Irminsul ttir


Icelandic and Heathen names

By Haukur orgeirsson

1998 Haukur orgeirsson

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This is a list of Icelandic names that were used in heathen times. Many, indeed most, are still used today. The spelling used is more or less appropriate for the later part of the saga-writing period. It is possible to make it more archaic but that involves adding letters not easily available on computer. If anyone is interested in other forms of the names s/he can mail me.

In parentheses after each name can be found the genitive of that name. This is for forming patronymics and matronymics. Note that matronymics are not later-day feminism. They were common in old times. Some examples might be useful: Einarr son of Arnlaug would be Einarr Arnlaugarson, Freyds daughter of Gaukr would be Freyds Gauksdttir, Agnarr son of Finnbogi is Agnarr Finnbogason and Haukr son of orgeirr is Haukr orgeirsson, that is myself. After the genitive comes either m[ale] or f[emale] denoting which sex the name applies to. Below the name itself the 'meaning' appears. Something can be learned about people from the names they chose for their children. Very frequently the meaning is given as 'prefix' + 'suffix'. This I do instead of repeating the meaning of every affix every time it occurs. This saved me much work and I hope it will not make the collection unreadable.

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A and

aal- - A name prefix meaning "noble".

Aalbjrg (Aalbjargar) f - Aal- + Bjrg

Aalgeirr (Aalgeirs) m - Aal + Geirr

Aalsteinn (Aalsteins) m - Aal + Steinn

Agnarr (Agnars) m - "Disciplined warrior" or "fearsome warrior"

Agni (Agna) m - Terrible, fearsome.

Alf- - A name prefix meaning "Elf".

Alfds (Alfdsar) f - Alf- + -Ds.

Alfgeirr (Alfgeirs) m - Alf- + Geirr.

Alfgerr (Alfgerar) f - Alf- + Gerr.

Alfhildr (Alfhildar) f - Alf- + Hildr.

Alfr (Alf) m - Elf.

Almarr (Almars) m - Elmspear.

-arr - A male name suffix. The meaning is either "spear" or "warrior, lord". See her-.

Arinbjrn (Arinbjrns) m - Arinn = fireplace + Bjrn.

Arn- - A name prefix meaning "eagle".

Arnfinnr (Arnfinns) m - Arn- + Finnr.

Arngeirr (Arngeirs) m - Arn- + Geirr

Arngrmr (Arngrms) m - Arn- + Grmr.

Arngunnr (Arngunnar) f - Arn- + Gunnr.

Arnheir (Arnheiar) f - Arn- + Heir.

Arni (Arna) m - From Arn-.

Arnkatla (Arnktlu) f - Arn- + Katla.

Arnlaug (Arnlaugar) f - Arn- + Laug.

Arnleif (Arnleifar) f - Arn- + Leif.

Arnljtr (Arnljts) m - Arn- + Ljtr.

Arnoddr (Arnodds) m - Arn- + Oddr.

Arnrr (Arnrs) m - Arn- + "rr" = rr.

Arnra (Arnru) f - Arn- + "ra" = ra.

Arnsteinn (Arnsteins) m - Arn- + Steinn.

Arnvir (Arnvis) m - Arn- + "vir" = wood

Arnrr (Arnrs) m - Arn- + rr.

Arnrr (Arnrar) f - Arn- + rr.

Askr (Asks) m - Ash (the tree).

Atli (Atla) m - Rough, harsh.

Au- - A name prefix meaning, "wealth", "good fortune".

Aubjrg (Aubjargar) f - Au- + Bjrg.

Aubjrn (Aubjrns) m - Au- + Bjrn.

Augsl (Augsls) m - Au- + Gsl.

Auhildr (Auhildar) f - Au- + Hildr.

Auulfr (Auulfs) m - Au- + Ulfr.

Aur (Aus) m - From Au-.

Aur (Auar) f - From Au-.

ki (ka) m - Meaning unclear. This is an ancient name.

mundi (munda) m - Possibly from i = "Ancestor" and mundi = -mundr

nn (ns) m - Meaning unclear.

s- - A name prefix meaning "of the sir".

sa (su) f - From s-. A nickname for any woman whose name starts with s-

sbjrg (sbjargar) f - s- + Bjrg.

sbjrn (sbjrns) m - s- + Bjrn.

sds (sdsar) f - s- + Ds.

sgautr (sgauts) m - s- + Gautr = " a man from Gtland (Gautaland) in Sweden"

sgeirr (sgeirs) m - s- + Geirr.

sgerr (sgerar) f - s- + Gerr.

sgrmr (sgrms) m - s- + Grmr

shildr (shildar) f - s- + Hildr

si (sa) m - From s-. A nickname for any man whose name starts with s-

skell (skels) m - s- + -kell.

slaug (slaugar) f - s- + -laug.

sleikr (sleiks) m - s- + -leikr.

sleif (sleifar) f - s- + leif.

smundr (smunds) m - s- + -mundr.

sn (snjar) - s- + n.

solfr (sulfs) - s- + ulfr.

srn (srnar) f - s- + -rn.

st- - A name prefix. Perhaps orginially the same as s- with a "t" for more convenient pronounciation. st also means "love" and that is the way those names are understood today.

sta (stu) f - From st-. A nickname for any woman whose name starts with st-.

stds (stdsar) f - st- + Ds.

strr (strar) f - st- + -rr.

strn (strnar) f - st- + -rn.

svaldr (svalds) m - s- + -valdr.

svr (svarar) f - s- + -vr.

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Baldr (Baldrs) m - Meaning disputed, "lord" or "bright". Baldr is one of the gods and his name was not used among men in the old days.

Bari (Bara) m - Bearded.

Barsi (Barsa) m - Bear or boar.

Bassi (Bassa) m - Another form of Barsi.

Baugr (Baugs) m - Ring.

Brr (Brs) m - Battle + -rur.

Beinir (Beinis) m - Helper.

Benteinn (Benteins) m - Wounding-stick (sword).

Bera (Beru) f - Female bear.

Berg- - A name prefix, "help-" "save-".

Bergds (Bergdsar) f - Berg- + Ds.

Bergfinnr (Bergfinns) m - Berg- + Finnr.

Bergljt (Bergljtar) f - Berg- + Ljt.

Bergsveinn (Bergsveins) m - Berg- + Sveinn.

Bergr (Bergs) m - From Berg-.

-bergr m - A name suffix meaning "helper, saviour".

Bergolfr (Bergolfs) m - Berg- + Ulfr.

Bergrr (Bergrs) m - Berg- + rr.

Bergra (Bergru) f - Berg- + ra.

Bessi (Bessa) m - Bear.

Birgir (Birgis) m - Helper.

Birkir (Birkis) m - Birch.

Birna (Birnu) f - Female bear.

Birnir (Birnis) m - Bear.

Birta (Birtu) f - Bright.

Birtingr (Birtings) m - Bright.

Bjarg- - A name prefix meaning "help-" "save-".

Bjarki (Bjarka) m - Little bear.

Bjarnhinn (Bjarnhins) m - Bear-skin.

Bjarni (Bjarna) m - Bear.

Bjartr (Bjarts) f - Bright.

Bjrg (Bjargar) f - Helper, saviour. Also a name prefix.

Bjrgolfr (Bjrgolfs) m - Bjrg- + -olf.

Bjrk (Bjarkar) f - Birch.

Bjrn (Bjarnar) m - Bear. An alternative genitive for this name and names derived from it is 'Bjrns'.

Blngr (Blngs) m - The dark-blue, the dark, raven.

Bogi (Boga) m - Bow.

Bolli (Bolla) m - Bowl.

Borg- - Same as Bjrg- but more Swedish.

Borgarr (Borgars) m - Borg- + -arr.

Borghildr (Borghildar) f - Borg- + Hildr.

Bt (Btar) f - Help. Also a name prefix.

Bthildr (Bthildar) f - Bt- + Hildr.

Btolfr (Btolfs) m - Bt- + -olfr.

Bragi (Braga) m - Poet. Although Bragi is one of the sir his name was (and is) used among men.

Brandr (Brands) m - Sword.

Broddi (Brodda) m - Point.

Bryn-, Brynj- - A name prefix meaning "armour-"

Brynds (Bryndsar) f - Bryn- + Ds.

Bryngerr (Bryngerar) f - Bryn- + Gerr.

Brynhildr (Brynhildar) f - Bryn- + Hildr.

Brynja (Brynju) f - Armour.

Brynjarr (Brynjars) m - Brynj- + -arr (armoured warrior).

Brynjolfr (Brynjolfs) m - Bryn- + -olfr.

Bi (Ba) m - Farmer.

Bvarr (Bvars) m - Warrior.

Brkr (Brks) m - Bark.

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Dai (Daa) m - Meaning unclear "daddy?".

Dag- - A name prefix meaning "Day-".

Dagbjartr (Dagbjarts) m - Dag- + Bjartr.

Dagbjrt (Dagbjartar) f - Dag- + bjrt.

Dagfinnr (Dagfinns) m - Dag- + Finnr.

Dagmr (Dagmeyjar) f - Dag- + mr = maiden.

Dagn (Dagnjar) f - Dag- + n.

Dagrn (Dagrnar) f - Dag- + -rn.

Dagr (Dags) m - Day.

Dalla (Dllu) f - Brightness.

Darri (Darra) m - Throwing spear.

Ds (Dsar) f - Noble and/or beautiful woman.

Dsa (Dsu) f - Same as Ds. Also a nickname for a woman whose name ends with "ds".

Drfa (Drfu) f - Snow.

Droplaug (Droplaugar) f - Drop = drop + laug = pool.

Drfinna (Drfinnu) f - Dr = dear + Finna.

Dri (Dra) m - Dear (loved, valued).

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Eir (Eis) m - Oath.

Eilfr (Eilfs) m - Ei = always + Leifr.

Einarr (Einars) m - Lone warrior

Eindrii (Eindria) m - He who goes alone. One of rr's names.

Eirkr (Eirks) m - Very powerful. (Eric)

Eirn (Eirnjar) f - Eir (the goddess) + n.

Eldjrn (Eldjrns) m - Fire-iron.

Elliagrmr (Elliagrms) m - Ellii = ship + Grmr.

Erlendr (Erlends) m - Unclear, this really means "foreigner". It might be a deformed version of Erlingr.

Erlingr (Erlings) m - Earl's son.

Erpr (Erps) m - Meaning unclear.

Ey- - A name prefix meaning "luck, happiness, success, good fortune" or "island".

Eyds (Eydsar) f - Ey- + Ds.

Eyja (Eyju) f - From Ey-.

Eyjolfr (Eyjolfs) m - Ey- + -olfr.

Eysteinn (Eysteins) m - Ey- + Steinn.

Eyvindr (Eyvindr) m - Ey- + vindr = hero, warrior, champion.

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Finn- - A name prefix, "Finn". The Finns were considered great magicians in the viking age.

Finna (Finnu) f - From Finn-.

Finnbjrn (Finnbjrns) m - Finn- + Bjrn.

Finnbogi (Finnbogi) m - Finn- + Bogi.

Finnr (Finns) m - See Finn-.

Flosi (Flosa) m - Unclear, perhaps: "fickle, inconstant, womaniser".

Flki (Flka) m - Curly.

Forni (Forna) m - The old.

-frer - A name suffix, "peace".

-frr - A name suffix, 'loveable' or 'she who is loved' or 'beautiful'.

-frr - Same as frer.

Freyds (Freydsar) f - Freyr's ds.

Freysteinn (Freysteins) m - Freyr's stone.

Fri- - A name prefix "peace, (defence?)".

Frigeirr (Frigeirs) m - Fri- + Geirr.

Frigerr (Frigerar) f - Fri- + Gerr.

Frileifr (Frileifs) m - Fri- + Leifr.

Frimundr (Frimunds) m - Fri- + -mundr.

Frijfr (Frijfs) m - Peace-thief or peace-servant.

Fra (Fru) f - Beautiful.

Frr (Frar) f - Beatiful.

Fri (Fra) m - Wise, learned.

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Gamli (Gamla) m - The old.

Gararr (Garars) m - Garr = wall, fence, enclosure, house + -arr.

Gaukr (Gauks) m - Cuckoo.

Gauti (Gauta) m - Gotlander, Swede.

Geirr (Geirs) m - Spear. Also a name suffix and prefix.

Geirds (Geirdsar) f - Geirr- + Ds.

Geirlaug (Geirlaugar) f - Geirr- + -.laug

Geirn (Geirnjar) f - Geirr- + n.

Geirrr (Geirrar) f - Geirr- + -rr.

Gellir (Gellis) m - "The loud" or "sword".

Gerr (Gerar) f - From Gar-.

Gestr (Gests) m - Guest.

Gils (Gils) m - Same as Gsli. Those names are a trifle difficult to understand as "gsl" the word they are derived from really means "hostage". It is possible that they are related to the word "geisli" = light ray.

Gizurr (Gizurs) m - Unclear, perhaps related to Gsli.

Gsli (Gsla) m - See Gils.

Gjaflaugr (Gjaflaugs) m - Gjaf- = gift + laugr.

Glmr (Glms) m - Man with a dark glance.

Gnpr (Gnps) m - A steep mountain.

Grani (Grana) m - Man with a moustache.

Greipr (Greips) m - Man with big hands, strong man.

Grettir (Grettis) m - "Hisser" or "Grimacer".

Grm- - A name prefix meaning "mask, disguise, helm, night".

Grma (Grmu) f - From Grm-.

Grmarr (Grmars) m - Grm- + -arr.

Grmhildr (Grmhildar) f - Grm- + hildr.

Grmkell (Grmkels) m - Grm- + kell.

Grmolfr (Grmolfs) m - Grm- + olfr.

Grmr (Grms) m - From Grm-. Also a name suffix.

Gra (Gr) f - "Grower".

Go- - A name prefix meaning "god-, of the gods".

Gobjrg (Gobjargar) f - Go- + Bjrg.

Gobrandr (Gobrandr) m - Go- + Brandr.

Gofinna (Gofinnu) f - Go- + Finna.

Golaug (Golaugar) f - Go- + laug.

Golaugr (Golaugs) m - Go- + laugr.

Goleif (Goleifar) f - Go- + leif.

Goleifr (Goleifr) m - Go- + Leifr.

Gomundr (Gomunds) m - Go- + mundr.

Goini (Goina) m - Taken from Old English "Godwin".

Gon (Gonjar) f - Go- + n.

Gorr (Gorar) f - Go- + rr.

Gorn (Gornar) f - Go- + rn. This has been the most common Icelandic women's name for most of this millennium.

Govarr (Govars) m - Go- + varr.

Gunn- - A name prefix meaning "battle".

Gunnarr (Gunnars) m - Gunn- + -arr.

Gunnhildr (Gunnhildar) f - Gunn- + hildr.

Gunnhvatr (Gunnhvats) m - Gunn- + hvatr = eager.

Gunnlaugr (Gunnlaugs) m - Gunn- + laugr.

Gunnolfr (Gunnolfs) m - Gunn- + olfr.

Gunnsteinn (Gunnsteins) m - Gunn- + Steinn.

Gunnvr (Gunnvarar) f - Gunn- + vr.

Gya (Gyu) f - From Go-.

Gylfi (Gylfa) m - Meaning unclear.

Gyrir (Gyris) m - From "gyra" = to fasten a belt or a sword).

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Haf- - A name prefix meaning "sea-".

Haflii (Haflia) m - Haf- + lii = man.

Hafsteinn (Hafsteins) m - Haf- + Steinn.

Hafrr (Hafrs) m - Haf- + rr.

Hafra (Hafru) f - Haf- + ra.

Hagbarr (Hagbars) m - Hagi = pasture + bar = beard.

Hall- - A name prefix meaning "rock".

Halla (Hllu) f - From Hall-.

Hallbera (Hallberu-) f - Hall- + Bera .

Hallbjrg (Hallbjargar) f - Hall- + Bjrg.

Hallbjrn (Hallbjrns) m - Hall- + Bjrn.

Hallds (Halldsar) f - Hall- + ds.

Halldrr (Halldrs) m - Hall- + drr = rr.

Halldra (Halldru) f - Hall- + dra = ra.

Hallfrer (Hallfres) m - Hall- + frer.

Hallfrr (Hallfrar) f - Hall- + Frr.

Hallgeirr (Hallgeirs) m - Hall- + Geirr.

Hallgerr (Hallgerar) f - Hall- + Gerr.

Hallgrma (Hallgrmu) f - Hall- + Grma.

Hallgrmr (Hallgrms) m - Hall- + Grmr.

Hallkatla (Hallktlu) f - Hall- + Katla.

Hallkell (Hallkels) m - Hall- + kell.

Halltta (Hallttu) f - "Rocky."

Hallsteinn (Hallsteins) m - Hall- + Steinn.

Hallr (Halls) m - From Hall-.

Hallvarr (Hallvars) - Hall- + varr.

Hallveig (Hallveigar) f - Hall- + veig.

Hallvr (Hallvarar) f - Hall- + vr.

Haraldr (Haralds) m - Her- + valdr. (Harold)

-harr - A name suffix meaning "tough, hard, stout".

Harri (Harra) m - Lord.

Haukr (Hauks) m - Hawk.

H- - A name prefix meaning "high".

Hkon (Hkons) m - Meaning unclear (of noble birth?).

Halfdan (Halfdans) m - Half-Dane.

Hmundr (Hmunds) m - H- + mundr.

Hrekr (Hreks) m - H- + rekr.

Hsteinn (Hsteins) m - H- + Steinn.

Hvarr (Hvars) m - H- + -arr.

Hvarr (Hvars) m - H- + Varr.

Hei- - A name prefix meaning "honour, brightness".

Heiarr (Heiars) m - Hei- + -arr.

Heirekr (Heireks) m - Hei- + rekr.

Heir (Heiar) f - From Hei-.

Heinrekr (Heinreks) m - Home-lord? (Hinrik, Henry)

Heimir (Heimis) m - He who has a home. An independent farmer?

Heimlaug (Heimlaugar) f - Heim = home + laug.

Helga (Helgu) f - Holy.

Helgi (Helga) m - Holy.

Hemingr (Hemings) m - Meaning unclear.

Her- - A name prefix meaning "army, warrior". As a suffix Her- has the form -arr.

Herbjrn (Herbjrns) m - Her- + Bjrn.

Herds (Herdsar) f - Her- + Ds.

Hergerr (Hergerar) m - Her- + gerr.

Hergils (Hergils) m - Her- + Gils.

Herjolfr (Herjolfs) m - Her- + olfr.

Herleifr (Herleifs) m - Her- + Leifr.

Hermundr (Hermunds) m - Her- + mundr.

Herrr (Herrar) f - Her- + rr.

Hersteinn (Hersteins) m - Her- + Steinn.

Hervr (Hervarar) f - Her- + vr.

Herrr (Herrar) f - Her- + rr.

Hinn (Hins) m - Skin(wearer).

Hildibrandr (Hildibrands) m - Hildr- + Brandr.

Hildigunnr (Hildigunnar) f - Hildr- + Gunnr.

Hildir (Hildis) m - From Hildr-

Hildirr (Hildirar) f - Hildr- + rr.

Hildr (Hildar) f - Battle. A common name suffix and prefix (Hildi-).

Hjalti (Hjalta) m - "Hilt" or "man from Shetland (Hjaltland)"

Hjalm- - A name prefix meaning "helm-".

Hjalmarr (Hjalmars) m - Hjalm- + -arr.

Hjalmgerr (Hjalmgerar) f - Hjalm- + Gerr.

Hjalmr (Hjalms) m - Helm.

Hjr- - A name prefix meaning "sword-".

Hjrds (Hjrdsar) f - Hjr- + Ds.

Hjrleifr (Hjrleifs) m - Hjr- + Leifr.

Hjrtr (Hjartar) m - Stag.

Hlagerr (Hlagerar) f - I have no idea.

Hlf (Hlfar) f - Shield.

Hlr (Hlaar) m - Meaning unclear (killer?).

Hlverr (Hlvers) m - Famous warrior?

Holti (Holta) f - Forest.

Holm- - A name prefix meaning "small island" or "place for a duel".

Holmds (Holmdsar) f - Holm- + ds.

Holmfrr (Holmfrar) f - Holm- + Frr.

Holmkell (Holmkels) m - Holm- + kell.

Holmsteinn (Holmsteins) m - Holm- + Steinn.

Hrafn (Hrafns) m - Raven.

Hrafnhildr (Hrafnhildar) f - Hrafn- + Hildr.

Hrafnkell (Hrafnkels) m - Hrafn- + kell.

Hrappr (Hrapps) m - Quick, eager.

Hrefna (Hrefnu) f - Female raven.

Hrei- - A name suffix. Meaning unclear, theories: "Beautiful, eager, great, famous, noble.,".

Hreiarr (Hreiars) m - Hrei- + -arr.

Hreimarr (Hreimars) m - Hrei- + marr = famous.

Hreirekr (Hreireks) m - Hrei- + rekr.

Hreiolfr (Hreiolfs) m - Hrei- + olfr.

Hreinn (Hreins) m - Reindeer.

Hringr (Hrings) m - Ring.

Hrollaugr (Hrollaugs) m - Hroll- = famous + laugr.

Hrolleifr (Hrolleifs) m - Hroll- = famous + laugr.

Hr- - A prefix meaning "fame".

Hrbjartr (Hrbjarts) m - Hr- + Bjartr.

Hrgerr (Hrgerar) f - Hr- + Gerr.

Hrgeirr (Hrgeirs) - Hr- + Geirr. (Roger)

Hrketill (Hrketils) m - Hr- + Ketill.

Hrn (Hrnjar) f - Hr- + n.

Hrvaldr (Hrvalds) m - Hr- + valdr.

Hrarr (Hrars) m - Hr- + -arr.

Hrmarr (Hrmars) m - Hr- + marr.

Hrolfr (Hrolfs) m - Hr- + olfr. (Rudolf)

Hri (Hra) m - A nickname for a man whose name beginns with Hr-.

Hrolfr (Hrolfs) m - Same as Hrolfr. (Ralph)

Hrmundr (Hrmunds) m - Hr- + mundr.

Hrtr (Hrts) m - Ram

Hrrekr (Hrreks) m - Famous lord. (Ruric)

Huld (Huldar) f - Secret.

Hn- - A prefix meaning "Hun".

Hnfastr (Hnfasts) m - Hn- + fastr.

Hngeirr (Hngeirs) m - Hn- + Geirr.

Hnolfr (Hnolfs) m - Hn- + olfr.

Hnrr (Hnrs) m - Hn- + rr.

Hnsteinn (Hnsteins) m - Hn- + Steinn.

Hnvr (Hnvarar) f - Hn- + vr.

Hnjfr (Hnjfs) m - Hn- + jfr = servant.

Hvati (Hvata) m - Eager, quick.

Hvtingr (Hvtings) m - A white man.

Hvtserkr (Hvtserks) m - White-armoured.

Hr (Hs) m - 1. A man from Haaland in Norway 2. One of the sir, "killer".

Hggvandill (Hggvandils) m - Chopper (of men).

Hgni (Hgna) m - Protector.

Hrr (Hrs) m - A man from Hraland in Norway.

Hskuldr (Hskulds) m - Grey-hair.

Hsvir (Hsvis) m - Grey man.

Hdd (Haddar) f - A woman with beatiful hair.

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I and

Ibjrg (Ibjargar) f - I- = great + Bjrg.

Imundr (Imunds) m - I- + mundr.

Iunn (Iunnar) f - "Renewer". Although Iunn is a goddess her name is used among women.

Ing- - A name prefix, Yng is also correct. Freyr is sometimes called Yngvi-Freyr.

Ingibjrg (Ingibjargar) f - Ing- + Bjrg.

Ingimarr (Ingimars) m - Ing- + marr.

Ingileif (Ingileifar) f - Ing- + leif.

Ingimundr (Ingimunds) m - Ing- + mundr.

Ingjaldr (Ingjalds) m - Ing- + valdr.

Ingolfr (Ingolfs) m - Ing- + olfr.

Ingunn (Ingunnar) f - Ing- + Unnr.

Ingvarr (Ingvars) m - Ing- + -arr.

Ingveldr (Ingvelds) m - Ing- + veldr.

Ingvr (Ingvarar) f - Ing- + vr.

gull (guls) m - Hedgehog.

mi (ma) m - Dark man.

ri (ra) m - Irishman.

s- - A name prefix, "ice".

sbjrg (sbjargar) f - s- + Bjrg.

solfr (solfs) m - s- + olfr.

srr (srar) f - s- + rr.

srr (srar) m - s- + rr.

varr (vars) m - Yew-warrior. Bows were made from wood.

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Jrnskeggi (Jrnskeggja) m - Ironbeard.

Jtgeirr (Jtgeirs) m - From Old-English "Edgr = lucky-spear".

J- - Horse-

Jds (Jdsar) f - J- + ds.

Jfrer (Jfres) m - J- + frer.

Jfrr (Jfrar) f - J- + Fr.

Jmarr (Jmars) m - J- + marr.

Jra (Jru) f - Related to Jfurr.

Jrheir (Jrheiar) f - Jra + Heir.

Jrekr (Jreks) m - J- + rekr.

Jsteinn (Jsteins) m - J- + Steinn.

Jrunn (Jrunnar) f - Jra + Unnr.

Jurr (Jurs) m - Protector.

Jfurr (Jfurs) m - "Lord" or "boar".

Jrmunrekr (Jrmunreks) m - Jrmun- = great + rekr.

Jrundr (Jrunds) m - Jara = battle + mundr?

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Katla (Ktlu) f - Female form of Ketill.

Kali (Kala) m - Cold.

Kalfr (Kalfs) m - Calf.

Karl (Karls) m - Man.

Kra (Kru) f - Curly.

Kri (Kra) m - Curly.

-kell - Ketill takes this form when names end in it.

Ketill (Ketils) m - Kettle. The reasons for the common occurence of this name and names derived from it are lost.

Ketilbjrn (Ketilbjrns) m - Ketill + Bjrn.

Ketilormr (Ketilorms) m - Ketill + Ormr.

Kleppjrn (Kleppjrns) m - Kleppr + jrn = iron.

Kleppr (Klepps) m - Rock.

Klngr (Klngs) m - Claw.

Knjkr (Knjks) m - Peak.

Kntr (Knts) m - Knot.

Knttr (Knattar) m - Ball.

Kol- - A name prefix meaning 'black' (the word is related to 'coal')

Kolbeinn (Kolbeins) m - Kol- + beinn = straight.

Kolfinna (Kolfinnu) m - Kol- + Finna.

Kolfinnr (Kolfinns) m - Kol- + Finnr.

Kolgrma (Kolgrmu) f - Kol- + Grma.

Kolgrmr (Kolgrms) m - Kol- + Grmr.

Kolli (Kolla) m - Bald.

Kollsveinn (Kollsveins) m - Kolli + Sveinn.

Kollr (Kolls) m - Bald.

Kolskeggr (Kolskeggs) m - Kol- + skeggr = beard (Blackbeard).

Kolr (Kols) m - From Kol-.

Krumr (Krums) m - Stooping.

Kvistr (Kvists) m - Branch.

Kvgr (Kvgs) m - Young bull.

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Lambi (Lamba) m - Lamb

Lambkrr (Lambkrs) m - Lamb + krr = curly.

-laug - A name suffix of somewhat obscure meaning. Perhaps 'pure' or 'bright' or 'fire' or 'bath' or 'close to'.

-laugr - Same as -laug but for men.

Leiolfr (Leiolfs) m - Leading wolf.

Leifi (Leifa) m - Same as Leifr.

Leifr (Leifs) m - He who inherits. Common as a name suffix.

-leif - Same as Leifr but for women.

-leikr - A name suffix of obscure meaning. The word is related to a word meaning 'game, play' and might originally have meant a participant in some ceremony or other. Another theory is that it is related to 'like' and means 'similar to'.

Ljt (Ljtar) f - Light, bright.

Ljtunnr (Ljtunnar) f - Ljt + Unnr.

Ljtolfr (Ljtolfs) m - Lljt + ulfr

Ljtr (Ljts) m - Light, bright.

Loinn (Loins) m - Hairy.

Lofnheir (Lofnheiar) f - Lofn = love + Heir.

Loftr (Lofts) m - He who can fly?

Lta (Ltu) f - Stooping.

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Mni (Mna) m - Moon.

Mr (Ms) m - Seagull.

Molfr (Molfs) m - Brave wolf.

Meir (Meiar) f - Brave Heir.

-mundr - A name suffix, 'protector' or 'the protected'.

Mli (Mla) m - Cape, promontory.

Mva (Mvu) f - Seagull.

Mrr (Marar) m - Marten.

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Naddr (Nadds) m - Point, spear.

Narfi (Narfa) m - Skinny.

Nereir (Nereiar) f - High spirited Heir.

-n - A name suffix, 'new' or 'young'.

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Oddbjrg (Oddbjargar) f - Odd- + Bjrg.

Oddbjrn (Oddbjarnar) m - Odd- + Bjrn.

Oddfrr (Oddfrar) f - Odd- + frr.

Oddgeirr (Oddgeirs) m - Odd- + Geirr.

Oddi (Odda) m - Point.

Oddkatla (Oddktlu) f - Odd- + Katla.

Oddkell (Oddkels) m - Odd- + -kell.

Oddlaug (Oddlaugar) m - Odd- + -laug.

Oddleifr (Oddleifs) m - Odd- + Leifr.

Oddmarr (Oddmars) m - Odd- + marr = famous.

Oddn (Oddnjar) f - Odd- + n.

Oddr (Odds) m - Point (on a spear). Odd- is a name prefix.

Ormarr (Ormars) m - Ormr + -arr.

Ormhildr (Ormhildar) f - Ormr + Hildr.

Ormr (Orms ) m - Worm.

blaur (blaus) m - Uncowardly.

feigr (feigs) m - Not going to die (soon).

lf (lafar) f - = ancestor + leif. Older forms are leif and leif.

lafr (lafs) m - = ancestor + Leifr. Older forms are leifr and leifr.

sk (skar) f - Wish.

spakr (skaps) m - The un-peaceful.

svfr (svfs) m - Ruthless.

ttarr (ttars) m - Fearsome warrior.

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Ragnheir (Ragnheiar) f - Heir of the gods.

Ragnhildr (Ragnhildar) f - Hildr of the gods.

Rannveig (Rannveigar) f - Veig of the house.

Rauolfr (Rauolfs) m - Red wolf.

Raur (Raus) m - Red (haired).

Rormr (Rorms) m - R = council or power + Ormr.

Refkell (Refkels) m - Refr + -kell.

Reginleif (Reginleifar) f - Leif of the gods.

Refr (Refs) m - Fox.

Reistr (Reists) m - Straight and tall.

-rekr/rkr - A name suffix, 'powerful'.

-rr - A name suffix, same as -frr, 'loveable' or 'she who is loved' or 'beautiful'.

Rjpa (Rjpu) f - Rock ptarmigan.

Rnolfr (Rnolfs) m - Rn + Ulfr.

Rgnvaldr (Rgnvalds) m - Power of the gods.

Rngur (Rngus) m - Opposer? Enemy? Opponent?

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Salbjrg (Salbjargar) f - Bjrg of the house.

Salds (Saldsar) f - Ds of the house.

Salgerr (Salgerar) f - Gerr of the house.

Smr (Sms) m - Dark man.

Sig- - A name prefix meaning 'battle' or 'victory'.

Sigbjrn (Sigbjarnar) m - Sig- + Bjrn.

Sigfss (Sigfss) m - Sig- + fss = eager.

Sighvatr (Sighvats) m - Sig- + hvatr = eager.

Sigmundr (Sigmundar) m - Sig- + Mundr.

Sigr- - A name prefix meaning 'victory'.

Sigrflj (Sigrfljs) f - Sigr- + flj = girl.

Sigrr (Sigrar) f - Sigr- + frr.

Sigurr (Sigurs) m - Sig-+ varr = guard.

Sjrekr (Sjreks) m - Sj = sea + -rkr.

Skafti (Skafta) m - Handle (on a weapon).

Skarfr (Skarfs) m - Cormorant.

Skarphinn (Skarphins) m - Sharp Hinn.

Skeggr (Skeggs) m - Bearded.

Ski (Ska) m - Skier.

Skjaldbjrn (Skjaldbjarnar) m - Shield bear.

Skjlgr (Skjlgs) m - Cross-eyed.

Skjldolfr (Skjldolfs) m - Shield wolf.

Skjldr (Skjaldar) m - Shield.

Skorri (Skorra) m - Meaning unclear. Loud man?

Skfr (Skfs) m - Tassle, tuft.

Skli (Skla) m - Protector.

Smir (Smis) m - Smith.

Snerrir (Snerris) m - The difficult.

Snorri (Snorra) m - Difficult (as in 'a difficult child')

Snbjrn (Snbjarnar) m - Snow bear (polar bear?).

Snrtur (Snartar) m - Energetic.

Sokki (Sokka) m - Heavy treader.

Starkar (Starkas) m - The strong.

Starri (Starra) m - Starling.

Steinarr (Steinars) m - Stein- + -arr.

Steinbjrn (Steinbjarnar) m - Stein- + Bjrn

Steinn (Steins) m - Stone. The prefix has one n.

Steinunn (Steinunnar) f - Stein- + Unnr.

Steinvr (Steinvarar) f - Stein- + vr.

Steinrr (Steinrs) m - Stein- + rr

Sturla (Sturla) m - Impatient, unpeaceful.

Styrr (Styrs) m - Battle.

Styrbjrn (Styrbjarnar) m - Battle bear.

Styrkrr (Styrkrs) m - Curly warrior.

Styrmir (Styrmis) m - Charger, (or literally) Stormer.

Sumarlii (Sumarlia) m - Summer-man. A viking who fights during summer.

Surtr (Surts) m - Black (haired).

Svana (Svnu) f - Swan.

Svanlaug (Svanlaugar) f - Swan-laug.

Svanr (Svans) m - Swan.

Svarthfi (Svarthfa) m - Black head.

Svartr (Svarts) m - Black.

Sveinbjrn (Sveinbjarnar) m - Svein- + Bjrn.

Sveinn (Sveins) m - Young man, boy, servant.

Sbjrn (Sbjarnar) m - Sea bear.

Smundr (Smundar) m - S = sea + mundr.

Sunn (Sunnar) f - Unnr of the sea.

Slmundr (Slmundar) m - Mundr of the house.

Slveig (Slveigar) f - Veig of the house.

Slvi (Slva) m - The pale.

Slvr (Slvarar) f - Vr of the house.

Srli (Srla) m - Armoured.

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Tanni (Tanna) m - Tooth.

Teitr (Teits) m - Happy, jolly.

Tindr (Tinds) m - Peak.

Torfa (Torfu) f - Turf.

Torfi (Torfa) m - Turf.

Trausti (Trausta) m - Trustworthy.

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U and

Uggi (Ugga) m - Fear(some).

Una (Unu) f - Friend, content.

Uni (Una) m - Friend, content.

Unnr (Unnar) f - Wave.

Uxi (Uxa) m - Ox.

Ulfarr (Ulfars) m - Ulf- + -arr.

Ulfarinn (Ulfarins) m - Ulf- + arinn = fireplace.

Ulfheir (Ulfheiar) f - Ulf- + Heir.

Ulfhinn (Ulfhins) m - Wolfskin..

Ulfhildr (Ulfhildar) f - Ulf- + Hildr.

Ulfkell (Ulfkels) m - Ulf- + -kell.

Ulfljtr (Ulfljts) m - Ulf- + Ljtr.

Ulfr (Ulfs) m - Wolf.

Ulfrn (Ulfrnar) f - Ulf- + -rn.

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Vai (Vaa) m - Wader.

Valds (Valdsar) f - Either 'Ds of the slain' or 'Great Ds'.

-valdr - A name suffix meaning 'powerful' or 'he who causes'.

Valgerr (Valgerar) f - Great Gerr.

Valr (Vals) m - Gyrfalcon.

Vermundr (Vermunds) m - Ver = man + -mundr.

Vest- - West-

Vestarr (Vestars) m - Vest- + -arr.

Vestgeirr (Vestgeirs) m - Vest- + Geirr.

Vestlii (Vestlia) m - Vest- + lii = man.

Vestmar (Vestmanns) m - Vest- + mar = man.

Vestmarr (Vestmars) m - Vest- + marr = famous.

Vetrlii (Vetrlia) m - Winterman. A viking who fights during winter.

V- - Heathen holy place. Names starting with V- lost their popularity after the conversion. Some have been brought back to life in the last couple of centuries.

Vbjrn (Vbjarnar) m - V- + Bjrn.

Vbrandr (Vbrands) m - V- + Brandr

Vds (Vdsar) f - V- + Ds.

Vfrr (Vfrar) f - V- + Frr.

Vgeirr (Vgeirs) m - V- + Geirr.

Vgestr (Vgests) m - V- + Gestr.

Vkell (Vkels) m - V- + -kell.

Vlaug (Vlaug) f - V- + -laug.

Vleifr (Vleifs) m - V- + Leifr.

Vmundr (Vmunds) m - V- + -mundr.

Vn (Vnjar) f - V- + -n.

Vsteinn (Vsteins) m - V- + Steinn.

Vormr (Vorms) m - V- + ormr = spared or sparer.

Vigds (Vigdsar) f - Ds of battle.

Vgfss (Vgfss) m - Eager to fight/kill.

Vfill (Vfils) m - Meaning unclear.

Vgi (Vga) m - Fighter.

Vgolfr (Vgolfs) m - Fighting wolf.

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Y and

Yngvarr (Yngvars) m - Yngvi's warrior. Yngvi (Ingvi, Ingi) is an ancient god.

Yngvildr (Yngvildar) f - Yngvi's Hildr.

Yngvr (Yngvarar) f - Yngi's vr.

r (rar) f - Aurochs cow.

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irandi (iranda) m - He who stares.

j- - A name prefix , 'great'.

jarr (jars) m - j- + -arr.

jgeirr (jgeirs) m - j- + Geirr.

jgerr (jgerar) f - j- + Gerr

jhildr (jhildar) f - j- + Hildr.

jolfr (jolfs) m - j- + Ulfr.

jrekr (jreks) m - j- + -rekr.

jstarr (jstars) m - Stubborn soldier.

jstolfr (jstolfs) m - Stubborn wolf.

r-/or- - A name prefix derived from the name of the thunder god. Those names have been very common in Iceland ever since the settlement.

ra (ru) f - From r-

ralfr (ralfs) m - r- + Alfr.

rarinn (rarins) m - r- + arinn = fireplace.

rarna (rrnu) f - r- + Arna.

orbergr (orbergs) m - or- + Berg.

orbjrg (orbjargar) f - or- + Bjrg.

orbjrn (orbjarnar) m - or- + Bjrn.

orbrandr (orbrands) m - or- + Brandr.

ords (ordsar) f - or- + Ds.

rr (rar) m - Protected by rr.

relfr (relfar) f - rr's elf.

rey (reyjar) f - r- + ey = happiness, good fortune.

orfinna (orfinnu) f - or- + Finna.

orfinnr (orfinns) m - or- + Finnr.

orgautr (orgauts) m - or- + Gautr.

orgeirr (orgeirs) m - or- + Geirr.

orgerr (orgerar) f - or- + Gerr.

orgestr (orgests) m - or- + Gestr.

orgils (orgils) m - or- + Gils.

orgrmr (orgrms) m - or- + Grmr.

orgunnr (orgunnar) f - or- + Gunnr.

rhaddr (rhadds) m - r- + haddr = hair?

rhalla (rhllu) f - r- + Halla.

rhalli (rhalla) m - r- + Halli.

rhallr (rhalls) m - r- + Hallr.

rhildr (rhildar) f - r- + Hildr.

rir (ris) m - From r-

orkatla (orktlu) f - or- + Katla.

orkell (orkels) m - or- + Kell.

orlaug (orlaugar) f - or- + -laug.

orlaugr (orlaugs) m - or- + -laugr.

orleif (orleifar) f - or- + -leif.

orleikr (orleiks) m - or- + leikr.

orleifr (orleifs) m - or- + Leifr.

orljt (orljtar) f - or- + Ljt.

orljtr (orljts) m - or- + Ljtr.

ormr (orms) m - or- + mr = bravery.

rodda (roddu) f - r- + Odd(a).

roddr (rodds) m - r- + Oddr.

rormr (rorms) m - r- + Ormr.

rolfr (rolfs) m - r- + olfr.

orsteinn (orsteins) m - or- + Steinn.

runn (runnar) f - r- + Unnr.

orvaldr (orvalds) m - or- + -valdr.

orvarr (orvarar) m - or- + -varr.

orveig (orveigar) f - or- + -veig.

orv (orvar) f - or- + v-.

orvir (orviar) m - or- + vir = wood.

orvr (orvarar) f - or- + -vr.

raslaug (raslaugar) f - ras = stubborn + -laug.

rinn (rins) m - Stubborn.

rndr (rndar) m - A man from rndalg in Norway.

rttolfr (rttolfs) m - rttr = strength, endurance + -olfr

rstr (rastar) m - Thrush.

urr (urar) f - or- + frr.

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sa (su) f - Of the sir.

varr (vars) m - Meaning unclear. Lucky warrior?

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gmundr (gmundar) m - g = battle? + -mundr.

lmr (lms) m - l = good fortune + mr = bravery.

lvaldr (lvalds) m - l = good fortune + -valdr.

lvir (lvis) m - Good fortuned.

lvr (lvarar) f - Good fortuned- + -vr.

ndolfr (ndolfs) m - Opponent wolf?

ndttr (ndtts) m - The terrible.

ngull (nguls) m - Hook.

nundr (nundar) m - Meaning unclear.

rlygr (rlygs) m - Shield.

rn (Arnar) m - Eagle.

rnolfr (rnolfs) m - Eagle-wolf.

ssurr (ssurar) m - Meaning unclear

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