PST
I have been fascinated, if not fanatical with creating a community of like-minded folk who share the same views and want to live more simple, ecologically sound lives. I presently own an 80+ acres property with a river and i do homesteading, but i would like to find people who would like to be a community together a la Wicker Man! It wouldn't be without contact with the world around it, just be as self-sufficient as possible and to be with folk of like-mind. That's what community is about!
Wednesday, November 12, 2003, 19:33:53 PST
Hello everyone! My name is Joshua, and I've been in and around communities since 1986. Anyone wishing to contact me can reach me at It is my personal belief that 'communities' will become the norm of the future, where people will learn to live together in harmony and love, working out their differances. Cities will continue for a while, but also continue to degrade the lives of those who have not broken from the system. Earth changes may 'force' many to relocate in mass, causing an exodus of souls to build as far away from populated areas as possable. Since my early innitiation into community living, a burden was placed upon my soul to search out the pros and cons of community living. The main reason, I believe, that communities have not taken off as they should have, is the way the land and the buildings are laid out. Over the years, and with much intuitive sweet, I've managed to design a monogram that makes it possable to build a fully developed community within a hundred day time period. What makes this possable is the hexometric disign of the land as well as the buildings. Everything is scaleable, making it possable to develope one part, or the whole. The secret is to get away from building on the square, and go to a six sided, honeycomb shape, where everything has a center. With this tecknowolgy, it is within reason, to build, in thiory, a community consisting of approx. 25 acres, with facilities and housing for between 300-500 people. Say about 100 hundred families. Being a professional builder, I am in the process of developing 'smart forms, where semi-concrete modules can be constructed within seven days. They are more sufficient than anything visualized so far, have roof top gardens, natural lighting, full private viewing, fully deversafied for young or old, and able to withstand the earthquakes in excess of seven points. With the new fly form system, labour is reduced down to just assembling the various pieces together, inserts can be prefaricated to installed in the outside walls. It is possable to build a small community withing one growing season, including building your gardens, barn, water towers, green houses, ect. Being affordable makes it possable. Intuitively, I know that communities are to serve as as type of spiritual ark, to bring forth the manifestation of the light as visualized in the tenth insight. Places of transition where souls come together not just to understand their own soul path, but to view the world vision from a whole perspective. A place where love will rule, a place where the light of a new consciousness will go forth to create a new order that never has been before. As the world goes into spiritual darkness, these ark communities will come forth in short order, and be blessed with the light and life of heaven itself, so to speak. The moneys will be their to develope these place when the time comes, and these places will expand word-wide within 3 to 5 year period. But you must have a plan, a road map , a blue print that people can follow. Working together like ants preparing for winter is the key. These places will exist right in the midst of the earth changes and not be harmed because of the divine love that will be present. The life of the other side will have a place to manafest. Portals that Enock talked about will become a reality. I've been given the plan, at least part, and I know that it is time to release this to the world. 'Build it, and they will come!' Who? The ones that make up the ark. This will be the third ark so to speak, made up of all coulers, creeds, to form a tribe conposed of many colours. A place where two souls will enter, and well one soul will come out. A plce where the two become one like it once was in the time of the Golden Era of Atlantes. Mankind has been dying since that time, and this is out final chance to make it as a peope on this planet. Anyway, I'm far enough advanced where I can share some simple blueprints, and by spring, I should be far enough ahead, to offer my services throughout North America to bring these plans to life. These plans are codenamed DAVID, and stand for 'A Diversafied Approach Visualizing Interdependant Dwelling.' They are fully intergrated using suppressed tecknowogy, and a lot of common sense, and can be totally unplugged from the system. All those interested will be answered. These new communities are far advanced to co-housing, making it possable to relocate thousands of people at a time. At present, there are not prototypes, and if there was, I know that they would dwall much attention. The time of transformation is at hand, and soon the world will be hit broadside by the changes that will come. These new communities are meant to meet more than just the physical needs, but also to be a place of transition, and manifestation. Hopefully, in the near future, I'll have a website up and running to relay this simplicty of building your own community. Meanwhile, I'll release this information by e-mail to anyone who may be interested. In the beginning, we were, now to remember who we are and why we are here, and to know the place of service. Way makers awake and rise up to your destiny. Hoping to make a differance, Joshua, son of light, son of the divine.
Clif Curtis Tuesday, November 11, 2003, 15:32:02 PST
I long to live in a place with like minded folks. the only prob i see is that there is way to much in fighting. I Know i am not alone in this, I personaly am quite folkish but am not afraid to admit some of the Folkish groups scare the crap out of me.I am no Nazi ( Been there done that. It is wrong ( YES IT IS !!!)) The universalist are right it isn,t all about race , a Finn is just as strange as an African from The Congo ( at least from my study) The Folkish are also right, ancestery is very important ( but just because my Great,Great,Graet,Great Grand mother was 1/93 Indian Does not mean that I can not worship the God/desess.) We have to keep our heritage alive, that is not racist it is survival !!! Now iI know that all folkish Heathens do not have a shrine to Hitler in there house, and not all univesalist Heathens think that Odin is the same as Shiva but you know damn good and well both of thse types are out there. Wwe all have differences and untill we can see beyond them the call of our Ancesters that is so loud only an idiot can't hear it will draw people to Wicca ( cause be honest who has heard anything other than Asatru is bunch of nazi skinheads and racist old men). We have got to beome as active as all the other"Pagan" groups are we need to get a message out there. I know i have strayed from the point but the time is ripe to get our message out there, and i know that we may not get the best people from books with tittles like " how to be a Teen Heathen" but you know if a hundred kids read that we may get one ore two more than we are now. NNNNow the reason I answerd this survey is I want to buy some land in thhe Eastern half of Vinland and invite others to join me, I do not want a cult I want a mixture of the folk. This is only in the planning and if you would like to help or join let me know. Do not send me any money oor offer to i will find those of you that have similsr goals as mine and go from there. contact Clif at I do not know how this will all turn out, but we have to do something !!!!!! I know there will be lots of selling ang grammer errors but dont be an ass and listen to what i am saying. Hail the Gods!!
veli Monday, November 10, 2003, 12:18:59 PST
I don't think it's anywhere in the near future. I would love it, though.
Roger Tuesday, October 28, 2003, 19:15:11 PST
Looking for an ethnically diverse intentional community
mary smith Tuesday, September 23, 2003, 14:29:17 PDT

Marjorie Blegen/Alan Futrell Thursday, September 18, 2003, 09:03:22 PDT
We have applied to join an intentional community in Northern Wisconsin and have been planning our lives around our future inclusion in this community.
katja Monday, September 01, 2003, 17:02:26 PDT
i would like to live in such a community because then we could all get together and homeschool our kids together.. practice blots together.. etc. what a strong sense of community that would be..
Paxson Lowenhart Wednesday, August 27, 2003, 00:02:30 PDT
I'm all infavour of linked communities. Even if its just the same housing development, apartment comples, whatever.
pamela paulsen shearheart Friday, August 08, 2003, 20:24:37 PDT
i would love to live in a viking village that is pen to teacing to the public about our culture and it values. know of any??
John E.Gistafson/ Tuesday, July 29, 2003, 13:24:08 PDT

irrelevant Sunday, June 29, 2003, 10:27:11 PDT
I don't believe it would be good to live in a community based on its religous preferences. If I did I might as well be Christian, Jewish, Or Islamic. On the other hand, I might go out of my way to avoid communities full of nothing but the above.
George Rogers Saturday, June 07, 2003, 21:49:08 PDT
I am looking for a nudist community.
Markvard Jarlson Thursday, June 05, 2003, 10:55:52 PDT
My mission is to lead people in the northern light! I would like to found a group to share my knowledge and experience. Thanks!
Seth Thursday, May 22, 2003, 17:21:31 PDT
I really just want to meet more heathens. I feel they would be a very positive influence on me, and i could learn a lot more from them.
Piparskeggr Ullarsson Tuesday, April 29, 2003, 20:30:12 PDT
I should like to live in a "Little Upsalla" neighborhood. No need, I think, to cut ourselves off completely from others. But, to be surrounded by Heathen families, a village of Kin, Kith and Friends, within the larger town or city... This would be good.
Roy Kosonen Tuesday, April 29, 2003, 09:39:36 PDT
Hmmm...many interesting and intelligent comments here! I just had this thought: many of us (myself included) feel so out of place in the existing society, that we instinctively long to separate from it and live in an idyllic rural setting amongst our own. There's nothing wrong with that, per se, but I think this may be a more effective strategy: let's all find ways to support ourselves and our loved ones in a financially independent way that does not require us to punch someone else's timeclock. Personally, I regard working for others as a temporary means to an end, and an indignity to be temporarily endured. Working for others is serfdom, and WE can never be willing serfs! Let's help each other with practical advice and positive encouragement to find ways to be self-employed - and to do this successfully so that we can actually be financially wealthy. THEN we can buy all the land we want, wherever we want, and invite whomever we want to live there. At the same time, our financial wealth will allow us to remain within the wider society to the extent that each of us can tolerate it, so as not to become too isolated from important trends. All other details can be worked out later. What do you good folk think of my idea? - Roy Tapio Kosonen (
Aiden Thursday, March 27, 2003, 08:58:38 PST
I am currently in the process of forming an intentional community. I own 17 wooded acres in upstate New York. I am a Druid. I am looking for folks who share this vision. I can be reached at
Anne Sunday, March 16, 2003, 10:38:36 PST
Why does intentional community have to mean buying land and farming? A bunch of Asatruar all moving into the same area could form a community. It's about being there for each other, not rejecting modern life!
Heather Friday, March 14, 2003, 13:23:10 PST
That would be a dream come true, if anyone can tell me if and where these exist, id like to know.. ill check the posts regularly
Volrath Monday, January 20, 2003, 16:39:47 PST
I and a few close freinds are actually considering starting an Asatru community.
The Varg-ulf Monday, January 20, 2003, 00:48:17 PST
Why anyone would intentionally marginalise themselves like a hutterite, quaker, or other intentional form of community is rather beyond me. However by that same token a great deal of spiritual depth and community solidity is generated by that same environment, as well as providing a face and identity for the world to see and identify. In my opinion an intentional community is by it's nature a two edged sword.
Moe Friday, December 27, 2002, 10:40:53 PST
In a perfect world everyone would be tolerant to everyone else. However, this is not so, and therefore I think that sometimes recognizing a pagans place in the conservative state of Virginia allows me not only to be more humble but also significantly stronger. I think living in intentional communities is a wonderful idea, support and security are but two of the advantages, but I would rather live in a diverse group of individuals so as to never forget that though I have my own beleifs they are not necessarily those of the people around me.
Tyrulf Thursday, November 28, 2002, 21:50:43 PST
That's a difficult question for me, my family are also heathen so I already sort of live in a community. Yet at the same time I think this could cause problems of isolation and misunderstanding with outsiders. I think the articles on tribalism on the AFA site offer a good practical arrangement to modern heathen living.
Rayla Evans Sunday, November 03, 2002, 09:51:22 PST
if this kind of community actually exsists please e me at I would love to live in one
Erich Campbell Friday, October 25, 2002, 07:19:30 PDT
Though I very much enjoy the company of my fellow heathens, and long for that ready ease that comes along with being at a moot, I think that I'd miss out on the chance interactions with people of differing opinions. I enjoy the discussions I have in these instances.
Jamie <> Tuesday, October 22, 2002, 12:10:21 PDT
Anyone in the mid-atlantic (VA,MD,WV,DC) or nearby who would like to discuss it over a beer or cup of coffee, let me know. Anyone who might actually move here, lets send some emails. We have a pretty open house to heathens, wiccans and others, as long as they are tolerant and respectful of others. If they wash windows, so much the better. (that's a joke)
Cenwyn Friday, October 04, 2002, 13:54:11 PDT
To enable our faith to prosper, and to create a mutually supportive enviroment for our kin, and to protect our ancestral heritage in the future we must all consider creating communal groups based in the real world. This may be our generations biggest challange.
Lou Levesque Thursday, October 03, 2002, 19:59:14 PDT
I would definitely like to go back to our tribal roots, as our ancestors had lived. On the other hand, I feel it's important to point out that this doesn't mean living without technology (I have encountered this view often), though we must strive for more sustainable solutions for our modern world if we don't intend to live in the Dark Ages again.
Yulfa of Lou.Ky. Keep It Tribal Thursday, September 12, 2002, 12:55:57 PDT
Living with the planet instead of against it along with main stream socioty would be my dream come true. However, untill something horrible happens to slam them, meaning the (mainstreamers} back into the reality that they have to stop over using the Mother, and happily being refered to as consumers, (The whole title reeks of destruction} I will continue to seek out like minded kin. Together, we will hopefully show others how it's done. Live contended.
shong star Thursday, August 29, 2002, 14:20:47 PDT
very much into wisdom and communion;
Gregory Wednesday, July 31, 2002, 10:21:38 PDT
I think an intentional community is the best way for a religion such as ours to flourish.
Marion Ingham Monday, July 29, 2002, 20:00:08 PDT
I like diversity, myself. In any case I think we would kill each other. Our tendency to hack away at each other even in the face of a common enemy is the great Germanic Achilles heel. Look at how people behave on e-lists and imagine if they were just over the garden fence. Brr.
herman Saturday, July 13, 2002, 20:13:56 PDT
all germanic folk should come together and form a tribal soceity in an unspoiled land ,were true folk can live the way we're supossed to , free of judeo-greco-latin influence
Freyr Robertsson Friday, June 21, 2002, 12:30:21 PDT
No. I am an American and I don't care who my neighbors are ,so long as they are american.
Wulfgaar Tuesday, May 28, 2002, 21:16:24
It is interesting to note that the very thing that makes most of us follow the Old Gods is the same thing that may keep us from joining an intentional community - fierce independence! This is a great strength, but sometimes I think that had the people of earlier times been yet more independent they might have been able to withstand being overrun by the mean xian scum.
John Monday, May 06, 2002, 20:04:11
good luck finding ANYONE with beliefs as ecclectic as mine. I would explain, but I doubt this page can take it.
Lady Dark Rose Tuesday, April 23, 2002, 20:30:45
I am looking for a pagan communial living place. email me @
Jacob Thursday, March 21, 2002, 16:56:40
I would love to live in a community with like minded Asatru and other heathens of the way and in fact, am ont he start of organizing such a community and it is by luck that i found this page. I would love to give others info on my ideas, so if you want to know more or have any questions about our Heathen faith, please email me at (thats a "zero") Gods be with you
Saturday, March 16, 2002, 17:24:57
I believe that if all the alikes are not in the same place is because a bit of variety is necesary in al diferent corners af the world. I think that we are useful wher we are and it doesnt make sense to live just with people who hthinks and ives and wanst all what you want because then you cant learn as much as you do with people from different excerpts. Anyway i think because in my society people is integrated althought theya re differents and we dopnt live alone.. the feeling of needing someone is not that strong. Anyway it would be intersting to know more about this if it comes to happen. God and beautiful day.
Caillan Monday, March 11, 2002, 23:27:17
From what I read below, most of you would like to live within a community of like-minded pagan friends, but, like myself, stay independent and not "under" the rules of someone else. This is only natural, being indivual persons. I'd be ready, anytime to move to another country if I'd get the chance. Having, or even buildingmyself, my own little cabin and a small piece of land to grow herbs and vegis for the community, perhaps teaching the children on certain topics or maintain a community website,..... well, does sound great, doesn't it? But one can't live from love, air and vegetables. So we would have to put our various talents together to make a living out of it, or to be close enough to a city to be able to go to work there. Either way, it needs good, careful planning otherwise we would fail. If some plans are being made in the near (or not so near) future, contact me at:
chandra ross Monday, February 11, 2002, 18:08:20
my family and i would like very much to be a part of a heathen intentional community. at the risk of sounding like an alarmist, we believe that ragnarok is coming very soon, and where we are at present will be inundated with sea water when it happens. we believe that a strong heathen community will have a greater chance of survival than independant family groups. anyone who wants to contact me can do so at
Steamy Friday, January 25, 2002, 01:35:33
I play with the idea of moving to Norway one day. Perhaps? As far as a commune situation...I've been invited but am very independent and not sure I have the temperment to live under the rules of others. Other true Asatruer can contact me at Also find out more about me on In firth -- Steamy :)
Tom Frazier Wednesday, January 23, 2002, 05:54:23
Came close on several accounts to buying land. But they didn't suit what I had in mind. But am interested in anyone who would like to work together, via the internet at first, and then in the real world once all of our ideas are formulated. Contact me at if you are interested in chatting. Thanks. Heil our Gods!
Noron Wednesday, January 16, 2002, 03:49:44
I think Intentional Communities of Asatruar or just generally heathens/pagans/wiccans etc. is a marvellous idea. As long as people are allowed to have at least as much freedom, dignity and liberty as they're allowed under our current U.S. government.
Thorin the Skald Wednesday, December 05, 2001, 18:45:54
I live in SW Michigan, and in the heart of a Christion community. It is hard being a pagan, and dealing with people who are intollerant or just don't know that there are others who do not follow the way of the Christian God. I would prefer to live in an area where who you worship does not matter. The African Americans have come a long way, as have other people of different skin color. However, most in my area do not even recognise that our belief is even real or practiced today.
William McNamara Thursday, November 08, 2001, 09:19:10
We Theodsman in Normanni Reiks are working on that as we speak...We will one day all be able to live together and prosper
V.Carole Tuesday, November 06, 2001, 00:55:05
If only,I would pack up and leave tomorrow,to be surrounded by kinsmen all attuned to the same Gods,beliefs etc.Think how we could learn from each other.There WILL be a place,SOMETIME,SOMEWHERE.
Daryl Beck Friday, October 26, 2001, 18:50:47
If this should ever happen, I would like to join this wonderful endevor.....
Bob Trapp Thursday, September 27, 2001, 03:36:08
As wonderful as it would be to live in a completely Asatru community, I am too dedicated to my native county and its people, even the worshipers of the un-dead. They aren't bad people for the most part. Besides, I can't teach them if I don't live among them.
vincent Tuesday, August 28, 2001, 09:18:43
A land of our ouwn where can live our lives based on our religion is a intresting idea. But there is one major problem. On this planet there no unclaimed tertoiries left as far as I know. But how knows one day.....
Chip Johnson Sunday, August 05, 2001, 20:26:55
Several Asatru groups have discussed forming a community apart from the others over the years. One stumbling point is, -Where? We don't have the situation available to us like, say.. the Amish.. They started in a land where people lived mostly rural, and cities were not much of a factor. If we as Asatruar start a community, we need to provide a source of income as well as young people to assist the elderly in manual tasks and such. If you dream of moving the Folk to a rural setting, please ask yourself, what are you willing to do without, and how will the community thrive? -These questions have never been really answered to many looking to found a new homeland.
Simone` Friday, July 27, 2001, 19:25:47
(red_running_bear@hotmail) I really believe that people should be surrounded by those who bring out the best in them, which is usually like minded folk.
Simone` Friday, July 27, 2001, 19:24:31
(red_running_bear@hotmail) I really believe that people should be surrounded by those who bring out the best in them, which is usually like minded folk.
Tyrna Vikarmann Monday, July 16, 2001, 05:10:35
I do not live where ther are other folk,though I wish there were others nearby to associate with my husband and I.We both feel pretty isolated.located here in the "bible-thumping belt" in Tennessee.We are always searching for other folk in our state or area.
madeleine Tuesday, June 26, 2001, 06:49:37
Um...has anyone else noticed just how much trouble Asatru groups seem to have getting along with one another on more than a casual basis? If it was a loosely structured intentional community, I might consider it, but for the most part, I love diversity, and I'm extremely autonomous.
Roy Tapio Kosonen ( Saturday, June 23, 2001, 16:56:13
In reply to what Iris said (below) about living in intentional communities but keeping the benefits of technology, I agree that we should use modern technology. Nearly all modern technology was invented by Europeans (a horribly racist statement! Someone call the "tolerance police" and arrest me!), so it would not make any sense for us to not use what our people created. I do not think that we should be enslaved to it, however, as so many modern people are today.
randywiser Tuesday, June 19, 2001, 13:43:37
i,m 25 and wife is 18 we just go Married, were seeking a Communial Nudist life style up in Oregan near Eugene or Clackamas,Oregan, can you send Address locations on any Communes in Northern Oregan. We want to move up their in two weeks, but need Info Immediately to decide whats Affordable for us.Plus I need a Job, I,m good with Computers, Music and Managing Resturants.Contact me at
iris magnusdottir Monday, June 11, 2001, 15:28:39
can we have an asatruar commune full of communion with nature that does not deny the technological benefits of modern society (the good one, of course, such as being about to communicate via the internet)? i don;t want to go back to living the harsh life my ancestors in iceland had to endure. garden of eden perhaps, but not the ice and rock of my homeland. i like my hot baths and similar comforts, but i have never driven a car (i use bicycle or public bus).
Roy Tapio Kosonen Saturday, June 02, 2001, 14:12:58
I forgot to mention in my comments to this question, that one of my Kindred brothers, by the name of Rob, is very interested in this idea. He has a deal with his wife: he is supporting her through law school, and after she graduates and begins to earn lots of money, she will buy him 100 acres of land. There he will establish a retreat for Heathens, also a school for our children, an organic farm, and a business to teach organic farming and eco-house construction to others. He is happy to discuss his ideas with anyone who is interested, so go ahead and contact him at: Tell him that Roy sent you!
Kyle L. Dennis Monday, May 28, 2001, 09:05:35
I would greatly enjoy to live in a Asatru Village. Of course I'd be happy if there was a kindred in Idaho Falls Idaho too. I've always practiced alone. It would be nice to be a part of a group. It get's kinda lonely here as far as my beliefs go.
"Ursus"; Sunday, May 13, 2001, 22:02:07
I like the idea of a small rural 'neighborhood', where there are a varieities of religious & political belief. I am definetly NOT a 'joiner', however. Even living with an agnostic-bordering-on -christian-refugee is a bit much for my tired, cynical ways. Still, I can see the house with-pets & significant other(s) in the background. No gated communities, no Koresh types, (quiet or 'prosetiliziers'); Just a small, energy efficient, good for 3-5 cats, and an adult or three-sized, house, operating in an "earth-as-living-creature-respectful life" for the next 30-50years. (My parents were very old when they crossed whatever in THEIR TRADITION(s) they crossed over-into...).
Roy Tapio Kosonen ( Thursday, April 26, 2001, 16:40:52
Yes, I would like to live in one someday, so long as it is not a commune (and from briefly examining the recommended website above, it seems not to be). As I've said before, I want to live in my own little cabin in the woods, with a clearing for a vegetable garden, some beehives for honey, some animals, and my Blacksmith's forge (I am learning Blacksmithing). There I would like to raise many fine children close to Nature and our Gods and Goddesses. There I would like to be buried, or have my ashes scattered, after my death. Privacy is very important to me, but at the same time I would love to have other Folkish Heathens such as myself nearby, for friendship and mutual aid, and to provide good genetic stock for my family tree. We might share some land and buildings in common, and we might coordinate some of our labor whenever necessary, and hold blots and teach our children together, but we should not live right next to each other. How's that sound?
iris magnusdottir Thursday, April 19, 2001, 17:23:09
my posting somehow was not posted, so let me do it again to answer the question: it might be nice to live in a community where everyone was asatruar- but i do like rubbing elbows with diverse cultures and many other ideas; i think knowing of these other ideas helps keep us strong, fresh, and whole. we need other ideas, and that can help confirm our own beliefs as well as perhaps add other ideas to our own. even christian ideas are interesting to hear (as long as i don;t have to keep hearing them!) for comparison purposes, ja?
iris magnusdottir Friday, April 13, 2001, 19:56:05
ASATRUAR FROM ICELAND LIVING IN USA, sick of christian fundamentalists' evangelism!
osulphus Thursday, April 12, 2001, 03:51:47
very interested in finding or starting such a community. if interested contact this society we live in is just too sick for a sane "barbarian" to live in. quakers did it why can't we?
AunMarie Thursday, April 12, 2001, 00:58:22
Common folks!! Lets take over a little town just on the outskirts of a large City. Now that would be perfect living.
AunMarie Thursday, April 12, 2001, 00:56:07
I think it would be great to live in a neighborhood or suburb where your heighbors were of the same religious background who wouldn't??
Louie Wednesday, April 11, 2001, 23:18:41
I think this is an outstanding idea. Owen pointed out last year that many have the idea that "intentional community" equals "commune". I have an excellent text titled "Cohousing : A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves" by Kathryn McCamant. There are excellent examples and methods in the text, many from Denmark where the idea has been around for awhile. I hope some may find this helpful.
ThorinSkald Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 02:57:22
Although I feel drawn to the idea, I have some serious misgivings. First, I think of the Waco situation. I know that was an extremist group, but I think those types of situations set the tone for public view. Second, if we are to be proud of our tradition and beliefs, then we should do our darndest to fit in with the rest of the world and not become isolationists. All this idea of "lets have plenty of guns to hunt with" is a bit of a turn-off. I think I will pass.
Ryan Fairhair Tuesday, March 06, 2001, 08:00:33
I would like to live in an Asatru community someday. I even got offered a position in a joint community for Druids and Asatruars, but I had to refuse it because My girlfriend and I just don't have the career experience and financial security to live in a heathen community. We hope that in a few years we will be prepared enough to be married, raise and family and be able to live in a heathen community. We thought about Coos Bay, Oregan perhaps because we hear that there's a big Asatru and heathen population there. Plus we have family in Oregon. Time will only tell.
Uilliam Saturday, January 06, 2001, 00:35:20
I would love to find one to live in
Kane MacTuathal Friday, December 15, 2000, 05:34:16
I would love to live in such a community.
Tuesday, August 22, 2000, 06:03:30
this is bananas..........
David Howard Dean Tuesday, July 04, 2000, 00:26:06
I am interested in the creative posibilities of communal life. I think the idea of artist, musicians, and poets coming together to form great ideas, and develop projects and/or products to sell as means of supporting the group's ideas a fabulous adventure for living. I hope to develop my own tribe if I can't find one that fits well with myself.
Janet Monday, May 01, 2000, 22:37:00
Yes, that is why I'm working on getting one started, any one interested?
Teleri Tuesday, April 18, 2000, 22:07:15
I had just this afternoon expressed such a desire to my nine year old when we were discussing the difficulties of existing within a Christian community.
Owen Wednesday, March 15, 2000, 23:54:56
It appears from the comments that folks don't really know what is meant by "intentional community." An intentional community is not a "commune" in the sense of the '60s hippy communes, and it is not a commune in the sense of a Jonestown or David Coresh cult commune. An intentional community is community ("community" here might be seen as similar to "neighborhood") of independent households who gather together in their intentional community to share. To share what? To share beleifs perhaps, and human resources, to help each other in times of need, etc.
Rob R. Saturday, February 26, 2000, 20:11:00
I'd love this, but it would have to be done the right way and be completely self servient, with no secrets to hide from the public, and no run on sentences like this one. But seriously, it could work, but not very long if not done correctly.
Runewight Monday, January 24, 2000, 22:08:45
no interest in commune,(no commy), but gated community with a common green and common values and common goals
ironclaw Wednesday, December 08, 1999, 17:11:32
yeah, it would be pretty cool, but i dont know how well it would work, remember Waco
norascats Wednesday, July 21, 1999, 01:19:11
I would like to retire to an intentional community. One of spiritual unity and varying ages. I do not want to spend my last years in a greying ghetto. I have a lot to offer now and for the many years until I become feeble,and do not want to be consigned to the grey ghetto of a "senior Community."
Poll opened July 8, 1999.

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