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World Congress of Ethnic Religions

In Vilnius-Lithuania there was held on 20-24th June 1998 the World Pagan Congress. A lot of traditional-religious groups were represented: France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norwegan, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Lithuania, Estonia, Letonia, Russia, Ukrainia, India, USA... We've discussed about working together, forming a new coordinating organisation for all ethnic religions. So we founded the World Congress of Ethnic Religions. It will be the organisation that contact the Governments to drop their discriminative law and behavior towards the small ethnic religions.

We agreed on following declaration: Let us be proud of our reborn ethnic religions. Our new Universalism induces people not to remain closed within walls of hatred and jealousy against those who are not inside our walls. Let us break these walls and expand the horizon and vision of the whole humanity.

We established the "World Congress of Ethnic Religions" /WCER/ to help all ethnic religions groups survive and cooperate with each other. Our motto is "Unity in Diversity."

Oyvind SILJEHOLM ARNESEN (Norway), Hans BERGHMANS (Belgium), Janis BRIKMANIS (Latvia), Denis DORNOY (France), Audrius DUNDZILA (USA), Arwind GHOSH (India), Morten GROLSTED (Denmark), Surinder Paul ATTRI (India),Vadim KAZAKOV (Russia), Stefan KLUGE (Germany), Todor KASHKUREVICH (Belarus), Koenraad LOGGHE (Belgium), Giuseppe MAIELLO (Czech), Halina LOZKO (Ukraine), Geza von NEMENYI (Germany), Stashko POTSHEBOVSKI (Poland), Vlasis RASSIAS (Greece), Rajinder SINGH (India), Nikolaj SPERANSKIJ (Russia),Michael Strmiska (USA) Jonas TRINKUNAS (Lithuania), Laila WIBERG (Sweden), Catrin WILDGRUBE (Germany)

Vilnius, Lithuania, 23 June 1998

WCER Office E-mail: Telephone: +370-2-26 29 66 Address: Vivulskio 27-4 LT-2009 Vilnius Lithuania

If you want to underscribe this declaration, pls contact Mr. Trinkunas (e-mail Vilnius) with mentioning our group. Thanks

Koenraad Logghe President of Werkgroep Traditie vzw - Belgium

Irminsul Ęttir