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Bifrost`s Second Tingmøte

On the weekend 31 of july to 3 of august 1997 Bifrost held its second "tingmøte", right outside Oslo. About 30 people or the half of Bifrost members gathered to discuss some important and others not so important things. We did open the Ting with a Thorsblot in a central park in Oslo called Torshovparken, and closed the Ting with an Odinsblot at Lillevann where we did held the Ting. Thing went as expected and the majority of our members agreed on most matters. The most important law-alteration we did make at the Ting was a new law about the role of the Allsherjargodi. The new law does make the office of Allsherjargodi more strict. We in Bifrost feel this is very important for our organization.

Bifrost is a fellowship of åsatru-groups trying to create a viable community for those who want to honour the old norse gods and keep the heathen customs alive. Bifrost would like to promote the modern understanding of the pre-christian northern traditions art and culture in general. We want to preserve our cultural heritage and keep it alive and updated through practice based on the old sources, scientific research and new insights into the history, the ethics, the myths and the Powers seen through modern heathen eyes.

Bifrost strongly oppose neo-nazi or satanist interpretations of the norse traditions as well as any attempt to discriminate on racial, sexual or gender-based grounds.

In 1996 Bifrost was officially recognized as a religious community in Norway. Various åsatru-groups now in Bifrost had by then several years of experience.

Please feel free to visit Bifrosts official homepage at for furter information.

Best wishes from Norway

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