Althing 2018 Registration Form
Thursday, October 11, 2018 to Sunday, October 14, 2018
Moran State Park, Orcas Island, Washington

$55 per person includes all activities, meals and sleeping quarters for the event, or $25
for Friday or Saturday only, meals and activities only.  Children 16 and under are free
when accompanying parents or guardians. If you want to attend but cannot afford the
registration please contact us. A private message via Facebook is the fastest and most
reliable way to contact organizers at this time. Make checks or money orders payable to
Irminsul Ęttir and mail with completed registration form(s) to: Althing 2018,
c/o Irminsul Ęttir, P.O. Box 43, Renton, WA 98057-0043. Please print clearly.

______ Persons registering    ______ day only    ______ children

______ <- Total amount enclosed

Phone:  (Day)_______________________________    E-mail: ________________________________  

Total number of adults in the party:  ______    Number of children (16 and under): _____  
[ ] Food allergies, or other medical conditions or issues, which may need accommodation
    (information will be kept strictly confidential):

[ ] Emergency contact (3rd party or relative not attending event to be notified in case of an emergency): 

For the following, inquire further via
[ ] I would like to present a discussion, workshop or ritual.
[ ] I/we would like to reserve a vending area.
[ ] I/we would like to reserve an area for tent camping.
    Please contact us prior to arrival as tent camping may be restricted on short notice.

By my/our signature(s) hereon, I/we understand that as a participant in Althing 2018, I/we agree to follow all rules
of the Althing, including, but not limited to: (1) all existing Federal, State, local laws, and rules of the camp
grounds (to be posted); (2) all illegal substances are strictly prohibited; and (3) conduct that is purposefully
disruptive will not be tolerated.
I/We assume full responsibility for myself/ourselves my/our property, and any minors under my/our supervision at all
times. I/we release and hold harmless the Irminsul Ęttir, State of Washington Parks Department, their directors,
officers and agents of any responsibility in connection with my/our safety and well being as well as the safety and
well being of any minors in my/our charge. This waiver covers the period October 11, through October 14, 2018
inclusive. Responsibility for travel to and from the Althing remains with me/us Furthermore, I/we take full
responsibility for any damage to the grounds and adjoining areas used by me or members of my/our party. Having read,
understood, and agreed to the above, I/we sign this document with no reservations or expectations of compensation of
any kind.
________________________________    ________________________________    ________________
          Print name                           Signature                      Date

________________________________    ________________________________    ________________
          Print name                           Signature                      Date
I am the legal guardian for, ______________________________________, who is a minor,
but over sixteen, and hereby give my permission for him/her to attend Althing 2018
unaccompanied and agree to the above conditions.

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