Irminsul Ęttir

Well of Wyrd Visualization

©1994, 1996 by Susan Granquist. All rights reserved.

Originally written and posted to PODS: NORSE, 22 Aug 94


This visualization was written based on my own experiences as a shaman and seidkona in the early 1980s for groups and individuals who are interested in exploring the Northern paths. A guided visualization is not the same as a shamanic journey, but it is a valuable tool that can open the way for journeying, pathworking, and visualization. It was written for a group presentation, but an individual can use it by recording it and then listening in a meditative state.

The Guide is the person who does the actual speaking. If the group is large a second person (warder) to observe the participants may be desirable. A drummer who can drum for at least a half an hour may also be used, or a tape of very slow drumming, a tape of a heartbeat, or a quiet forest background would also be suitable. Whether a drum or music is used the Guide should work with them prior to the session to get a feel for the accompaniment.


The room should be dimly lit by candle or oil light, ritually cleansed and/or blessed in preparation for the journey and dedicated to the Norns. The boundaries for the space can be set with the use of eight stones or objects to represent the eight directions, north, north-east, east, south-east and so on. A thread can be stretched around them, like a fine spider web if further definition is desired. A light incense that evokes a calm forest image is appropriate. Pine boughs, moss or other greenery arranged about the room or in the circle will help the participants focus and prepare more fully for this journey. A tape with the sounds of a quiet forest stream would be appropriate for the gathering and beginning of the visualization.

A comfortable seat for the guide with adequate lighting to allow him or her to refer to the script if necessary should be set up. It should be slightly higher then those of the other participants who may simply wish to sit or lie down on the floor.


The guide will stand in the circle, holding a staff or a candle. He or she will invite those who have come to participate to join him or her within the circle. This should be done quietly, with a minimum of fuss and talking. If a drummer is used the beat should be very slow, and quiet, only five or six beats per minute as people gather.

When all are seated and comfortable the Guide addresses them.


Make yourselves comfortable as we prepare to journey into time, to the still center where All That Was is, All That Is becomes, and All That Will Be is known as well as All That Was. Where past, present and future become one in Wyrd.

As you settle quietly into place, search for a question to take with you on this journey. One rises to your lips but is not to be asked now. It will wait until the proper time and place even though it burns to be uttered and answered. Hold the question close, examine it quietly as you close your eyes. It is a small flame flickering in the darkness as you relax, warm and comforting.

All about you grows quiet and still. You can hear the sound of your heart beating and your breath is like a gentle wind moving among tall trees.

Listen to the beat of your heart. Your breath flows in accompaniment, smoothly, effortlessly, a breeze drifting about a forest floor, rustling leaves and stirring fragile blades of grass.

There is a path before you. The trees and plants have grown close around it; ferns trail leafy fronds across it. It is barely discernible, but you know it is there. You move forward, brushing aside the fronds and discover that the path curves slighty to your right. You continue on, walking carefully, but assured and confident. You realize that others are walking along the path with you, friends and loved ones, who accompany you on this journey through the deep woods. We all seek the the answers to many unspoken questions.

The path becomes clearer and broader. Now you are walking on worn stones covered with ancient moss. Many others came this way once, the stones bear traces of their footsteps. It has been a long time though. Still, a few have found the path and the stone shows through where the moss has been worn away in places. There is an opening in the forest and you stop and gaze about you.

There is a huge tree growing at the far side of the grove. It is massive, ancient beyond belief, and far older then man's memory. Near its roots is a large pool. The surface of the water is dark and mysterious, reflecting the branches overhead. All is quiet and peaceful. You seem to remember this place, perhaps from a long forgotten dream. The surface of the water shimmers briefly as though a small breeze has touched it. Your attention is drawn to it for a moment and when you look back at the tree there are three women standing before it. They are waiting for you to approach.

Slowly you move forward, stopping several feet from them. One of them steps toward you. She is wearing a dark cape, but the hood has fallen back over her shoulders. She has an ageless beauty, mature but still young. Her hair is flaxen, neither gold nor silver, perhaps it is a trick of the strange light that it seems as though it could also be dark... Her eyes are mysterious, like the pool there is a stillness in their depths that stirs and shimmers as she smiles at you.

She knows that you have come to the Well of Wyrd to seek knowledge and she approves. She motions you to follow her. Together you walk to the edge of the great pool. She points at the well and the surface glimmers, and light ripples across the surface. You lean toward the water and you hear her ask:

What would you have from Wyrd?

You remember the question you wanted to ask, but entranced by the play of colors across the water you reconsider. Perhaps another question or request takes its place. You turn to her and ask what you will.

The water stirs and then grows still. In the crystal clear water you see an object. The woman tells you to reach in and take it...that it is yours. You reach into the water, surprised that it is warm and caressing against your skin. You grasp the object and lift it out. Holding it in your hands you study it.

She asks you if you understand the meaning of the object and listens carefully to your answer.

When you are through she asks you:

"Would you have more?"

You answer her and pay close attention to what she tells you and know that you will remember it later. She smiles and bids you a safe journey home, then returns to stand with the two other women.

You thank them and ask if there is anything that they would ask of you. You consider their answer carefully, and respond honestly.

Then it is time to go. You take the object with you as you walk back into the forest over the worn stones, and over the ones covered with moss until you find the path once more. The path back is easier to follow.

Again you are aware that you are not on the path alone. You hear voices calling you, wishing you well, and know that not all of those who accompanied you were those you fared forth from the circle with. There are Others. You can not see them, but you know they are there. You silently thank them for their company, and their well wishes.

There is a touch upon your hair, a brief caress of wind, and you turn and continue on your way home. The forest grows thicker and darker again, but even though it is dark you know the way back to where you began. Once more you become aware of your heart beating as you move slowly, returning to this time and this place. You stretch and breathe and hold the memory firmly in your mind, touching upon the gift that was given to you at the Well of Wyrd, as well as upon the words of those who dwell there.

You open your eyes. It is done.


The guide stands up. The guide (and the warder if there was one) moves about the circle, touching each person and dismissing them quietly from the circle.

The participants may gather in an adjoining room to discuss their experience if they wish and to eat share some simple refreshments together. A place should be set for the invisible host who accompanied the journey, and thanks once again pronounced for their aid.

The visualization may be reproduced and distributed for non-commercial, non-profit use providing the copyright notice is published with it, and no unauthorized changes to the text are made.

© 1994, 1996 by Susan Granquist. All rights reserved.
Irminsul Ęttir