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Asatru-L is sponsored by the Irminsul Ăttir on behalf of the greater Heathen and ┴satr˙ community. This mailing list has been established for the open and free discussion of topics related to ┴satr˙ or of interest to the ┴satr˙ community and to with a focus on individual and inter-organizational cooperation, resource sharing and communication. Anyone with a valid e-mail address is welcome to join. Subscription to the list will be considered to be an agreement to abide by the rules and guidelines for the mailing list.

To subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Asatru-L list simply send a message to with the word subscribe or unsubscribe in the subject line. A digest format is available.

To receive the list in digest format send a message to with the word subscribe (or unsubscribe) in the subject line. If you are receiving asatru-l you will want to unsubscribe from from asatru-l or you will receive both formats. Send all messages and replies to, not to asatru-digest. Please adjust the subject header to reflect the message subject, not the digest edition to make following the thread easier for other participants.

Once subscribed all messages should be posted to Commands should only be sent to since they will not be forwarded to the list.

Server and delivery errors occur from time to time and if you find that you are not receiving mail notify the list owner, Susan Granquist, at since the system may have deleted your subscription if a significant number or certain types of error messages were received by the mailing list software. There is no vacation or no mail setting, if you will be away for sometime you will need to unsubscribe.

Concerns about list operations should be sent directly to Susan Granquist, the list-owner, at

We consider the list to be a frithgardh, therefore courtesy is expected. Personal attacks, or "flaming" as it is known in e-mail lists, or baiting will not be tolerated. This includes remarks obviously intended to provoke a heated response as well as disparaging remarks, regardless of provocation. It should be remembered that Asatru-L is an international forum and that there are many people with diverse backgrounds and opinions. It is best to ask someone to clarify a position or statement before assuming that it is condemning or flaming. Agreement is not mandatory, nor even encouraged, but civil and resptectful discussion is.

Comments to other participants on the list should focus on the debate and presentation of ideas and facts, not personal remarks about individuals. This does not rule out a heated discussion. The moderator(s) may step in to end a thread or to warn individuals. Individuals who have to be repeatedly warned may be unsubscribed from the list at the moderator(s)'s discretion.

The moderator has the responsibility of enforcing the rules and guidelines for the list fairly in order to maintain order and the decorum of the list, and retains the right to eject people from the list at his/her discretion. No one will be deliberately unsubscribed without prior warnings although these warnings will generally be in private mail and not on the list.

We encourage a friendly and personal tone, but request that you move personal or non-Asatru related subjects to private mail out of consideration for others on the list.

If a discussion thread is blatantly off-topic and/or is using an unreasonable amount of bandwidth, participants may be asked to take it up in private or in a more suitable forum. If moderator requests to do so are ignored the participants may be suspended from the list.

Complaints about conduct of members of the list, topics, concerns or comments should be directed to the moderator (or moderators) preferably via private e-mail, not to the list at large. The moderator of the asatru-l list is currently Jim Stonehouse,

Posts will be considered to be the intellectual property of those who posted them but subject to the broadest application of fair use rulings. When in doubt, ask for permission to use anything posted to the list from the author anywhere but on the list. Messages from asatru-l can be crossposted to other lists unless there are objections from moderators or owners of those lists. It is suggested that permission to do so be asked of the author of the message, as well as the list owner/moderator.

Relevant messages from other lists may be forwarded to asatru-l, assuming there are no objections from the authors of the messages. Asking permission is encouraged, and the participant who posts it recognizes that he or she will be held responsible if it does not conform with list guidelines.

Private, personal or confidential correspondence may only be posted with permission. Posts made on behalf of another person will be subject to the rules and guidelines of the list and the person posting the material will be held responsible for following list guidelines and rules. Please request permission of the author or publisher before posting copyrighted material, particularly that which has a notice specifically stating that reproduction in part or full can only be made with permission of the author/publisher prior to posting. For the purpose of this list it will be considered the equivalent of private or personal mail. If material is quoted from an outside source please make the appropriate attributions.

Many people have slower modems, pay by the message and/or downloading time in order to keep the list viable for them we ask that short messages of "I agree," or "Thanks!" be sent through private mail unless you have something to add concerning the topic. Please do not quote the entire previous message in order to add a few lines. If you have difficulty with quotations and don't quote any of the message you are replying to please include a short statement as to identify what you are commenting on. If your signature file is large, please supress it if you are posting more than one message a day to the list.

Do not send attachments of any kind to the list as they also can create problems for list members. Set preferences for the list to plain text and supress any attachments such as v-cards or signature files. Do not send any graphics, .doc files, or other large non-text files to the list. Arrangements can be made with the list owner,, to put them on a web-page or ftp site, or you can ask for those interested and mail them privately off the list.

Irminsul Ăttir Last updated in July 2008.