Irminsul Ęttir

Althing 2000

[Photo] Althing 2000 began early on Friday with classes and other activities. Participants were met by Mike Mohilo and his wife, Julie at the hospitality table. Mike presented copies of the first edition of the Asatru Directory along with the event information packages.

As dusk gathered the needfire was struck and the fires lit to be carried in the hallowing procession. Following the prayer of invocation, the charge and oath of frith was administered to those gathered before the great pole flying the banner of Tyr, god of Thing by Gydhja Susan Granquist and weapons were ritually laid aside as part of the oath-taking.

[Photo] The evening's bardic began with the tales of the ancient myths told by James the Obscure, a well known traditional storyteller in the Pacific Northwest. Mark Cook sang and led participants as the evening progressed, and there was a demonstration of Icelandic rimnir and songs and a handfasting beneath the full moon.

A seidh session was held in the orchard as the camp grew quiet. The Northern Lights flared brightly, visible the early morning sky after the moon set.

[Photo] The second day of classes and activities began early. Alfur Oddsson spoke on the historical context of the Icelandic Eddas and about Snorri Sturlusson. Mark Cook lead a workshop discussion on experiencing the gods. James Stonehouse, the Thule of the Irminsul Aettir spoke on inspired speech and gaining experience in speaking and its importance in ritual participation.. A ritual of healing was held in an open meadow by Susan Granquist

[Photo] A special blot was held in one of the ritual areas with the children who also enjoyed making Viking sheilds, Thor's hammers, and learning Viking skills.

Items for the annual auction were put on display on Saturday which lead to lively and spirited bidding that evening following the evening sumble with auctioneer Walt Sprowls.

[Photo] Sunday morning Godhi Paul Siebern presented a workshop for clergy and those interested in recovery programs. There was an emphasis on information on dealing with the challenges of counseling and finding resources to meet the needs of those in recovery as well as those seeking to help and provide encouragement and support. Mark Cook gave a short class on Tafl and demonstrated his expertise at the game.

An open discussion and suggestions and plans for Althing 2001 were begun with participants.

The time to dismiss came all too soon and the participants again gathered before the center pole. Thing was declared over with a traditional vaepontak and the clanging of weapon and shield to signify agreement with the proceedings and leave-taking.

Irminsul Ęttir