Irminsul Ăttir

Althing 1997

Heill dagur

Heilir dags synir

Heil nˇtt og nift

Ërei­um augumlÝti­ okkur ■inig

Og gefi­ sitjendjum sigur

- Jormundr Ingve

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Hallowing Ritual

A red cloak was spread over the branch of an oak tree following an old tradition of wrapping a cloak about figures of the gods, or over a tree, to invoke the presence of the gods, making the tree a representative of the divine for the duration of the gathering.

[Photo] Bard Michael Hubbard and members of the Bardic Hall begin the chant and lead the assembling people in it.
Come we now together

To meet in faith and frith

Come we now together

To join with gods and kin.

The Godhar presiding over the hallowing and calling to order the Thing were escorted to the altar and assembly.

Susan Granquist, Drottning and High Gydhia of the Irminsul Ăttir, opened with a hailing to the gods and vaettir of the land.

Hail to the Day! Hail to sons of Day!

Hail to the Night and her daughters!

Look upon us with kind eyes

and grant us all victory!

Heill Aesir, Heil Asynujur!

Heil to the bountiful Earth!

Might and wit we ask of you,

and healing hands in this life.

Heill landvaettir, alfar, disir, dwarves, trolls and giants

We are mindful of the ancient pact our ancestors made

Accept our offerings.

An offering of grain, milk and honey was made at the altar, and on the oath ring belonging to Alsherjargodhi Jormnundur Ingi which was also placed on the altar.

[Photo] Jormundur Ingi did the calling in Icelandic and English.
Come those who would come,

Fare those who would fare,

Stay those who would stay,

Harmless to me and mine.

Winifred Hodge, Heah Aeweweard of the Anglo-Saxon Eldright and representing Frigga's Web, read the rede of the gathering, "We gather here, laying aside all weapons, including sharp words, to meet in council and discuss differences as befits men and women of good will according to the traditions of old.

Jormundur Ingi administered the Oath of the Althing to those assembled in Icelandic and in English. Traditionally this oath was taken by those attending the Althing. Violations of the oath meant that payments of wergild or other penalties were doubled.

I name all gathered here as witnesses, that l I do and say will be that which I know to be sound and true, so help me Njordhur, Freyr, and the Almighty As.

Susan Granquist announced the bounds of the frithgardh, "From this hallowed altar, the Thinghelgi, to the boundaries of this property frith is declared." Robert Strahan, Godhi of the Rigsbornnin Kindred raised the Tyr banner, and C.L. Hankins, Elder and High Redesman of the Ring of Troth, Heimdallr Thorvinn of the S.E Independent Kindreds raised the Hammer banners.

The Bard's Hall sang a song as the assembly left the Thinghelgi to join in the scheduled activities.


[Photo] Friday evening Winifred Hodges presented a workshop an demonstration of dancing with one's fetch. She performed a dance with the buffalo head mask and costume that she uses in her own work and invited others to join her in dancing their own animals. An oracular seidh session followed the session. Winifred, Pat Buck and Susan Granquist sat in the high seat to answer questions from the participants.

[Photo] A sei­ workshop was held Saturday afternoon, conducted by Susan Granquist. Participants followed a guided visualization to the Well of Wyrd as part of a development of individual seership. The sei­ session conducted by Susan Granquist later in the evening following the sumble. Winifred Hodges galdored the area with a traditional AngloSaxon charm and drummed for those assembled who journeyed outward with the aid of the spirits invoked.


[Photo] Jay Cantrell manned the kitchen for the Althing providing southern cooking. Although the country ham was hard to beat, the barbequed goat feast on Saturday night was the highlight of the event. The goats were sacrificed by Jay, a godhi of the Irminsul Ăttir, and blood from the sacrifice sprinkled and poured out as part of the blessing held on Saturday evening before the feast. The offering and sacrifice was deemed to be favorable in the auspices taken. It was a moving experience for all involved.



[Photo] Jormundur Ingi, Alsherjargodhi of Iceland, blessed the horn of mead and offered to the Almighty Aas in the traditional opening to the sumble. Winifred Hodge passed the horn to the participants in sumble as the lady of thaet Angelseaxisce Ealdright.

[Photo] In the third round of sumble Bard Michael Hubbard stepped forward to give charge and name all witnesses to the oath offered by Susan Granquist as Drottning of the Irminsul Ăttir. The members of the Ăttir present stepped forward to confirm their choice and the coronet of office, representing the binding and sacral nature of the oath that must be kept in mind at all times.

Meeting of the Go­ar

[Photo] On Sunday morning the go­ar who attended the Althing met together to discuss common cause and methods of working together despite differences and past disagreements. Concerns about problems of leadership and the need for resources, more networking and cooperation were brought up and it was agreed that each of the go­ar there were responsible for seeing to it that these things were developed in the community.

[Photo] C. L. Hankins, High Redesman of the Ring of Troth, Steward of the American Vineland Association and President of the Indiana Asatru Council, the oldest of the growing number of councils around the country, and Heimdallr Thorvinn of the South East Independent Kindreds offered their recognition on behalf of those they represented to Susan Granquist as an elder in the Asatru Community. This honor was accepted not just as recognition for service to the community but to the members of the Ăttir who had made the Althing possible.


Posted from the internet:

Midgňrd Hins Loke ;). - Friday, 03-Oct-97 17:40:07 EDT

Just wanted to say hai to everyone down in TN this weekend. Best wishes for a fruitful and productive Althing. And by the way if you have a message for me, you can leave it with my thrall- Srdan !) hahahahaah Take Care
Gladsheim Kindred - Friday, 03-Oct-97 21:22:03 EDT

On behalf of Gladsheim Kindred, I would like to thank Jormundr Ingi for visiting us on his way to Althing 1997. We were honored to host him during his layover in Maryland, and we deeply appreciate all the information and wisdom about Asatru that he shared with us during that short period. Though we weren't able to make it to the Althing this year as a Kindred, we feel that the AEsir and Vanir have helped us share in it anyway. Best wishes to Jormundr and everyone at Althing 1997. Hail Asgard! -Ben Myers Gladsheim Kindred
Jansaxa Thorskona - Friday, 03-Oct-97 23:40:39 EDT

Just a note to wish a hearty "WASSAIL" to everyone at the Althing! I wish I could be there with you! Take care, and raise a glass to the Gods in my name, offering them thanks for letting there be such wonderful gatherings for people to go to -- and for letting there be great people to gather with!
Thunorwine - Saturday, 04-Oct-97 01:24:33 EDT

Wes thu hal! Hagan Heall sends greetings and wishes for a great Althing for all.

Posted from the althing:

Heimdallr - Saturday, 4-Oct-97

Heimdallr and North Georgia Kindred send greetings.
Freyason - Saturday, 4-Oct-97

Greetings to all on asatru-l from srdan/freyason and a mighty hail to gladsheim kindred for their help. Wassail!

Posted from the internet:

Tommy RydÚn - Saturday, 04-Oct-97 11:31:33 EDT

Greetings to all of you who keep our sacred heritage alive in far-away America! We wish you only the best with the Althing97. My wife and I will soon have a ceremony for our latest addition: Robin. We have five children - which is a big family in modern-day Sweden.
The Asatru Kindred of Australasia Inc - Saturday, 04-Oct-97 20:31:21 EDT

Wassail All at the US Althing 1997 As you are aware it is our Ostara Festival and Thing in Australia at the moment We bid you all greetings from the AKA and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you all. Particular greetings to JormundR and Susan and all at Irminsul Aettir Our thoughts are with you at this time. Any communications can be sent to Wassail

Leif Njordsson Warder of the Lore Asatru Kindred of Australasia Inc.

Mike Dunajew Drighten Asatru Kindred of Australasia Inc

Posted from the internet: (too late for posting at the althing)

Lavrans Reimer-M°ller - Sunday, 05-Oct-97 12:24:51 EDT

Heilsa and good wishes to all! Sorry I couldn't be there with you this weekend. All my best to all my good friends! Never mind those folks gathering in DC this weekend- we are the true "promise keepers"! In Frith and Troth- Lavrans
Peter Cappola - Sunday, 05-Oct-97 19:57:17 EDT

HI KARI!!! Hi LAUREN!!! (I finally got to see you!) Hope your having a good time, sorry I could not make it, next year will be different. I wish you success, may the gods smile upon your gathering.
Harriet Jusker - Tuesday, 07-Oct-97 20:17:52 EDT

It is always wonderful to see pagans honoring the Goddess and God together. Blessed Be and Bright Blessings to the Irminsul Aettir!
Lauren Hasten & Kreimhilde Steinberg - Tuesday, 07-Oct-97 23:09:47 EDT

Now that we've made the long haul home in tact, we'd like to take this opportunity to say hello to the new friends we made and congratulate Mike Mohilo, Jay Cantrell, and Susan Granquist on a job well done! We look forward to being a part of Althing 1998. Please check out our notes on the event at the Reginleif Felag Meeting Reports Page. Please stay in touch.
Nik Warrensson - Wednesday, 08-Oct-97 20:41:29 EDT

Sael Alla Asatruarfolk, Wish I was there. I am converting my place of residence into an Odinhof. We are growing here in New Zealand. We have a plan afoot to buy land and recreate a Southern Norse village here in New Zealand. It will be by the sea and we will have a Drakkar as well. I want to send special greetings to Susan and Jormundr who have meant so much to me. If anybody wants to email me: and 1/13 Kelmarna Ave, Herne Bay, Auckland, New Zealand Bless
SMTAA - Friday, 24-Oct-97 02:53:16 EDT

Es scheint mir als ob diese Welt ausser Kontrolle geraten ist. Vorrangiges Ziel sollte es sein, christliche, juedische und islamische Machtstrukturen in Europa zu zerbrechen und ihnen den Glauben, den sie einst verloren haben wiederzugeben. Das dies niemals durch Gewalt geschehen wird, sollte jedem klar sein. was wir anstreben sollten ist eine geistige Revolution. Man soll keinen Groll gegen andere Religionen hegen. Und man sollte religioese Landesgrenzen akzeptieren. Ich moechte Europa nicht remissionieren, sondern lediglich das Werk meiner Ahnen fortsetzen.

Irminsul Ăttir